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Update Alert: Cold Turkey

App store update, Cold Turkey.

regular splash screen
We interrupt your regularly scheduled tapping to bring you the following announcement …

There’s an App Store update circulating to get your games ready for a mini event due to start tomorrow, Wednesday November 15th at 14:01 UTC.
Due to end on Wednesday November 29th at 14:00 UTC
14:00 UTC is UK 2pm GMT or US 9am ET

This also includes the Black Friday prize track and Mystery Boxes.

Remember: Don’t update if you’re not done with THOH !!

I’ve been checking the app store websites.
These links are from a UK search:

• Android: Update shown here
• iOS: Update shown here
• Amazon: Update shown here

Who you’ll want free:

For the intro:
Marge and Homer

For Part 1:

For the currency jobs:
Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge, Grampa, Wiggum, Lou, Eddie and the new Premium


I’ll have more in the Rundown once this goes live tomorrow.

THOH XXXIV: Act 4 Dialog Recap

THOH 2023 splash
If you’ve been zapping through your tapping and it’s all been a bit of a blur or if you just fancied a reminder of what the writers got up to this time you’re in luck.
Here’s all the dialog and tasks for this act …

What’s in this post:
• Prize Track: The Human League of Humans parts 1 to 5
• Outro: Just Wait Till Next Year
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