A Warmfyre Welcome: Act 4 Rundown

Well here we are with a shiny new act for this latest event, A Warmfyre Welcome, so it’s time for a shiny new rundown too …

WARNING: Ends on Wednesday March 15th
If you’re behind with your tapping you want to at least get the dialog to trigger for part 5 of any unfinished act, so the quests are in your jobs list. That way you should be able to tap on and collect those last prizes.
If you haven’t got everything you want from the store yet those will disappear when the timer runs out so get thinking and get buying.

Here’s what’s in this post:
• What EA said
• Prize items
• Premium combo
• Currency jobs

What EA said:

The dragon is now loosed upon Springfield, terrorizing the town. The group asks Sorcerer Chalmers for advice, and he tells them to find the man who raised the dragon, Orc Willie.
The gang tracks Orc Willie down and pleads for his help. Orc Willie eventually caves and tells them a secret: if they feed the dragon some ale his fire breath will be extinguished. Bart then charges Duff Knight to feed the dragon some ale, which Duff Knight is all too happy to do. He succeeds, and the dragon’s fire breath is extinguished. While celebrating, though, the dragon knocks Duff Knight out with its tail. It turns out dragons are still very dangerous even without their fire breath…
Orc Willie then shows up and decides he needs to stop the dragon before it causes any more harm, and the two begin wrestling. Orc Willie subdues the dragon and retrieves the amulet, which Sorcerer Chalmers uses to cure Martin and break Milhouse’s spell, saving Springfield.
Bart asks Sorcerer Chalmers what to do about the dragon, though, but Sorcerer Chalmers says it’s in good hands now as he points to Orc Willie and the dragon snuggling together.

Prize items:

Prize 1:
Never 21
• Name: Never 21
• Type: Building
Here Be Dragons part 1 and Crystal Balls x 155 Crystal Balls currency icon

Prize 2:
Restoration Bard Wear
• Name: Restoration Bard Wear
• Type: Building
Here Be Dragons part 2 and Crystal Balls x 155 Crystal Balls currency icon

Prize 3:
Mystery Box Token
• Type: Mystery Box Token
Here Be Dragons part 3 and Crystal Balls x 155 Crystal Balls currency icon

Prize 4:
King Mitothin's Statue
• Name: King Mitothin’s Statue
• Type: Decoration
Here Be Dragons part 4 and Crystal Balls x 115 Crystal Balls currency icon

Prize 5:
Orc Willie
• Name: Orc Willie
• Type: Character
Here Be Dragons part 5 and Crystal Balls x 195 Crystal Balls currency icon

Premium Combo: Costs 150 Donuts
King Quimby Bundle
• Name: King Quimby
• Type: Character

Bundled with:

• Name: King Quimby’s Court
• Type: Building

• Name: Court Jester
• Type: Decoration

• Name: Court Knights
• Type: Decoration
You can buy more Court Knights and Jesters if you get this

Currency jobs:
You’re collecting Crystal Balls with the following tasks:

• Loot the Drama Club’s Crystal Balls – 4 hours, earns 5 Crystal Balls currency icon
Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Martin, Nelson, Comic Book Guy

• Take the Royal Advisor’s Crystal Balls – 4 hours, earns 8 Crystal Balls currency icon
King Quimby, Lord Montgomery, Goblin Milhouse, Melric

Right then, that should do you for now.
Back later with the Turbo Tappin’

11 responses to “A Warmfyre Welcome: Act 4 Rundown

  1. Off content, when doing daily tasks, I x’d out one task only to get one that asks for collecting ads, I’m over the amount allowed in that building’s storage but I’m not getting the option (x) to skip that task. How can I get that days task to give me another task? I got a new task today but yesterdays is still asking for ads that I can’t do.

    • Should be able to swap one a day so just ignore it and zap it next time – or use the Googolplex

  2. Same issue here, I paid for the King Quimby bundle and only received the Court Knights as well. Maybe it is a general issue?

  3. I just paid 150 donuts for the King Quimby bundle and only received the Court Knights! I didn’t receive anything else and the quest didn’t even start. Any advice on what is causing this problem and how I can get everything?

    • It may have put the rest into storage, check your inventory carefully and if you are sure it’s not there then contact your app store for a refund and then try buying it again.
      Make sure you have enough room to place all the items at once or it may happen again

      • Ooops – the app store refund is for cash bundles – sorry
        If the other stuff isn’t in your inventory tap the Help button over your Store and open a support ticket with EA Help

  4. Thanks so much, Graham-S!

  5. I rushed through Act 4 just to see what was in the Shattered Dreams box and this time I wasn’t disappointed. Using 5 of my 23 tokens I got The Boob Tubery, VHS Village, Big and Tall Shop, Babies B This, and Circuit Circus. I am a very happy Tapper today!!!

    • youre the man for sharing this info! ive been hoarding my token too for a decent box! sounds like its all good stores that fit into an everyday Springfield.

  6. Um, what’s up with the scale of King Quimby’s Court? It’s like a Court for ants!!

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