A Hard Play’s Night: Prize 5, Elementary Play Stage

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Right then, on with the prize posts for this event.
As with the last mini-event I’ll do these as a post per prize so there’s one a day this week.

This one’s for the fifth prize – Elementary Play Stage

In this post:
• Basic info: What you get and how you get it

Basic info:

What you get:
Elementary Play Stage (Building)
Elementary Play Stage
• Built: 4 hours
• Premium: No
• Earns: 200 $$s and 20 XP every 12 hours
• Job(s): Yes, Stage Manager Marge, Bart Sawyer, Broccoli Ralph
Stage Manager Marge has a 4 hour animated job, Run Tech For a Show
Bart Sawyer has a 4 hour animated job, Relax On Stage
Broccoli Ralph has a 4 hour animated job, Be a Tree
Note: Like the other stages, tap it to set these jobs.

How you get it: A Hard Play’s Night part 5
• Collect Playbills – x 205 Playbills
• Make Teachers Storm the Stage – x 5, 4 hours
• Make Bart / Bart Sawyer Get Educated on Proper Painting Technique – 4 hours
• Make Students Watch With Morbid Fascination – x 5, 4 hours
• Make Stage Manager Marge Finish Building The Set – 4 hours


Back on Monday with the Dialog Recap, have a good weekend everyone.

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