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Episode Recap: Orange is the New Yellow

Hey hey friends! Wookiee here and up to my usual antics with another episode recap for my favorite Addicts. This episode recap will cover Season 27, Episode 22: “Orange is the New Yellow”. One of the features we like to have on this site is recaps of new Simpsons episodes for all our friends who can’t watch them immediately or like our silly reviews of them. I love when there are new episodes of the Best. Show. Ever. on TV. It’s my privilege to not only watch new episodes, which I would do with or without this awesome site, but then break them down for all of you. I apologize for the delay with this last one but things got a little hectic with the last event and life. Since this is the last episode of the latest new ones, I figured it would be okay to delay it a little. In my defense, it sat in drafts for a while too while we posted about more current stuff. Good news though… Season 28 starts in less than two months and I plan on doing a complete recap for the whole season. Without further ado… here’s my thoughts. If you’re not used to my style, it’s basically stream of consciousness style while I watch the episode live. Paragraph breaks usually indicate new scenes. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing about it.

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