Weekend Update: June 29th – July 5th

Just so you know, I am sitting here writing this while outside…by a fire pit…tiki torches flaming…fireworks blowing up all around…and I am loving it.

Weekend Update Addicts

After our last update, SATURDAY: Wookiee gave his thoughts on what he wants to see brought into the game.

Now for this weeks fun!!

Chester Lampwick

SUNDAY: Wookiee gave us the inside look of Chester Lampwick and his origin within the Simpsons TV World in Mad Men.

Alissa then jumped in to start up the discussion on this weeks Open Thread.

3 donuts

MONDAY: Alissa started off the laughs with the silly pic that YOU caption in Caption This. She then came back to fill us in on the details of the Gil Deal to help you with your decision on taking it or passing on it.

Bunny then hopped in to remind us of some free pink sprinklies you could get using the Stonecutters Table and Homer.  She then hopped back in to give you the details on the in game cash Stonecutter items.

Stonecutter Emblem

TUESDAY: Alissa gave us the information on the final item for the Stonecutter’s Emblem Prizes. She then came back to remind you the Stonecutter Event was winding down and it was time to get all that last minute stuff wrapped up.

Wookiee gave you a bit of insight on just where on earth the Satan’s Anvil came from in the Simpsons TV World.

Bunny hopped in to give you the breakdown on the individual donut cost to buy out the Emblem Prizes in case you wanted to invest before the even end.

Stonecutter Lodge

WEDNESDAY: Alissa gave us all the funny dialog that was in the Stonecutter’s Walkthrough. Some great writing.

Wookiee took a deeper look at the game dialog and what it could mean for the future additions to our lil game.


Alissa kicked us off with the run down of what you will see with the new 4th of July mini event as well as the new and old items brought into the game. She then jumped back in with the short short version of the event with Turbo Tappin 4th of July. Then the update hit the app stores that removed the Stonecutters from our games.

Rex Banner TSTO

THURSDAY:  Bunny let us know what lil changes the new update brought to our games. Did you notice them?

Alissa gave us the short short version of the Rex Banner quest for those that already had him from last year. She then jumped back in to give you some insight on George Washington in Should I Spend Donuts. She then gave us the short short tapping version of George’s questline.


FRIDAY: Alissa broke down the ins and outs of the 4th of July items so you can decide if you Should Spend Donuts on them. She then let us know of the lil 4th of July gift from EA in the form of sweet sprinklies.


unlock_georgewashington Abraham-Lincoln

So what do we have in store for y’all today??  Well you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled to find out!

And that sums up this week here at TSTO Addicts.  What do YOU think of this weeks posts? Any favorites? Any that helped you out the most? Anything in particular you would like to see written about or added to? Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

24 responses to “Weekend Update: June 29th – July 5th

  1. http://bunnydud.wordpress.com/ What you think of this weird glitch?
    Some how Mice show up pick up above now there gone lol Good thing I took pic of it on my tablet. You think we be hunting mice after July 16 for the summer? lol I’m redoing my town pick above. you still can add me I need 14 new people I think first come first serve :).
    PS Yes I finally just reach 16million in game cash ;). Plus I screw up my growing stuff Some how I choice corn oh well going have lone wait on that one lol. instead doing crop share.
    I thought I share this pic back in July 2nd I think 😛 >
    https://fbcdn-sphotos-a-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpf1/t31.0-8/10470183_724724864255374_8321512966679245848_o.jpg Look by the the dunking person see who behiding teasing the ducks lol
    I had posted here because others have tons of comments 🙂

    • Lol. What is with all the links? 😉

      The mice are a glitch of the one that runs around Moe’s when the animation is active. It is an image of all them at once. Those usually show up more and more as you place more items in your town.

      The glitches always crack me up.

  2. Is anyone having issues with friends visiting since the update it’s not telling me people have visited but I know they have. This means I am losing the friend point when they do come. Not to mention my Springfield feels unpopular.
    Any suggestions would be great I play on an iPhone and have deleted and reinstalled 🙁 x

    • It has seemed that way in my town too but there usually is a lull in visiting after a big event. If you notice a lot of notifications and no visits, no harm in letting EA know in case it’s a larger issue.

      • I watched my partner visit my Springfield and still I got nothing. I wondered if anyone else had the issue on the iPhone 🙁

  3. i think i am gonna try it

  4. I have a question that is off topic, I hope you all don’t mind. I have been wondering just what does visiting friends do for the friend I’m visiting? I understand I get stuff for tapping, but it then thanks me for helping out my friend, so how is it helping him or her? Also, while I’m visiting a friend, are certain buildings a better choice to tap on than others or do they all pay out the same? Thanks!

    • You are essentially “collecting money” on their house that you tap on. So when they clear it, the tap will add the money and xp that building earns to their in game cash. So it does help if you can tap those that take more than 8hrs to regenerate. Not to mention that if they are still collecting FP, they get FP points for clearing off your handshake after you tap their buildings.

  5. Hi Everybody! My God, i loved all this past week excitement!! Thanks for all the great info! One question, is it possible to get Lampwick using Homer Budda?

  6. Guilty as charged on several counts! Happy summer everyone!

  7. Hey! I have an iphone 4 and I was wondering if anyone knows how I can take pictures of my whole Springfield? It’s my first smart phone and I haven’t had it long. So any tips would be helpful! Thanks! 🙂

  8. OK……now I am officially “jealous”!! 😉

  9. Beckee Williams

    Hi Bunny! Hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend! Anyway, is it just me or did they change the time for tomatoes growing? I thought it was an hour, but mine are now ripening in 30 minutes!


  10. Why haven’t they done a World Cup update, THATS WORLD WIDE and everyone watches it, but they did a July 4 update -.- …… The World Cup is more important

    • Keep in mind that it takes a LOT to make the game. Not to mention most of the events were created months or over a year ago. It is not as simple as snap of fingers to toss something in. There is also the voices, the copyright issues, the lawyers involved…etc etc.

      I am sure there are a LOT of things EA would like to put in the game, but are not able to. I am just glad all the cool stuff they do keep bringing in.

  11. Tapped Out crashes for me as well. Can’t load my town using any Android device. This is definitely a buggy EA update.

  12. Ok this is the third time I ask my game is going to not connect every time I sign in and out and now I can not go to my other springfield because it freeze up and does nothing please help me all I want to do us play the game please

    • If basic troubleshooting doesn’t work, yoy need to contact EA. Sorry

    • Thats been happening to me too, but it always connects on the 2nd time, so at least theres that. I’m just gonna hope they fix it on their own. It doesnt stop me from playing so its fine.

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