Where Did THAT Come From: Bulldozer-saurus, Hover-Copter, and Rigellian Queen & Shrub

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?

Hover Copter ico_thoh2014_crafting_bulldozersaurus

ico_thoh2014_crafting_rigellianqueen ico_thoh2014_crafting_rigellianshrub

This post I will be going over the Origin of the Bulldozer-saurus, Hover-Copter, and Rigellian Queen & Shrub. Why are they now in our game? Did they actually appear in an episode? What do they do? Let’s dive into the Simpsons TV Series to find out more.

Season 23, Episode 3: THOH XXII (In the Na’vi) 
This last part of the Halloween episode is a parody of James Cameron’s Avatar. A crazy Krusty wants them to locate Hilarium, as just a lil bit will make people laugh at anything…so he needs some right away. Bart is one of the “volunteers” that has transported his mind into the body of a Rigellian. He ends up being rescued by a Female Rigellian. While Rigellian Milhouse is pouting, you can see the Rigellian flowers that make up part of the Rigellian Shrub. It seems more a mix of the plant life than one item. Some of them show a lil earlier too while Rigellian Bart is trying to bond with one of the bird type creatures.Rigellian Shrub 1 Rigellian Shrub 2

Bart later ends up hooking up with the Rigellian Female and impregnating her. She is now pregnant with millions of lil Rigellians and will become moody and intolerable. So he has to seek out some Hilarium to give to her. Without it she will become intolerable. Along with Rigellian Milhouse and a few other Rigellians, they locate the Hilarium on top of a mountainous area. The Hilarium is coming out of the Sacred Secretions of the Rigellian Queens mouth. EWWWWWWW. Lol.Rigellian Queen

Rigellian Milhouse calls in to base camp for the army to lock on his signal and destroy them. Hover-Copters are flown in to fire on the Rigellians along with all sorts of heavy machinery.Hover Copter

The animals of the land join in on the fight back. (Including some giant bunnies. Lol.) Even a lil baby Bulldozer-saurus tries to get in on the action, but the Colonel puts on a BIGGER suit, so the baby joins its Mother to battle.Bulldozer-saurus

So there you have 4 of the new items added to your game during the Halloween event  and all 4 from a Treehouse of Horror Special. What do you think of them? Can’t wait to see that the Queen does in the next phase? Win any Rigellian Shrubs from Trick or Treat bags yet? Where are you on your Ray Gun collection? Let us know.


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  1. Hmm, I don’t think I ever saw THOH XXII… doesn’t ring a bell.

  2. Although an event finishes in several back days, even if it carries out to a friend’s town by visiting every day, who almost comes and there is no coconut!!
    There is no such unfair event.

  3. This is my first Halloween TSTO event and I have been enjoying it! I was able to pick up some items from previous years that I really wanted. This years’ are mostly kinda ugly, though. Figure most of them are going in the storage closet when the event is over. LOL

  4. This Event should be longer. At the beginning I planned to build a rigellian Town with lots of huts and the queen in the middle and thousand of shrubs. But it seems to be impossible without spending donuts. Is there a place where we can tell EA, that they should make it longer?

  5. flip’n awesome event.

    *tin foil hat* the stone cutters are hiding knowledge about alien existence. i looked behind their walls today and they had TWO alien space crafts AND an alien queen! */tin foil hat*

    scully and mulder have some investigating to do….

  6. Good afternoon…I looked in my inventory and to my surprise there’s a Hover Copter in there. I won one in phrase 2 so have one crafted, also in my things to craft I had enough to make another one but bypassing as I only want one. So, question….how did one get in my inventory? It’ll stay there as again, one is enough.

    Thank you and your hard work is so appreciated on this site..


  7. Will there be any more craft items? Wanna make sure before I build another hut. Thx!

  8. Do any of the craftable items help out %? I am trying to decide what to focus on now that I have 1 of each big item

  9. Lol Kodos is a female? I thought Kang & Kodos were brothers…..

    • They used to both be male (not sure they were ever canonically brothers). They also used to hail from Rigel IV (not 7). Things change over time, I guess.

      • Rigellians are well known hermaphrodites…… And Rigel iv was redesignated Rigel vii in the notorious local galactic reorganisation of 2753.

    • I don’t think it was ever mentioned until TOH VII in “Citizen Kang” when Homer is abducted and Kang says “I am Kang, and this is my sister, Kodos”. I think before then it was assumed they were both male since they have a man’s voice (both have the same voice, actually) but I can’t think of when they ever said that they were otherwise related or had any gender.

      Citizen Kang is the same episode where we get the Long Protein Strands gag… they are impersonating Bill Clinton and Bob Dole (who were presidential candidates and opponents) and walking around town holding hands. “We are merely exchanging long protein strands. If you can think of an easier way, I’d like to hear it!”

  10. I accidentally sold my lard lad doughnuts, is there any way to contact EA to see if I can get it back?

  11. I’m very close getting the Rigellian Queen 😉 and also i know the perfect spot for it 😉 and i have lots of Rigellian Shrubs placed there. Question: Is the Rigellian Queen a playable character or a decoration? (I have not readed the previous comments)

  12. Any chance we’ll get Kodos?

  13. I got the hovercoper in the neck of time (20 mins) and placed it after the strings update hit. Now it its not shown next to the Bulldozer-saurus and it is able in the crafting scheme but i do have it placed in my town and am so able to create 2 copter for my town. Should i report this?

  14. Stupid Rigellian Bush. I bought the one thing worse than a spooky wall

  15. Is there a “Village” we need to build with the Huts? Mahalo 🙂

  16. Does the religion queen do anything????

  17. New in game update just hit! Unfortunately all my characters are on tasks so I have no idea what’s new.

  18. Ray Guns are over 🙂 Happy Halloween!!

  19. Huh, I must have missed the halloween episode last year, because that doesn’t look familiar. I’ll have to check it out.

  20. I’m having a crisis here. I have so little fences et cetera, so I can only craft two of the three items; the spooky house, the grand pumpkin or the rigellian queen. Anybody have any ideas which two I should pick? I seriously love all of them, but as a freemium player I cant really spend donuts on anything. 🙁 I’m having a hard time deciding, so anybody know what benefits each of the three items have to the game in general?


    • Hi Rose. Hope this helps… 🙂
      Spooky house- gives a bronze bag every 24 hrs
      Grand pumpkin- he’s animated when you tap on him. Once you craft him, you can craft the pumpkin house which gives a pumpkin every 24 hours
      Rigellian queen- Kang and kodos have a task with her which is pretty funny. Also, once you get her, you can build the huts which spawn rigellians to squish = more protein strands
      So if I were in your position and could only craft two, I’d for sure go with the spooky house and the rigellian queen. Hopefully by the end you get all three.
      Happy Halloween from your fellow tapper.

      • hi! Thanks so much for the info 🙂 I decided to wait till the end of this event and see what i can craft. But yeah, i really wish i could get all three but right now just have to keep the fingers cross and hope that i can get more fences, these things are really hard to come by, at least for me. :/

    • FWIW – the closer you get to the goal of collecting fences/eggs, the lower the donut purchase prices become for each item. I have been collecting whatever I can and am still not super close but the donut price is around 20 now — which isn’t so bad (I think it was 300 without any fences/eggs). It’s worth looking in to, especially if you’re near the end of the event and still want those items. It’ll be cheaper to pay, say, 30 or even 50 donuts now than to hope they come back next year at 120+

  21. “(Rigellian Queen still not yet released)”

    I take it this article was written prior to Phase 3 starting, but was published after Phase 3 started?

  22. ‘So there you have 4 of the new items added to your game during the Halloween event (Rigellian Queen still not yet released) and all 4 from a Treehouse of Horrow Special. What do you think of them? Can’t wait to see that the Queen does in the next phase? Win any Rigellian Shrubs from Trick or Treat bags yet? Where are you on your Ray Gun collection? Let us know.’

    You guys should really proof read your posts more often so that stuff like that doesn’t happen as much.

    • How about you not try to be so negative all the time? I wrote this almost 2 weeks ago. It was valid then. 😉

      • So… I have been a faithful (pretty much daily) follower of this page since the first day I started playing TSTO more than a year ago. In that time I have been constantly impressed and amazed by the quality and quantity of work that you guys put in to make this page as brilliant as it is. You must have lives and obligations and other interests, yet you keep amazing me.
        I’ve never been able to say I follow a blog religiously. It’s pretty cool. In today’s day and age people are constantly on the lookout for the next amusing, interesting thing to occupy their time. As a law student I have plenty of studying to do, yet it’s this community is my de-stress method of choice. When I’m ready to tap out, I pause and read about Tapped Out. ( 😀 ). I’ll tell you truly, if it weren’t for this page I would have dropped TSTO a long time ago. Your efforts constantly make the game fresh and new.
        It blows my mind the kindness and patience you show to the people who ask the same questions that was asked (and answered) three questions down on the same thread. I would not even bother to answer, but you do, and so politely.
        Then you have the **** who complain about percentages being off, or typos, or matters that should clearly be taken up with EA. They gripe like any error will result in the end of the world as we know it, and you again show a fantastic level of respect and patience.
        This page is wonderful. I know I have developed a very real sense of community with each of you. Bunny, I want to have a drink of your special water. Alyssa, I can now picture you walking around after a scary movie desperately holding onto a butcher’s knife. Wookie, I see you a big presence with all these little fellow wookies around you. But the community is bigger than that, it’s all the people who chime in on the posts, or that ask really interesting questions, or who give excellent game tips.
        Anyway, in case you don’t hear it quite often enough. You guys are awesome. There is an enormous population that may not be as vocal as some, but are nevertheless present, experiencing this experience with you and thinking you rock.
        So long as you are here talking and tapping away, we will too.

      • Well that may be the case mseighty but I did spot a stray apostrophe in the post and one must retain standards.

      • Not to mention how annoying it would be to have to reread every old post hunting for new info. The way you’re doing it now is fine!

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