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Freaks & Geeks & …Bunny??!!

Hey there Hoppereenos. Bouncing in all giddy like with a lil hint of things to come. A great gathering of Geeks is about to commence.


Nothing like the smell of thousands upon thousands of Nerdy Geek boys all smashed into one location to make a Bunny all sorts of giddy. Poor Alissa can’t wait to kick me out of the basement. So I packed all my Geek Girl scented sprays, some silly jewelry, and will be hitching a ride with some local Geek Podcasters.

I think you know just where it is I am heading to. 🙂

Hopefully I will be able to get a good seat to the Simpsons panel while there. Maybe snag a few souvenirs to bring back….you know…like a couple of cute Brit actors. Heheheheh.

So stick around as I will be taking you along with me in a way and posting about it here. Now excuse me while I go Geek Girl squeal really loudly just to harass Alissa.


“Where Did THAT Come From?”- Strongman Homer

Anyone else catch the new episode of Treehouse of Horror? It was AMAZING as usual. I really do like the twisted and dark mind set of Guillermo del Toro. Speaks to all those OTHER voices in my head. (Shhhhh. Don’t say that too loud. You’ll wake up the others.) If you did, you would’ve been able to see just exactly where that Strongman Homer costume came from we all were earning from this years Halloween Event. Not to mention why on earth we needed an Emerald Ring to unlock it. On to the next episode of “Where did THAT come from?”

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