Freaks & Geeks & …Bunny??!!

Hey there Hoppereenos. Bouncing in all giddy like with a lil hint of things to come. A great gathering of Geeks is about to commence.


Nothing like the smell of thousands upon thousands of Nerdy Geek boys all smashed into one location to make a Bunny all sorts of giddy. Poor Alissa can’t wait to kick me out of the basement. So I packed all my Geek Girl scented sprays, some silly jewelry, and will be hitching a ride with some local Geek Podcasters.

I think you know just where it is I am heading to. 🙂

Hopefully I will be able to get a good seat to the Simpsons panel while there. Maybe snag a few souvenirs to bring back….you know…like a couple of cute Brit actors. Heheheheh.

So stick around as I will be taking you along with me in a way and posting about it here. Now excuse me while I go Geek Girl squeal really loudly just to harass Alissa.


61 responses to “Freaks & Geeks & …Bunny??!!

  1. I think that Bunny is gonna wear a shock wave Costume this year… or radioactive Bunny 😉

  2. You will need to get along to the NECA section as they should have some more of their simpsons guest star figures that they’ve been making for the anniversary. You should also pick up a gremlin too as I’m really hoping they keep making some more of them 🙂

    • What am I? Your personal shopper? Lol.

      I have many of plans while there to hit up stuff relating to Simpsons. Can’t wait. 😉

  3. Im from europe. And i am a kid too. Im 9yrs old 😛

  4. Nothing like Bunnn surely thousands of sweaty British nerks would do the trick? (Smug face)

  5. Superheros. Sweaty Nerds. An Epic Bunny!

    Tell us all about that outfit you are going to wear. 😀

  6. Well I’m not jealous. Nope. Not a bit. No jealousy here. Couldn’t be less jealous. Totally lacking in the jealous department. Zilch. Nadda. Nothin’. Do you think I would fit in your duffel bag?

    • None What.SO.EVER! 😉

      Sure…why not…hop on in. Just front me the $75 for oversized luggage. 😛

    • And you would even let me loan you the money for my own ticket? Done. Pick me up in the usual place. Yes, behind the roller derby. No I don’t live in that box, behind the roller derby. Yes, I live in that box, behind the roller derby. It’s the only place I can get 24 hour free WI-fi. What?
      And make sure to take plenty of pics, you know, in case you forget to let me out of the bag.
      Again. The straw was very thoughtful though.
      My guess on your costume. Wil W-H-eaton.
      I..wrong site. What? But I thought it would.. Funny on the other site. I see.
      Hope you/we have a great time Bunny. Can’t wait for an update. 🙂

  7. I saw Pieman on the page and got excited that it was an update, but there is not. Now I am sad.

  8. So. Very. Jealous. (Enjoy!)

  9. WanderingCaveman

    Have fun Bunny! Have you been before? I recommend getting in line for the panel as early as possible, Ballroom 20 is big but it fills up quick.

    • First time to SDCC. I have been to others…smaller…wish me luck. Gonna have to rub my foot a lot for it too. 😉

      • WanderingCaveman

        My recommendation is to plan out what panels you want to see as early as you can, then work the rest of your day around those panels. The SDCC app is great when it works (it doesn’t always work) and the programming guide is invaluable. It’s quite the experience… I’m starting to regret my decision not to go this year.

        • I figured there are a few I would love to see…the rest…I will wing it. Lol.

          I already got all the apps, maps, and details loaded. I more have to decide who I want to stalk…errrr….meet and go from there. 😛

  10. Dr. Marvin Monroe, Bleeding Gums Murphy Hibbert, Mona Simpson, heck house, (hopefully) witch marge, stretch dude and clobber girl will all be here by Halloween!!


  12. I wish I had a don’t for every time we get sideshow Bob!!

  13. I’m not a dork,geek,and nerd I’m stupid

  14. Have fun 😉

  15. I wish they would add PieMan to the game. Maybe they will in April next year.

  16. Mundomar Jack

    I would go but I’m from britian.

  17. Hey I’m British 😉 but just a kid

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