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TSTO Anonymous: 2016 Hangover Feelings and How To Recover

Bet that title got your attention, huh? Phew… what a year. There’s been celebrations and headaches afterwards sort of like a real New Year’s party. You know… the kind where you stay up to late, kiss a stranger at midnight, and then wake up wondering why you made THAT resolution. With the end of 2016 on the horizon and one heck of an event ending, I figured it was time for another meeting of TSTO Anonymous so welcome! What is TSTO Anonymous? Well, it’s our version of a support meeting (said with my tongue in my cheek) that has turned into a nice thing we do occassionally just to give folks a positive message or a place to commiserate. You can find previous meetings here. While these meetings don’t happen as frequently as a fuzzball would like, I can always plug the the Sunday Open Threads as fill-in sessions when I can’t think of topics or life/game stuff is too busy to hold one. Jebus knows you Addicts like to congregate and chat about all sorts of stuff. Anyhoo… it’s time to fire up the simulated coffee pot, prop the door open with a lucky red hat, and get this meeting started. Pull up a chair, grab a Wookiee cookie, and let’s get this show on the road.

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