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App store update, Springfield’s Got Talent.

regular splash screen

Here’s what the store blurb says :

” The blizzard has finally broken, and the people of Springfield are flocking back. Mr. McGrew’s generosity has been a shining example for almost everyone in Springfield, however his shoveling skills left something to be desired. As they warm themselves up, they can’t help but wonder what might come next for the city of Springfield. A massive flock of kittens? A tax break for mayhem? A Mrs. Burns for Mr. Burns? Who knows! We certainly don’t because we refuse to open our emails ”

Starts Jan 18th, 14:01 UTC. 14:00 UTC is UK 2pm GMT or US 9am ET.

A search online shows the update on the websites for Android and iOS here in the UK. It’s not showing for Amazon as I type. These are possibly not the US version but here’s links for the update if your app store isn’t playing ball –

You’ll want Homer, Skinner and Barney if you have him for the intro quest.
Lisa and “Parents of Musical Kids”, which I think is anyone grouped as a Parent,  are needed for the first part.
Homer, Lisa, Marge, Bart, Barney, Milhouse, Moe and Otto earn event currency.
There will also be a new premium character to earn event currency.
I’ll have more in the Rundown once this goes live tomorrow.

( is that better ?!? 😊 )

25 responses to “Update Alert

  1. What level do you need to be at to start the event?

    • Level 5

    • I started a test town and found that while the dialog triggers at level 5 you need to get to level 7 and build the Krusty Burger to do the intro task – I’m tapped out and need a beer, it’s now 2am here as I type !!

  2. It does not show european time. It shows the time for the united kingdom. When it is 14h in the uk it is 15h in europe. Eastern time 9am + 6 hours gives the correct start time in europe.

  3. Yay for you!! So ready for a new mini event, thank you for giving the time zones for europeans too, I always have to google it after otherwise! Suddenly my donut farming output has exploded, so I am very ready for whatever comes – though my cityscaping skills leave something to be desired.

  4. It’s snow good to me, hope the spring comes early, its very chilly.

  5. All the information one would need 👍

    • Almost. Don’t know who to keep free that will earn event currency. We always get that info for the major events, but never for the mini events. I always have to guess who to keep free and never get it right. Always need to spend donuts to tap out some that are needed and end up with a lot who weren’t and are then on a different tap out schedule than the rest of the town for part of the day.

      • I’m still learning here, and flicking through a whole heap of notes. I’ll do better next time, promise !! 😊

        PS – I can edit too, so reload the page and voila . .

        • Thanks for the added info Graham, but we never got the info on who keep free for mini events before, so my comment wasn’t against you or anyone else. Just stating facts, that’s all.

      • Don’t spend donuts to free up characters. Most of the time you can just store them or their associated building and then reactivate.

        • Given that I have more donuts than I could ever spend, I will sometimes pay two donuts to rush a needed character, because there are other characters doing tasks in their associated building and I don’t want to free them all. But, your point is a good one for those who don’t have the donuts to spare!

  6. Still have snow, too! I love snow, but I’m ready to go green. It’s hard to find Maggie in the snow., 😂

  7. It is apparently “Springfield’s got talent” judging by the character bundle. I don’t know how to add the screenshot on here, it three characters, look it up yourself, Jeez, whaddya think I do, respond to blog posts all day?!?

    • I’m glad you read the first line of the post !! 🤪

      There will be a Rundown up when it’s live with details on what’s new and that’ll be followed by a Turbo Tappin’.

      Take it easy, we got ya covered 😊
      Meanwhile it’s getting close to 2am here and I’m going cross-eyed staring at this screen . . .

      • I know. You are doing a bang-up job and are greatly appreciated, I was just putting out a bit of info for folks, knowing it was 2am over there. Plus I had to shoehorn in an obscure joke from “the jerk”. Looking forward to your future posts.

        • It’s all good. Meant to do the rundown last night and got nowhere flicking through info. Putting the finishing touches to that and it’ll be up in about an hour – then I’ll go tap and see . . . 😊🤞

  8. Maddie Steinmetz

    Any advice for a continually scrolling donut. Download almost finished and then stopped. Just in a circling donut loop. Thoughts.

    I’ve tried closing and reopening, but same scrolling when opened again.


    • Head to recent apps and close it then pop to your homescreen and restart it from the icon.

      If that doesn’t work turn off internet access – wifi and also mobile data if you use it. Once done restart the app so it says it’s your fault then reconnect the internet and hit retry on that screen.

      You should be able to turn wifi and mobile data on or off with your device’s drop down menu but if not use the home button to go find settings rather than tapping the option on that alternate can’t connect screen then tap the game on recent apps to bring it back up

  9. Don’t think update worked. Got new flash screen but still have snow. Do we wait until tomorrow?

  10. So green ! It happens every year

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