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  1. So I have been playing this game since 2014 I logged out today so my friend could check his account and when I logged back in I was at level 1 I contacted EA right away to get a roll back but when they looked they said that my account has always been at level 1 so I’m done with this game I had just gotten to level 223 today to sad day 😢 as hours of hard work and money gone

  2. my game wasnt reset, and i have an ea/origin acct. but my money was reset, right after hitting $1,000,000 for the 1st time… im chatting with support now… so far they say they’re aware of the problem….

  3. I played anonymous for 3 years. Had to do a factory reset on my iPad tonight. Everything is gone. Am I out of luck after all that time?

  4. Lost my game… Never signed in…
    I’m done… Not worth wasting my time, again…

  5. I am sad that my town is gone but I never created an ea account because I dislike the company (had multiple problems with their game platforms in the past) oh well I had fun playing it while it lasted. 😊

    • I lost my town after the latest update also yet I’m still getting reguests for the old town. Not happy

    • I spent ALOT of money in this game and now it’s all gone. I didn’t have an EA login so I played anonymously. Anonymous play shouldn’t be allowed. I had no idea I’d lose 4 months of work and a good bit of money if I didn’t create an EA login. Not happy!

  6. Hi Bunny!

    I have exactly the issue you describe.
    My Springfield is lvl 59 and when logged in via my account i get the lvl 1 startup cutscene. After this it looks like a lvl 1 spring field but im still lvl 59 and have all my donuts. Everything else is gone, characters, money etc.
    I tried to solve this through the steps described in your post, thing is, when i made the pavment after building the simpson house, my game crashes saying “i really hate this screen”. When i get back in the cutscene happens again and i have to start all over.

    Do you have any ideas on how to fix this problem?
    Thanks in Advance!

    • Hard close, uninstall/reinstall TSTO. If that doesn’t work try logging in from another device. If you don’t have another device, you can contact EA. Your town isn’t lost…this happens to me a lot 🙂

      • Thank you very much for the fast reply Alissa! I really appreciate that 🙂
        I’m reinstalling it right now so hopefuly it has worked! Rly good to know my town isnt lost aswell, thats a relief.

  7. hi! i have to reset my tablet and i don’t know if i can go back to my springfield due to all the information in the tablet was erased. i used to work without an origin account, like a guest. thanks!

  8. Thanks. .I uninstalled my game and reinstalled it and it brought it back to my level 59.. after much heart attack feelings. . I feel much better now.

  9. Tried everything still can not get into my game. Second time in a week.first time four days this time going on three

  10. My account is logged in origin at level 40 on the splash screen but when I play it starts at level 1. Do you suggest I log out then play through till I can log on on the friends screen?

  11. Hi! I am having this very frustrating issue today. How can I fix it without an Origin account? I have not had and do not want to have an Origin account as sharing your personal data with anybody is not wise. Yet the game still worked and saved my progress every day without any issues.up untill today. Please help if you can.

    • There is nothing we can do if you did not link your game to an Origin Account. It is the main way to track your account in the EA Servers with the BILLIONS of other Players they have. Without that link, you are playing at your own risk. Sorry.

      Try to reach out to them to see if they can help trace it, but… as we have seen time and time again… needle in a million haystacks. Good Luck.


      • Hi! Thanks for your response :-). I managed to restore my Springfield without bothering EA ;-). I was going to remove the app completely and reinstall it, but I just removed all locally stored data of the app (or “cache” – whichever term is better ;-)) and opened the app. After around 10 minutes of downloading everything, my Springfield was back with me safe and sound :-). Anyway, I am thinking about signing up to Origin. Maybe it is not such a bad idea and it will give make my Springfield a safer place ;-). But having a 15-level Springfield is it safe to sign up to Origin now? Or will I have to start all over again ;-(?

  12. Has anyone ever had this issue?

    I created my TSTO through my FB account, and while I do know the email address, and even the Origin ID i dont remember the password, hpwever the email in the game is an outdated email.
    I went to the chat for help but they said they “couldn’t do it”

    • What options did you select when you went there? If you can, go through the “Origin” issue portion and try to trigger a phone call.

  13. I have done nothing different but my account got reset, I wouldn’t mind so much except I have spent a lot on the game and was going to continue doing so… Please rectify. X x x

  14. This is so not fair. My game reset to level 1 but, in the corner (on the start screen it says my name and 16 (level)) what is happening

    • Hard close and restart TSTO. You should be able to log into your game there. If that still doesn’t work try using another device to access your Springfield..that should bring yours right back up. It happens to me every so often, usually hard close works for me.

  15. I’m back to level 1, I didn’t log out, I am logged in, I tried all your tips, nothing works… to level one from level 50, and money spent, is this some kind of twisted joke?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!

    • No it happens from time to time. Did you hard close and restart your game? (remember hard close involves actually closing the running app, just just returning to the Home screen). If that doesn’t work you can log into your game from another device, that will kick it back to place. If you can’t do that next step is to contact EA, they’ll be able to trigger it back. As long as you have an Origin ID saving your game it’s not lost.

  16. Thanks for this write up. Panic mode started to set in. Three hours left on writers building, almost have the UBO, and about to level up and get some free donuts….but I thought I bet TSTOaddiscts can help and you did, so panic squashed! All back to normal. Thanks again guys!

  17. Thank you so much for your help – I was on level 30 and went back to level 1!
    Your troubleshooting tips saved the day and I’m now back on track.
    Fabulous site!

  18. My B game is messed up. It keeps restarting to the opening video (from lvl 44). I switch between my A and B games so I am logging out and back in so that isn’t it. I have also reset my kindle and force stopped the game a few times. Once it plays the video, I can get as far as Lisa cleaning up the area before it loses connection and when it reconnects I am back at the opening video. If I don’t do anything with Homer when it starts, it just resets and goes back to the opening video. If I visit my B game from my A game, it looks fine. Not sure what else to try at this point.

    I started the contact for EA but it said I would have to wait 30 min for online chat and they would call me back in 16 min. Neither are an option for me right now and email isn’t available. Guess I will have to try again later. Very aggravating…

  19. I’m having an issue where when I sign in, I’m sent to another user (samzettel8441) but I’m actually ralpspiggys. I’ve tried to contact ea but I have no response! Please help!!!!

    • EA is your best bet for this, however you can also try to uninstall TSTO from your device, restart your device and reinstall it. That could help to clear it. If not….EA is your best bet. Try contacting them after 8am CDT, usually there’s phone support around at that time.

  20. I’ve been playing anonymously for just under a year. I didn’t know this could happen. Till now. Is there anyway to get my town back? (Since I don’t have an ea account I can’t ask them for help)

    • Unfortunately there is no way to recover your town if it was not linked to origin. If you lost premium stuff, get an origin account and you can try to see if EA will help you out at all. Not sure what they’d say but I know you can prove donut purchases through your app store history so there’s that at least.

      • Hmm… Well, I got an EA account to contact them. They (predictably) said nothing could be done. However, when I reopened the app and logged in w/my new account name, it said there was already a lvl 44 game associated with my device. It asked if I wanted to view it, I said yes. There was my long lost town! It asked if that was my springfield, I said yes. It tied my old town to my new account! (So, if this happens to you, def don’t uninstall the app!) Now next my acct name it says 44, my lvl. However, logged in or not, it still starts over at the level 1 animation. I’ll ask EA, but any suggestions from you lovely bloggers?

        • When you log in, it’s supposed to start you where you were. If it doesn’t do that, only EA can sort it out. Good luck! I’m glad you at least know your town still exists.

      • I had this problem, I ohoned ea they not interested go on line and chat to Apple iTunes they refunded my money

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