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A Warmfyre Welcome: Act 4 Dialog Recap

A Warmfyre Welcome splash screen
If you’ve been zapping through your tapping and it’s all been a bit of a blur or if you just fancied a reminder of what the writers got up to this time then you’re in luck. Here’s all the dialog and tasks for this act . . .

What’s in this post
• Act Prize track parts 1 to 5
• Outro dialog ( no tasks )
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A Warmfyre Welcome: Act 4 Prize 1 to 4

All of you who’ve been tapping away happily will perhaps already have all these. For those who want a reminder or haven’t got there yet, or for future readers who find these things have come back as returning items, here’s a look at the first four prizes from this act.
The fifth and final prize is Orc Willie, and as a character with a questline and tasks I’ll get to that next with a Walkthrough post.

Here’s what this post contains:
• Never 21
• Restoration Bard Wear
• A Token – Yay !!
• King Mitothin’s Statue
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A Warmfyre Welcome: Act 4 Turbo Tappin’

Well the Rundown post is up so now it’s time to take a look at the tasks and targets to get the prizes for this act.

Here’s what’s in this post:
• Prize track tasks, Here Be Dragons 1 to 5
• Currency jobs
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A Warmfyre Welcome: Act 4 Rundown

Well here we are with a shiny new act for this latest event, A Warmfyre Welcome, so it’s time for a shiny new rundown too …

WARNING: Ends on Wednesday March 15th
If you’re behind with your tapping you want to at least get the dialog to trigger for part 5 of any unfinished act, so the quests are in your jobs list. That way you should be able to tap on and collect those last prizes.
If you haven’t got everything you want from the store yet those will disappear when the timer runs out so get thinking and get buying.

Here’s what’s in this post:
• What EA said
• Prize items
• Premium combo
• Currency jobs
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