Where Did That Come From: Cool Brown House & Homer

Hey there Hoppereenos. Having fun looking at all the cool new stuff the 2014 Yard Sale brought? Got your eyes on a few things? Well, I am here to give you a lil more detail on them and their Origin…

Cool Brown House Cool Homer style goatee

Where on earth in the Simpsons TV world did this Cool looking house come from? It doesn’t seem normal to the Simpsons world. And how on earth can Homer be so “cool”? Lol. Let’s take a look at the TV screen and find out just… Where Did THEY Come From?

Season 24, Episode 7: The Day the Earth Stood Cool
The episode begins with Homer at the playground yelling at Bart. A pretty girl starts to flirt with Homer…so he thinks…until she calls him a Grampa. At work, Homer finds there are new donuts in the break room he has never seen before. “Devil Donuts”. He MUST have one, but alas… the box is empty. So he seeks out the group that brought them in. No luck. Homer does what any sensible Donut Craving Addict would do…he calls 911 to report a missing Donut Truck. Lol. Of course Quimby is right on it. They locate the source of the Sweeties. A Devil’s Donut Truck ran by a cool looking guy. He explains he only makes one batch a day and when they are gone…they’re gone. Quimby loses it and Homer gets depressed.

Seeing Homer down, the guy offers him a sample of his “Beer Keg” donut. Homer is in love and wants to know EVERYTHING about this mystery man of sweet goodies. Homer finds out his name is Terrance and that he is from Portland. The more Homer learns about him, the more he wants to be like him. He finds out he is a Dad too. A COOL Dad. Terrance said they just move around but are looking for a place to stay. Homer tells him about the lame Brown House next door to him. “They lower the price everyday.” Next thing you know, Homer has new neighbors.  Terrance and Emily. They go to work right away to fix up the Brown House into a COOL Brown House.

Cool Brown House and Homer 4

They got a pet armadillo Chewie (Mexico, not Star Wars), cool names for their kids (Corduroy and T-Rex), and the entire house is just…COOL. Lol. Bart is having a hard time adjusting to the new boy, but Lisa is in love. He seems to like books, all things intellectual, and watches anime (they don’t do T.V.)

Marge in the meantime is trying to get the hang of her new neighbor. She was a lil shaken to learn Emily breast feeds. Nervously tries to make small talk. She begs Homer to go, but he is busy getting shaved bald by his new friend. They even put a gate to pass through each others backyard. Lisa loves she can compost. Marge is still struggling but Homer begs her to give it a try. He wants desperately to be a Cool Dad. Marge gives in.

Homer and the kids are really starting to love all the new things the families are doing together. Wrestling, Rock Shows, Roller Derby, Art Shows, and even a Korean Gangster Film Festival. Marge is really getting a bit nervous. This just isn’t her family and she doesn’t know how to handle it. Homers looks are even changing. A wallet chain like a Barista, a scarf soaked in sweat due to warm weather, and a goatee…that only grows two hairs…just like his head.

Cool Brown House and Homer 2

At T-Rex’ Birthday Party (in what looks like an abandoned warehouse, Marge starts to really get upset at Homer’s changes. She gets even more disturbed when when she enters the room of mothers to see ALL of them but her are breast feeding. She tries to pretend to feed Maggie the same under a blanket, but Maggie knock the bottle across the floor and the Moms gasp. They then try to breast feed Maggie for her. That was the last straw. She threatened to squirt formula on them if they come closer.

Bart meanwhile is getting upset that T-Rex is making fun of the gift Homer made for him. He tries to stand up for his Dad, but the kid just keeps bashing him. Bart gets into a fight with him. The parents break them apart. Terrance blames Bart for starting it. The Simpsons are told to leave.

The next morning, it looks like Homer snapped. He takes his anger out on Bart…until he finds out why Bart fought with the kid. He is shocked Bart stood up for him. Marge tells him too about the fiasco in the “nursing room”. That just pushed Homer to realizes that no one does that to his family. The “Cool” Family, can goatee hell.

Ned tries to intervene, but Homer just won’t have it. The Cool Parents explain that they were upset that Bart didn’t use his words in the fight. Started telling Homer about parenting. So Homer goes off about what REAL parents do. Back and forth they fight goes. Homer tells them to get out of town, but they refuse. They say that their “type” is coming and the town WILL change. Springfield is about to become as popular as Toe Sneakers!

And the “Us Types” come by the traveling trailer loads. Bringing with them a lot of different stores then what Springfield is used to. America’s Apparel, Farmers Market, King Toke’s Medicinal Marijuana Clinic, Taschen, and Charter Schools. Even Lard Lads turns into a Devils Donuts store.

Cool Brown House and Homer 3

The town is just not what it was anymore and Homer needs to make it right. EVERYTHING is Cool and they just can’t stand it. Bart and T-Rex meanwhile become closer friends as Bart introduces him to what it is like to be a kid. They are so distracted that they do not realize the unturned compost heap caught everything on fire next door, and if it hits the donut oil…the whole town will go. Homer and Terrance work together to put it out…with Baby Formula.

In the end the families make up, T-Rex is a kid, and everyone is a lil more happy. Springfield is now cool…and played out…so away the “Us Types” go to find the next thing.


And there you have it. An interesting and “Cool” Episode that brought in the Cool Brown House and Cool Homer skin to our silly lil games in December 2012 for an Episode Tie-In, now brings them to us again with a Yard Sale.

What do YOU think of the House? Have you coveted it while hopping through neighbors? What about Cool Homer? Have favorite tasks for the skin?  Give me your thoughts below.

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  1. Loved the episode, I have coveted the house since I noticed it in a neighbors game. Too rich for my blood though. I have a pretty hard limit on what I will spend for things in the game. They keep pricing them over that limit. My wallet is happy at least.

  2. Cool brown house came from heaven!

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