Where Did THAT Come From – All American Apu

“America for spacious skies for amber waves of grain… for something else I should’ve known and posts about the Simpsons… America… America….”

Oh!  Hey there readers!  Fancy meeting you here.  Don’t mind me, I’m just exercising my freedom brutalizing a song I’ve probably sang one too many times and really should remember.  We’re all still in the thick of the TSTO 2014 Event for July 4th.  Lots of cool American patriotic stuff came our way and you know that means… we’re here to riff on the origins of said stuff.  For today’s goodness, I thought it’d be fun to talk about the returning All American Apu skin.

all american apu

Kind of a comical look for our favorite convenience store clerk but it hails from the olden days of the Best. Show. Ever.  In “Much Apu About Nothing” (S7:E23), the episode focuses on the issue of illegal immigrants which for the time in 1996 was pretty topical (Oogle Proposition 187).  Interestingly, it’s Matt Groening’s 3rd favorite episode of the show according to an Entertainment Weekly article he did in 2000.

This episode includes bears, bear taxes and scapegoating illegal immigrants.  Bear hysteria and unwillingness to pay for Stealth Bomber bear protection results in a proposition that would deport all illegal aliens from Springfield.  Unfortunately, this list includes dear Apu Nahasapeemapetilon.  It’s not fair.  There’s so much he “wanted to see and to do and to have done to him.”  He came to America as a student and only stayed to ensure he paid off his student loans by getting a job at the Kwik-E-Mart.  Of course, he paid the loans but by that time he had made so many “friends”.  What’s a transplanted Indian with a PhD to do?

Courtesy of a KEM visit by Kearney with a fake ID and ice cream sandwiches hidden in his armpits, Apu obtains fake documents (a cheap $2,000 forgery lol) from Fat Tony but the mobster urges Apu to act American.  Apu knows how to do that… wear a giant cowboy hat, New York Mets Jersey (his favorite squadron lol), blue jeans and talk in a southernish accent.  Possibly supposed to be a Wisconsin accent considering his papers say he’s from Green Bay but I think Apu sounds southern.

All American Apu

“Who needs the infinite compassion of Ganesha when I’ve got Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman staring at me from Entertainment Weekly… with their dead eyes!  Look at me!  I’ve betrayed my Indian heritage!”

So sad.  Not to worry though because Lisa finds a grandfather clause allowing Apu to become an American citizen by taking the naturalization test.  Major props to him since statistics say 35% of native born Americans couldn’t pass the test.  For the record, I’ve taken many different versions and always pass but I am a history major.  (You can find a USA Today version here if you’re interested.)

Episode Bonus: We also get a couple great views of Apu’s Ganesha statue that he prays to in his 45 second TSTO task.

All American Apu Ganesha

For the low price of 30 donuts, this skin was brought back this July 4th.  While the skin doesn’t have its own questline, it does provide Apu with new tasks at a premium rate.  Two of them are outdoors.

Task Length Earns Requires
Follow Local Sports Team 60min $105, 26 XP Outside KEM, reading magazine
Hide Fireworks Behind Malt Liquor 4hrs $260, 70 XP Kwik-E-Mart
Display Patriotism 8hrs $420, 105 XP Outside wandering waving tiny US flag
Turn a Profit 12hrs $600, 150 XP Kwik-E-Mart
Stock Up on Illegal Fireworks 24hrs $1000, 225 XP Kwik-E-Mart

Well there ya have it.  The origin for a new skin available for this limited-time event.  Sound off below with any comments you have about Apu’s zany dress style.  Y’all stay classy as usual and keep on tapa-tapa-tapping in the free world.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

28 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – All American Apu

  1. Louis Trapani

    I decided to add this skin. My problem though is his 1 hour task (with this skin) and Snake’s 1 hour task puts them both in the same spot outside in front of the Kwik-E-Mart. So they are on top of each other and you can’t enjoy either that way. I tend to send all my characters on tasks of the same time length each time (depending how often I’m able to check into the game). So this was a little disappointing. I wish I could swap Snake’s 1 hour task and 4 hour task. That would put him in front of Krustyburger instead for the hour task.

    • If you add another Kwik-E-Mart it might resolve the issue…at least occasionally 🙂

      • Outside of houses, I haven’t duplicated any buildings as of yet. It may be time to open a new Kwik-E-Mart in my Springfield soon. I have to remind myself that there are actually three 7-11 stores in my (offline) town.

  2. Do you know what time Rex and Lincoln will be available? Since I wasn’t playing last year (and was still not spending cash when Lincoln came back) I’m not so patiently holding on to donuts to get these, but it’s sooo hard.

  3. So why are they waiting until the 11th to release Rex Banner? Is there any signifigance to that date or is it just to make me go crazy?

  4. Classic episode! I got this skin, and Rex Banner with the diner during my first event ever on this game last year. I always have Apu doing his outdoor “Display Patriotism” task, it’s so much better than him hiding in the Kwik-E-Mart. I also had to take the test in U.S. History class, it was 100 questions and yes, I passed lol

  5. I got this outfit for apu but being that it’s a skin I wish he had more outdoor tasks so that I could actually see him walking around in it! So I’m a little disappointed in it.

  6. so where do you buy it?

  7. 30 donuts to change a freemium character into a premium? Definitely one I pulled the trigger on. I just hope the rates don’t revert after the event, like they did on the Stonecutters skins. Was kind of disappointed with the rate change on all those skins.
    (I need all the in-game cash I can get…)

    • They should stay the same. The skins changed, but they still earn the correct rates. And it turns Dr. Hibbert’s into a premium rate 🙂

  8. You say no questline, but don’t you need the costume to complete Rex Banner’s questline? I had them both from last year, so I don’t know. Do you not get the questline unless you purchase both?

  9. I got 10/10 on the test and I’m a Canadian 😛 Though, I’m also a history major and have taken a few US History classes in my day.

  10. If I didn’t have it from last year, this would defnitely be the first skin for me to actually buy with donuts.

  11. LOVED this episode and LOVE that this skin earns 50% more, so I had to jump on it. Now I’m waiting to see about the diner…….on pins and needles!!!!

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