Food Wars: Prize 1, Low-Fat Lad

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It’s time to take a look at the prizes for this latest mini event.

As you may have seen, rather than one post and a walkthrough I’m doing these as one post per prize for mini-events. Doing it this way means there will be something new for you to read every day this week.

Here you’ll have :
• What it is
• How you get it
• What it does

Food Wars Prize 1

What it is:
Low-Fat Lad
• Name: Low-Fat Lad
• Type: Building

How you get it: Climbing Hamburger Hill part 1

• Collect Condiments – x 125
• Make Krusty Try to Revive Krusty Burger Expansion – 4 hours
• Make Cayman Islands Banker Refuse to Fund Expansion – 4 hours
• Make Richies Invest in Their Own Fast Food Joints – x 3, 4 hours

What it does:

• Built: 4 hours
• Earns: 90 $$s and 10 XP every 4 hours
• Job(s): Yes – Lisa

Lisa has a 4 hour job, Be Disappointed In Healthy Fast Food


That’s the first one of these, what do you think ??
They may evolve, but doing a post a day is better than 3 or 4 days with nothing to share I reckon.
It made sense to me, anyway.

Back tomorrow with the 2nd prize.

5 responses to “Food Wars: Prize 1, Low-Fat Lad

  1. I am getting tired about so many tiny buildings recently, I would love to see more variations to play with the perspective. Dog Days 2022 Event was a perfect exemple of diversity.

    • ( I’m not a completist, I only use what I really like from five years and it’s the reason why I like the aesthetics of my Springfield so much, without any problem of space ! )

      • Same here, not a completionist, only going for the few decors I like during events so I have plenty of space too. And thank you Graham for these frequent posts and rundowns. It really is nicer with 1 post per day than mamy days with nothing. Happy tapping!

        • Thanks.
          I don’t worry about the real money items, but I don’t have to worry about the Donut buys and if I get sets marked completed it is just another tap …
          That said I always buy Black Friday tokens and I do spend on bits now and again.

          If we all stopped spending they’d stop writing.

        • Sorry for my poor english Pizzabella.

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