Season 26 Trivia Contest: Enter Now

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

I hope you all were watching the Season 26 Premiere and taking notes because…it’s time for our Trivia Contest!  As we mentioned last week, in honor of the 26th Season of The Best. Show. Ever.  We decided to hold a little contest where YOU can win some Awesome Prizes!  (for those that don’t remember what the prizes are you can see the details below the fold)

Remember only 1 Entry Per Person, Shipping Address Must Be located in the US, and you MUST be over 18 to enter…You can find more details and the rules of the contest below the fold

Good Luck!


So here’s the deal…

You will need to be 18 years or older. You will need to live inUnited States. (Due to shipping restrictions on the prizes, we will have to limit this one to the United States Readers Only. Sorry to our International Readers. As you are well aware, there will be plenty more Contests for you in the future. 🙂 )

Answer the questions below based off the Season 26 Premiere episode that aired on Sunday.  The readers with the most correct answers will then be put into the randomizer to determine the winners (we use Note: If only 1 person has the most answers correct, they will automatically win the Grand Prize and we’ll move on to the next group for the remaining prizes via the Randomizer.   Only ONE entry per person.  You have until Friday, October 3rd, 2014. 1159PM EST to enter.

You are going to be getting goodies collected by Bunny throughout some of her more recent travels.

Grand Prize: Limited Edition, San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Simpsons Family History Book (picked up at SDCC 2014)


“You think you know the Simpsons? Well, think again! The Simpsons Family History unravels 25 years of Simpsons facts and fun and presents them in a never-before-seen chronological format. Travel through time with Matt Groening as he pulls back the curtain and reveals the events that turned this average family into a pop-culture phenomenon. Discover the hopes and dreams of a young Homer and uncover the sensitive and driven girl Marge was before she married him. Marvel at the hidden moments you never knew you missed, as all the pieces of Simpsons history fall into place. Chock full of art taken directly from the source, this massive tome is a must for Simpsons fans and the perfect way to celebrate The Simpsons’ 25th anniversary. This early release limited edition paperback is presented in a special slipcase and is available exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con. Price: $50.00”
          20140924_16173420140924_161637 20140924_161710

2nd Place: Bongo Comic Book from “Free Comic Book Day” in 2009 (picked up on Bunny’s travels.) It includes mini comics for Simpsons and Futurama.

20140924_161828 20140924_161847 20140924_161903 20140924_161924

3rd Place: A donut… being eaten by Homer… in the form of a pin (picked up from Universal Studios, Florida).



Blue Haired Lawyer 2

Now for the Blue Haired Lawyer to do his bit…

Official Rules:

-Open to readers age 18 and older.
-Contest Entries will open from time the Season 26 Trivia Questions Post goes live on the site until Friday, October 3rd, 2014. 1159PM EST.
-Each contestant may only submit ONE entry per the post (If multiple entries are submitted by the same reader only the FIRST entry submitted will be accepted. This means we will not accept multiple comments from the same person. So think hard before you answer.)
-Valid email address must be provided when submitting an entry. This will be how we will contact you to let you know you won. Invalid emails will be withdrawn and not eligible for the contest. (This is the email address you fill out and provided in the comment form, they are not published on the blog and only view-able by the Addicts blog staff. If you already created a Gravatar, just ensure the accurate email address was used for contact.)
-This contest open to U.S. Residents only.
-Void where prohibited
-No purchase necessary
-Addicts Staff and their family members are not eligible to participate.
-You must provide us a legal mailing address within 1 week of winning or you will be disqualified and any prizes won will be forfeited.
-All entries will be reviewed by the Addicts Team prior to posting results.
-Prizes are Valued as follows; Grand Prize $50 USD, 2nd Place $10USD, 3rd Place $10USD
-This contest is not affiliated with Bongo, EA, Fox, Gracie Films or anyone else in association with Bongo, The Simpsons, The Simpsons Tapped Out, EA, and FOX.
For a copy of the official rules email us at (note we’re just gonna give you a copy of the rules you just read…in PDF format 🙂 )

Are YOU excited for another contest? Can’t wait to enter? Well good luck from the Addicts.

Alissa, Bunny, & Wookiee

15 responses to “Season 26 Trivia Contest: Enter Now

  1. So what was the answer to the Ultimate Question? Bubble wrap?

  2. Have u anounced the winners yet?

  3. Oh FUDGE! I accidentally hit enter and submitted my entry before I was fully ready. I was still debating at least one question. DOH! Guess I knocked myself out of the running.

  4. Ahhhhhhh filed it all out, then browser crashed, ahhhhh reloaded page all fields blank sigh

  5. Who hoo new prizes

  6. Do you need to answer with a specific wording? Hypothetically, Say one person answers “comic book guy” and someone else answers “the comic book guy” and someone else answers “CBG”. Are they all correct?

  7. That was easy. the only question that i had to guess on was the “ultimate answer”… that one brought two moments to mind

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