Daily Archives: November 13, 2023


THOH 2023 splash
This THOH event ends at 14:00 UTC on Wednesday November 15th
14:00 UTC is US 9am ET or UK 2pm GMT

If you get as far as the Part 5 Dialog for any unfinished Acts you will be able to complete those after the event ends, but you won’t get the Outro and Kang and Kodos if you need ’em. Might be worth rushing with donuts perhaps.

When the timer ends the store items won’t be available, so now is the time to decide what you want to buy.

I’ll also add that it’s likely I’ll be posting an Update Alert tomorrow, early afternoon in the US or early evening in the UK.
If your device updates apps automatically but you still need time then go and turn that off and don’t update until the event ends or you’ve finished it all !!

Lastly, on that Monster Hunter Homer quest needing Monsters – EA have said that Taekwon Dracula should count as a Monster for that task ( Act 2 Prize 5 ) and will be releasing a fix soon.
Added: The three Premium monsters from this event also now count for the task, Kung Fu Werewolf, Ninja from the Black Lagoon and Mixed Martial Medusa
If you haven’t yet got to Part 4 of the Monster Hunter Homer quest and own none of the Monsters it’ll now skip that task.
If you have got to Part 4 already you’ll still need to get at least 1 Monster for the job.

OK then, back tomorrow with the Dialog Recap.