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Gil’s Got A Glitch: Issue w/Otto & School Bus Deal

Update 8/14 5:30 PM EDT: Looks like Gil has finally made it to towns.  EA has sent another little update to our games and this one should repair the glitching Gil deal.  Many of you are reporting seeing him (finally) make it to your Springfield!

Update 8/14 2:30 PM EDT: Hey guys Alissa popping in here to let you know about a little test I just ran to see if I could get the deal to tigger.  I started another anonymous Springfield on my tablet.  (I cleared all the data from TSTO and started fresh)
I played through the tutorial and up to Level 5.  Got to the part where Homer has to play his myPad for 45 seconds….as soon as I completed it BOOM..Gil appeared.
2014-08-14 18.17.22

There’s also a link to him in the build menu:
2014-08-14 18.17.55

My guess is that the decorations (Swings & Seesaw) are preventing this from popping in players towns.  It seems this was thrown together quickly and in the haste someone forgot to check to make sure it triggers if you have non-unique items already.

My suggestion is STILL add your name to the Forum post below AND contact EA directly over the issue.  It’s someone that they need to get flooded with to fix.


Hey there Hoppereenos. Jumpin in to see what I can do to try and help out with the issue I see hitting fast. The New Gil Deal from today not working at all for many players.

2014-08-13 17.37.41


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