Where Did THAT Come From: Mapple Store

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?


This post I will be going over the Origin of the Mapple Store. Why is it in our games… again? What is with all the “hints” of a very popular Product Line? Let’s dive into the Simpsons TV Series to find out more.

First… a lil bit of TSTO Origin on the Mapple Store. This Building was probably one of the first most sought after in the TSTO World. Originally hitting our games in the Chritmas 2012 Event while the Game was ONLY available on Apple Products, how convenient.

Mapple Store Christmas Event 2012

You first could earn 150 Santa Coins and pick up the Mapple Store during the Christmas 2012 Event.

Christmas Coins Large Stack

Then once the Christmas 2012 Event ended in the beginning of January 2013, it dropped into the Premium Shop for Donuts instead.


It remained there until the Valentines 2013 Event hit at the end of January 2013. The Mapple Store was then removed permanently. Roughly just before the game went live to Android, interesting huh?

It then took EA over 2 1/2 years to bring it back, but just for a quick lil bit for our Monorail Event… then it was gone again.



Now… TV TIME!!

Season 20, Episode 7: Mypods & Boomsticks
It’s just after Christmas at Springfield Mall and the Simpsons Family is there to return just ONE Christmas Gift… with no hurt feelings of course. Too bad they all seem to be returning the Kitten Calendar Bart gave them all. Last time he buys them a last minute gift.

Lisa excitedly points out that she just noticed they added a Mapple Store to the Mall. It’s so Sterile! She is in love and rushes on in.

Mapple Store Springfield Mall

It is full of MyPhones, MyPods, MyCubes, MyPhonies, and even has a Braniac Bar! She desperately craves to have one of her own. Luckily Krusty the Clown just so happens to wander on in complaining how badly his MyPod sucks and don’t get him started on Today’s Music. He tosses it to Lisa on his way out.

Inside Mapple Store Springfield Mall

While they are still looking around, they are shocked to see that they are just about to get a message from none other than… Steve Mobbs!! Can you name the animal that floated behind him from the under sea headquarters? Of course Bart hijacks his “Big Announcement” to tell all the Mapple Customers they are losers, they pay a ridiculous amount of money for something that cost pennies to make, Steve Mobbs peed on all their devices, Steve Mobbs invested all their money in Microsoft, then the final blow… Steve Mobbs and his Boyfriend Bill Gates kiss each other on a huge pile of all their money. It is just too much for Comic Book Guy. Mimicking a very popular commercial (Can you name it?), he shatters the Mapple Stores glass wall with a sledge hammer and is promptly tackled by Security.

Shatterd Mapple Store

Bart is ratted out by Lisa and then chased out of the Mapple Store’s shattered wall, by the Mapple Employees, trying to flay him with their Ear Buds. He ends up getting away and follows his nose to a heavenly scent in the backyard of a new kid, Bashir (Bashir’s Mother is an Actress who’s voice to me… “melts yah like buttah”. I adore it. Shohreh Aghdashloo is her name.)

Later on, after Lisa gets her “My Bill” from Mapple for over $1200+, we can see her heading to the underwater headquarters in a USB Memory Stick towards the Mapple World Headquarters, which also looks similar to the Mapple Store in the Mall.

Mapple World Headquarters

She has gone to beg and plead with Steve Mobbs to be compassionate and do something to help her with the bill. He offers her a job… as a MyPod handing out Flyers on the corner. “Think Differently.”


Season 23, Episode 11: D’oh-cial Network
While at Court, Lisa is telling everyone about the Simpson Family’s shopping trip to the Towne Centre at Springfielde Glenne. While they are walking around outside, you can see a small Kiosk full of Mapple Products being sampled by Customers.

Mapple Kiosk Springfielde Glenne

Later, Homer is busy going into a food coma while having a Giant Cinnabun unravel into his mouth until he passes out. Marge has had enough and drags him out of the Cinnabun Store and right next door… to the Mapple Store. This one more resembles the one in our games.

Mapple Store Springfielde Glenne

At the Mapple Store, Homer sees the Lightest most desirable computer in the World… for the next 3 weeks… the Mapple Void. Of course Homer picks one up, as long as they charge him for all the services that Google will give him for free. This same laptop is the one that Lisa ends up using to create a “Social Network” due to she has no friends. “What if I start on online meeting place, where all are equal, and I am the undisputed center?” 


There you have it. A very coveted and bragging rights item of many iOS TSTO Players has now come and gone again for ALL Players to put in their games.

What did you think of the Origin of it? Did you have it since 2012/2013? If not, did you pick it up when it returned? Remember seeing it in the episodes? Can you name the items that the episode mimicked, like the Braniac Bar? Have YOU been in an Apple… I mean Mapple Store recently? 😉 Let us know.


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  1. Not sure what others have said on this post or not… But I thought it was one of the best you’ve ever put together!

    I thought it was… AWESOME!

    This is my favorite building in the game … bar none!!! I’m glad they brought it back for everyone, and love how the doors open/lights go on when you send one of the three there for the task.

    p.s. Now we just new Steve Mobbs in the game as a character! (Oh…but then they’d have to kill him off 🙁


  2. I saw this store in many of my friends towns and was hoping for a return of it and lo and behold it did and I had to snag it up. Now we just need the Cinnabun store to come out in our games.

  3. Had to check a video on youtube, and nope, guess I need a where did that come from for the stuff Wookie points out in his where did that come from blogs lol Both the comic book guy reference, and the animal behind Steve Mobbs, I don’t recognize. May be partially since I”m just waking up, I dunno.

    • And sorry, this one was Bunny’s not Wookies lol

      • So weird, I wasn’t even born yet when it came out and I have know about this ad for years! Crazy how something so dumb has become a cultural phenomenon. It doesn’t even properly represent the book it is parodying, 1984 by George Orwell, one of my favorite novels! (read the novel long before I saw this ad thankfully, think it might have ruined the book for me, like how some movie adaptations ruin other novels for me)

    • I haven’t seen it in a while, so I can’t remember what animal is going behind him, but the Comic Book Guy is parodying the Apple 1984 commercial.

    • On YouTube look for apple sledgehammer commercial 1984. 🙂

    • I may be a lil furry… but I am not THAT furry! 😛


      • Sorry Bunny, it was early in the morning (well, early for me, I’m lucky if I see noon some days lol) just waking up, and idk why I just thought Wookie did the WTTCF posts.

        • Once upon a time, I did the majority of them. Even came up with the label “Where Did That Come From” as I used it all the time as a tag line in the posts for Origins of items. Since last year, the 2nd site of ours has taken my attention and hard work and split it in two. Due to this, Wookiee was already doing them too and doing an excellent job at it… so he stepped in to be the lead in doing most of them to allow me to focus in other areas. So you are more used to seeing him do them lately than me. Easy mistake. I think the same would happen if Wookiee did the Calendar instead of me. People would assume it was me. 😉 😛

      • Thanks for the video link, although still doesn’t ring a bell commercial wise. I was around in 84, but still a youngun at that point in time so probably didn’t watch too many commercials, let alone any tv outside of kids shows lol

  4. I got the railyard and instead of getting blueprints I’m still getting bells and whistles. I uninstalled and installed the game and I’m still getting bells and whistles from little Lisa’s recycling plant and the possums. Is that the way should be? Thanks for your help.

  5. Android rules! That said, this building looks great in my town. ☺Glad they brought it back for everyone to have.

  6. I got donuts because this became available.

    I like the design of this and the funny sound effect. Does anybody know what the sound effect is?

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