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Addicts Housekeeping: Android App Issues

Hey Guys,

Listen, the Android version of the app is having a lot of issues right now if you’re not on Marshmallow (Android 6 OS, the newest version).  I’ve alerted the developer and they’re working on it.  However, it’s taking longer than I’d like.  And I know a lot of you are frustrated and angry about it.  Including leaving bad reviews or sending emails accusing us of using the app to just show ads.

Let me be perfectly clear…that is NOT the intention of this app.  In fact we (meaning the Addicts) most likely won’t even see a dime from the ad revenue of this app, at least not for quite a while.  As the little incoming revenue from both versions goes to the developers to pay for app hosting and the development.

The goal with the Addicts App was to basically give you guys what you’ve been requesting…an app with easy access to the website.  As well as notifications when new stuff hits.  And the app works beautifully on iOS and on Android Marshmallow.  But for those with anything else, it’s just not working properly, and for that I’m sorry.

Please know that it’s not our intention to provide you with a product that doesn’t work.  And we’re working to fix the problem.  I’ve told the developer to either fix the problem today or pull the app off of the Google Play Market until it can be fixed.  I won’t have a product that doesn’t work using our name out there.  It just doesn’t sit right with me.

Again, the iOS version works perfectly, so iOS users nothing changes with your version.  And the Android version works as long as you’re on Marshmallow.  On any other OS of Android it’ll just show you notifications, it will not load content.

So a good tip to fix it would be check to see if you can download the newest OS from Android, Marshmallow on your device.  That will correct the problem if you can.  I have Marshmallow on my Galaxy S6 and have no issues with the app.

So if you currently have the app downloaded and it’s not working, please know that we are aware.  I am trying to get it resolved.   I greatly apologize.  And if it’s not fixed today the free app (Android version only) will be pulled from the market completely until they can work properly.

Also, I’m personally requesting that some of you please stop leaving negative reviews telling us that we suck in the app store or sending vicious emails about it.  It’s an app that you’ve downloaded for free, to link to a website that you view for free (both of which have ads on them by the way, so if you don’t see them on the website it’s because you have an Ad blocker, which really in the end only hurts you.  Because the less revenue the site generates the less money we have to put into the game and put into giveaways on the site.  Which is why over the last year or so you may have noticed less and less giveaways.  That’s because more and more of you have installed ad blockers.  So yes the site is free, but those extra things we give you, and the money we put into the game..all that generates off of the ad revenue from the site).  It’s really not worth some of you getting angry or nasty over.  Honestly.  It’s just not.

In the end, I’d like for this to work but really this Android version is causing me more aggravation and frustration than it’s worth.  It really is.  So if it comes down to it, we’ll just pull the plug on the Android App.

Thanks for your patience!