2021 Rise of the Robots Event

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The robots are coming!  The robots are coming! Get ready for a dystopian Springfield, as the robots try to take over!  Can they be stopped?  It’s up to you to save Springfield!
Here’s where you can find any and all of the Addicts Team Coverage 2021 Rise of the Robots Event!  So be sure to check back right here for any of the latest details you may have missed on our main page!

Act 1 Starts April 7th (WEDNESDAY)
Act 2 Starts April 16th (FRIDAY)

Act 3 Starts April 25th (SUNDAY)
Act 4 Starts May 4th (TUESDAY)

Event Ends May 12th, 2021 (WEDNESDAY)

Pre-Event Info and Spoilers:
App Store Update

Updates and Rundowns:
Act 1 is Live!
Act 2 is Live!
Act 3 is Live!
Act 4 is Live!
Rise of the Robots is Ending!

Act 1 Calendar
Act 2 Calendar
Act 3 Calendar
Act 4 Calendar

Turbo Tappin’ Act 1
Full Dialogue Act 1
Turbo Tappin’ Act 2
Full Dialogue Act 2
Turbo Tappin’ Act 3
Full Dialogue Act 3
Turbo Tappin’ Act 4
Full Dialogue Act 4

Premium Character Walkthroughs:
Robot Rumble Announcers
Love Bot
Carnage Destructicus
Cyborg Willie (Gil Deal)

For Walkthroughs on Prize Characters, see prize posts below

Should I Buy?:
Robot Rumble Announcers & Robot Rumble Arena – 150
Love Bot & Mr. Sparkle Factory– 150
Brenda & Thai Food Factory– 150
Carnage Destructicus & Human Foosball Table– 150
Cyborg Willie & Killy the Killer Tractor– 150 (GIL DEAL)


Holo Flower Hedge- 2
Cremo Bot*-
Spotlight Dance Bot*- 30
Murderpuss*- 30
Robot- 30
Drone- 30
Springfield of Tomorrow Sign*- 35
Frinkosonic MHV*35
Self Reliant House*- 35
Future Monument*- 35
Battling Seizure Robot*- 35
Robby the Automaton*- 40
Home of Tomorrow*- 40
Plane Bot*- 45
Holo Bundle– 20
Ultra House 2*- 90
Elysium Project*- 90
Robot Homer100
Future Proofed Home and LadyBot*- 100
Soul Extraction Institute w/ Robo Burns and Doggy Smithers*- 100
 Ziff Wedding Home and Robot Marge– 150
 Hall of Vice Presidents and Aaron Burr– 150
 Springfield Hyperstadium and Rockstar Maggie*- 150
 Yard Work Simulator and CHUM*- 150
Truckasaurus*- 175

*Denotes available in Yearbook Mystery Box

Donut Promo:

Hans Mechman (returning) $9.99 USD and comes with Tray of 132 Donuts

Mystery Boxes:
Robotic Mystery Box

Act 1 () Prizes
The Prodigy Barn
Bear Robot
Robot Rumble Trophy
Chief Knocka-Homer

Act 2 () Prizes
Robot Rumble Studio
Award Show Enforcement Bot
Smashius Clay
Frink Jr.

Act 3 () Prizes
Flanders Car Pos-i-bot
Simpson Car Pos-i-bot
Springfield Robotics Laboratory
Giant Buzz Cola Can
Bestimus Mucho

Act 4 () Prizes
Cyborg Bart
ATM Pos-i-bot
Squishee Machine Bot
Hot Dog Cooker Bot

Where Did THAT Come From?:

Act 1
The Prodigy Barn- “‘Tis the Fifteenth Season” S15, E7
Chocobots- “Girly Edition” S9, E21
Bear Robot- “Rosebud” S5, E4
Robot Rumble Trophy- “I, (Annoyed Grunt)-bot” S15, E9
Chief Knocka-Homer- “I, (Annoyed Grunt)-bot” S15, E9
Robot Rumble Announcers- “I, (Annoyed Grunt)-bot” S15, E9
Robot Rumble Arena- “I, (Annoyed Grunt)-bot” S15, E9

Act 2
Robot Rumble Studio- “I, (Annoyed Grunt)-bot” S15, E9
Award Show Enforcement Bot- ” I, (Annoyed Grunt)-bot” S15, E9
Ralph-O-Cop- “I, (Annoyed Grunt)-bot” S15, E9
Smashius Clay- “I, (Annoyed Grunt)-bot” S15, E9
Frink Jr.- “I, (Annoyed Grunt)-bot” S15, E9
Love Bot- “Holidays of Future Passed” S23, E9
Mr. Sparkle Factory- “In Marge We Trust” S8, E22

Act 3
Flanders Car Pos-i-bot“Treehouse of Horror XIX” S20, E4
Simpson Car Pos-i-bot
“Treehouse of Horror XIX” S20, E4
Springfield Robotics Laboratory
“Lisa the Skeptic” S9, E9
Giant Buzz Cola Can-
“Treehouse of Horror XIX” S20, E4
Bestimus Mucho
“Treehouse of Horror XIX” S20, E4
“Brawl in the Family” S13, E7
Thai Food Factory
“Please Homer, Don’t Hammer ‘Em” S18, E3
Cyborg Willie
“Treehouse of Horror XXII” S23, E3
Killy the Killer– 
“Treehouse of Horror XVIII” S19, E5

Act 4
Emma– “Separate Vocations” S3, E17
Cyborg Bart“Treehouse of Horror XVI” S17, E4
ATM Pos-i-bot“Treehouse of Horror XIX” S20, E4
Squishee Machine Bot– “Treehouse of Horror XIX” S20, E4
Hot Dog Cooker Bot “Treehouse of Horror XIX” S20, E4
Carnage Destructicus“Treehouse of Horror XIX” S20, E4
Human Foosball Table
“Treehouse of Horror XIX” S20, E4

Fun and Insight From the Addicts Team:
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