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Abes In Toyland Event – Calendar and Math to Get It All!

Let’s remind ourselves that Alissa has placed a moratorium upon complaining about this event.  I get it. She loves Christmas, and is going to be upbeat and happy about anything we get for the holidays.

That said, I honestly have to admit that there isn’t much to complain about here…so it makes the job pretty easy.

This event is LOADED with prizes. There is simply no denying that.

Let’s dive into some of the stuff…and what it’s going to take to get it all! 
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Ugly Christmas Sweaters and Another Addicts Shop Sale

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So, last week we ran an Addicts Shop sale for Black Friday.  I had hoped to have some Ugly Christmas Sweater designs finished and approved by the time the sale went live, unfortunately, they took a bit longer to get approval on than I would have liked.

So….because of that hold-up, and the fact that the shirts were FINALLY approved yesterday afternoon…I’ve decided to run another Addicts Shop Sale! All items are 10% off (the biggest discount they’ll let me give)!  Now is a great time to add some Addicts Swag to your wardrobe, or to get that special gift for the Addict in your life!

And the shop is now featuring 4 new Ugly Christmas Sweater designs…all Simpson/TSTO themed of course!

You guys may recognize some of the themes…


I’m particularly a fan of the Golden Goose one…I know a bunch of you are wishing EA would drop the GGR under your TSTO tree!

So check out the Addicts Shop here, and grab your TSTO swag! 🙂

Use the code HOLIDAY19 to get your discount in the shop!   Sale ends December 14th!

And just as a quick note on the Addicts “swag”…I created this stuff because I enjoy doing it and the stuff makes me laugh/smile, and I thought you all would enjoy it too!  🙂

P.S. I’ve also extended the sale in the Laugh it Up Shop as well…

Use the code CHRISTMAS2019 for the discount in the Laugh It Up Shop…sale ends December 14th! 

I don’t have any non-TSTO Ugly Christmas Sweaters, BUT there are a few fun and festive Christmas shirts! 🙂

Like these two…

Friday Filler – I May Have Killed Christmas

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

I am starting to suspect that the lack of a Christmas Event in TSTO may be my fault.  I know…I know…I’m just another blogger with an opinion. But, the correlation between game play and real life is starting to make me lose my freakinshirt!

This is the first year…ever…that there are some huge changes around my favorite holiday in our household…I mean huge.

Just like TSTO, “something is off” when it comes to tradition, and following any kind of regular schedule.  And like TSTO, we are waaaaaaay behind on checking the boxes for this year’s celebrations.

But, even more terrifying to someone like me, who loves Christmas, is that it is starting to feel like the boxes are not only not being checked…but are being removed by a power outside of my control!  It’s as if TSTO and life have suddenly changed, in ways that I never expected, nor really wanted! And, it may be MY FAULT!!

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Friday Filler – Giving Thanks Where Thanks Is Due

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

There’s one out of the way.  Because thanks is what this entire post is about.

And yes…the neighborhood turkeys are multiplying, and oblivious to the dangers of the season. THEY should be thankful that it is illegal to shoot them within city limits.  But, I have a sneaking suspicion they are acutely aware of this fact.

But, back to my thankfulness…

It has been brought up to me recently, that “these informational posts are great, and would be even better if a bit of the judgemental close-minded conjecture was slightly reduced…Alissa is my favourite hard worker because she sticks more to the facts and doesn’t lace a good chunk of her posts with subjective intense opinions…”   

Yikes. Words hurt HT! But you did make me realize that this time of the year we need to work on being thankful, and full of grace. In this fractured world, with so many opinions about everything, it is easy to start a conversation with the negative. Or even worse…do the “but, flip flop.”

“I’m very thankful that there is still a TSTO, BUT…”

See? It’s the “thankful, but syndrome.”  So not being truly thankful or penitent!
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Addicts Shop Black Friday SALE!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Happy (almost) Black Friday!  To celebrate the crazy sales of Black Friday we’re offering a special Black Friday sale in the Addicts Shop!

All items are 10% off (the biggest discount they’ll let me give)!  Now is a great time to add some Addicts Swag to your wardrobe, or to get that special gift for the Addict in your life!

The Black Friday Sale is available in BOTH the Addicts Shop and the Laugh it Up Shop, and the sale ends December 2nd! So grab those items while you can!

The way the store works is, I needed to set up two different codes for the Addicts Shop and the Laugh it Up Shop.  So for the Addicts Shop the code is BLACKFRIDAY2019 and for the Laugh It Up Shop the code is BLACKFRIDAY19.

Happy Shopping!

Addicts Shop

If you click the design you like for pricing, color, size options, and to purchase.

Discount Code for the Addicts Shop BLACKFRIDAY2019

For those of you that just like funny shirts, not necessarily TSTO related, I’ve also created the Laugh It Up Shop. The Laugh It Up Shop is full of stuff designed to make you laugh.  (Laugh It Up Media is the parent company of  TSTO Addicts) 

These are more seasonal designs, and stuff that’s just meant to make you chuckle.  If you click the design you like for pricing, color, size options, and to purchase.  Laugh it Up Shirts are available in Men’s and Women’s designs.

Discount Code for the Laugh It Up Shop BLACKFRIDAY19

Remember, the sale ends December 2nd! 

Happy Shopping!

Friday Filler – Early Black Friday Deals At A Steep Price?

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

I admit it. My head is a bit broken.  I’ve tried to curb my viewing of “current events,” but have failed miserably.  So, it was a welcome surprise, and a nice diversion when EA came across with an early (kinda) Black Friday/Thanksgiving mini-update.

I say “kinda” early, because the fact is, it mostly happened the same time as last year, and the year before. It’s Thanksgiving that is late this year. How DARE they make Thanksgiving and the REAL Black Friday so late in the month, and so close to Christmas???

Anyway, there was plenty to unpack for this event, and I’m sure most of you are very excited about the chance to get a ton of stuff that had been offered, at discount prices, as long as you were willing to spend real money.

Wait. What??? They are doing THIS again?  Forcing us to spend REAL MONEY (instead of farmed donuts) to get some of the stuff being offered????

Well…there IS A SOLUTION THIS PROBLEM!! I’ll Tell You how to get real value out of your real dollars spent! 
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Friday Filler- Finally…The Simpsons Comes HOME!

Thank Grog It’s Firday…

Just so we are clear, I’m not talking about the Simpsons coming to Disney Plus…which may be one of the worst launches of a “Major Streaming Service Ever.”

Besides the fact that their servers barfed…and loads and loads of subscribers couldn’t get any programming…apparently, what they can get, is altered…a lot.

This includes the SIMPSONS!!  The much vaunted, much ballyhooed new home for the back episodes of ALL of The Simpsons, has Simpsons  Fans Fuming!
The Disney Plus is formatting the show, cuts out a ton of the picture. And because of this, a ton of the jokes/gags/content are just not visible.  CHECK THIS STORY OUT…

But…This is NOT what I’m here to talk about today…as the most recent episode of the Simpsons actually took place in the REAL BIRTHPLACE of the Simpsons. And it was hilarious!
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Friday Filler – Of Gods, Trolls, and Limits of Power

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

OK…in full disclosure, I am once again breaking all of the “time/space/continuum” rules by writing this early (Thursday) after doing an Addicts Live last night (Wednesday) that won’t actually be live until the day after tomorrow (Saturday).  But, that’s Ok. Time is relative…and I am going to be spending most of my time Friday-Sunday,  WITH my relatives, and in fact, am likely doing so as we speak (if I was actually there, with you, speaking to you).

This weekend is my nieces’s wedding, and all of my daughters are flying in for the celebration, including Katie, Ryan, and Jake (the cutest little tapper…or at least one of the two cutest, if you ask Alissa) on the East Coast.

So yes. I am actually happy that TSTO is so dingdangdiddly EAsy and boring. I just don’t have that much time to care. Which is perfect. Because we are only in week 3…of what I thought was week 4…because I have paid so little attention to it. Go figure. 

But, this week, we got Bridge Troll Moe, which was actually hilarious, and brought up a ton of recent, and past memories about trolls.
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Friday Filler – When God Comes to Town

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

Last week, I made a bit of an inference that when “God shows up, that can’t be good!”  regarding the lifespan of TSTO. Actually, that was more of a direct quote from myself than an inference.  I quote myself a lot. I might even go so far as to say, that what I have to say is worth repeating…almost God-Like. But, I would never go that far.

Because, the fact is, now that I have God, I am pretty satisfied with the way things are going in TSTO.  Yep. I have found new contentment in watching God do his thing. And, he does a lot of things.  I do have a question that may or may not be easy to answer…and it certainly bears repeating.

For those of you, like me, who looked at that last phrase and had to go look it up to see if it was actually correct to use bears or bares (this happens a lot when you get older), thankfully there are innumerable websites that cover this weird and challenging word use. Here’s one of them.

But, back on topic (finally), the real question as to whether God was worth the price, if He (you always capitalize God pronouns) can save the game, and why He doesn’t seem to go where He really should be able to go, will all be laid bare below.  And, if you are currently bare below…you may want to go put on pants.  And, that bears repeating. Put on some pants!! 
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Friday Filler – When the Best Update of the Year Wasn’t

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

I want to start with a disclaimer right away.  This entire post may have been influenced by the fact that I have been inhaling epoxy fumes all week.  Kitchen counters and a host of detail additions to the new kitchen remodel will do that. I also admit it. I like the smell.  I used to build a lot of model airplanes when I was young. I never huffed…but certainly got happy once or twice putting the clear “dope” sealer on my balsa wood planes. But, I digress…

The real reason for this post should be obvious.  It is a clear and pointed op-ed on the state of TSTO, as it appears to signal in this most recent update.

I know I am not alone. But, after trying for months to put on my “happy face” about the game, it is time to be honest…and pragmatic…and serious.

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