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Update Alert

App store update, Springfield’s Got Talent.

regular splash screen

Here’s what the store blurb says :

” The blizzard has finally broken, and the people of Springfield are flocking back. Mr. McGrew’s generosity has been a shining example for almost everyone in Springfield, however his shoveling skills left something to be desired. As they warm themselves up, they can’t help but wonder what might come next for the city of Springfield. A massive flock of kittens? A tax break for mayhem? A Mrs. Burns for Mr. Burns? Who knows! We certainly don’t because we refuse to open our emails ”

Starts Jan 18th, 14:01 UTC. 14:00 UTC is UK 2pm GMT or US 9am ET.

A search online shows the update on the websites for Android and iOS here in the UK. It’s not showing for Amazon as I type. These are possibly not the US version but here’s links for the update if your app store isn’t playing ball –

You’ll want Homer, Skinner and Barney if you have him for the intro quest.
Lisa and “Parents of Musical Kids”, which I think is anyone grouped as a Parent,  are needed for the first part.
Homer, Lisa, Marge, Bart, Barney, Milhouse, Moe and Otto earn event currency.
There will also be a new premium character to earn event currency.
I’ll have more in the Rundown once this goes live tomorrow.

( is that better ?!? 😊 )