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The Task Master: Krustyland

Wondering which Krustyland characters can ride the Tooth Chipper or stay at the Krustyland Hotel?  Curious to know which characters can do 4, 8 or 12 hour tasks?
TSTO Krustyland the-tooth-chipper
Here’s a complete list of the tasks currently available for the characters that appear in Krustyland (as of Level 33):

Listed in order they appear in Krustyland:


Task Task Length Payout Building
Promote at Krusty Burger 1hr 21 tickets, 17xp Krustyland Burger
Sign Autographs 4hrs 52 tickets, 45xp Itchy & Scratchy Gift Shop
Count Money 8hrs 82 tickets, 70xp Krustyland Entrance
Promote the Tooth Chipper 12hrs 126 tickets, 100xp Tooth Chipper
Sleep in the Penthouse 24hrs 180 tickets, 150 xp Krustyland Hotel

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