Friendship Level 18: Unlocking H.M.O

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How are my favorite Addicted Tappers doing today?   Racking up those FP’s by visiting your neighbors?  Just a reminder, remember to help out your fellow neighbors and clear those handshakes!  Are you in need of more Tapping Friends?  Remember you can always find friends on our Add Friends Page (and here for ones who pledge not to vandalize you)…the best (and only way) to submit your Add Me requests on TSTO Addicts!

So with the Level 58 Update EA gave us the 18th Social Currency Event Prize…the H.M.O Building!  So now my friends let’s break down this 18th Friendship Prize.  Just want to remind you all with this update it’s important to remember to SLOW DOWN.  There’s no rush to get the FP’s, so take your time and enjoy it!  🙂

Anywho…H.M.O is unlocked once you’ve unlocked Bloodbath & Beyond AND earned an additional 2,000FP…so many of you have either just unlocked it or should be unlocking it sometime in the next few days (depending on how many friends you have).  So what happens when you unlock this building?  Does it do anything?  Are there tasks for it?  What about a questline?  Well let’s answer all of your questions by taking a closer look at H.M.O now…

H.M.O FP Prize

Once you’ve completed Friendship Level 17 and earned an additional 2,000 FP (by earning the addition 2,000 FP you will have completed Level 18, which awards the store) you’ll unlock H.M.O and you’ll see this message popup:

2015-09-22 14.20.04

You can also unlock this via Donuts at a rush rate 200 donuts if you have 0 FP.

Once you return to your Springfield you’ll find H.M.O in your Inventory. You will have to go into your inventory to unlock it completely.  It will not automatically be in your Springfield.

2015-09-22 14.21.02

H.M.O is basically another store for Springfield (it does boost consumerism by 10 points).  Much like other stores it won’t do too much.  It’s 5×5 in land space and it will also improve your Consumerism rating on the Conform-O-Meter.  It will also take 24hrs to build. Once placed (placed, not built) some dialogue from Dr. Hibbert will popup:

Dr. Hibbert: Helping people through my H.M.O is a reward unto itself. Then again, so is the obscene amount of cash I’m making from it.  A-hyeh-hyeh-yeh-yeh!

Once built it will earn you $90, 10xp/4hrs

And that’s basically it for H.M.O.  No additional dialogue, no questlines and no tasks associated with it.  Pretty much just another building for Springfield….

Now that you’ve completed Level 18 and gotten your Friendship prize, what’s next?  Well it’s onto Level 19 and Mulberry Island (for another 2,500 FP).

Well that’s in my Friends.  What do you think of H.M.O making it to the game?  Have you unlocked it yet?  Did you earn it via FP or did you spend donuts to get it faster?  Were you excited they added it to the game?   Sound off in the comments below…you know we love hearing from you!

38 responses to “Friendship Level 18: Unlocking H.M.O

  1. H.M.O.
    Fits swell next to Dr Hibberts Office / Tummy Tuck Clinic
    You have to appreciate a Freemium Building (I do) 🙂

  2. FYI – your web page is auto-launching a “Words with Friends” app redirect.

  3. We should get a Nerd Bart (complete with Nutty Professor voice) costume to go with this one!

    “Oy, I feel so much better, Mr. Medical Science-Type Person!”

  4. I think I have this building sitting in storage right now, I think…really need some time to do some town designing to create appropriate spaces for this and the buildings from the last two level updates and all of the tennis courts I’ve built. (Speaking of which, thanks to the tennis courts, I’ve finally broken the 100% bonus mark! I could keep building more tennis courts, but I don’t know where I’m even going to put all of the ones I currently have, let alone a bunch of new ones. *sigh*)

  5. Ya know – you say “no rush”, but when you’re counting on that 3X money coming in just to buy the buildings you need (the W Hotel is $500k – I need cash!) there is a rush to get through these added Friendship levels. 😉

    HMO – ok, another building. I’ll take it. Gotta make room for the island next. Then its back to collecting $$$ and the random donut here and there. 🙂

  6. Thank you for the post a few days ago about adding neighbors. I got 25 new ones. 🙂

  7. After I placed the HMO building, more land became available. Anyone else?

  8. Got it this afternoon while visiting neighbors and then placed it in my Springfield, it seems to be building, but I don’t have the timer over the building patch. Anyone else having this?

    • Yeah I noticed this too, the same thing happened with the Country Club. I just built some more SPH buildings and they had the timer countdown so not sure what’s up with those ones..

  9. I may have a solution.. 🙂
    sorry if this is the wrong section..
    I’m having the same problem. Logging in to find no handshakes from neighbours & no dollar signs on my buildings or houses (even brown
    houses) I went to Krustyland then back and all my buildings had dollar signs again!
    I signed out of the game. Went back later in the evening and I had friend handshakes. Hope it works for anyone else with the same problem too.

  10. Could I ask a favor? If you are reading this page you are a sweet friend. I have young friend aged 20 who is at home recuperating from chemo. He has made several stages on Super Mario Maker. If you play this game too, will you drop by & visit Daniel? “The new ID for my stage “Blathers’ Bounce” is 22D0-0000-0028-4F2F, as I have updated it. Check it out!” Online games have given a lot of consolation to those of us who have needed time to recuperate. I pray for every one of us who knows this all too well. Thank you!!

  11. What was the increase in money for friend actions?

  12. Nice little unique building. Placed it in an empty spot next to It Blows, but I might move it SH since there’s no doctor office there. SUPER excited for the island though!! 1000 FP away right now.

  13. Always good to have another building, I haven’t unlocked the gun shop yet so may be a while before I get this.

    I was slightly disappointed to see the return of graffiti but it’s been nice and relaxing not having an event to worry about. I’ve put the rail yard on hold for a few weeks, it’s not going anywhere!

  14. Perfect timing, I just moved my hospital and family practice and was just about to redesign a medical campus. Glad it came before I moved things all about.

  15. Crash on opening, crash on trying to use free scratch r’s, crash after every single neighbour visit, download (works), re-download for no obvious reason (works), re-download for no obvious reason (works), tell me there’s not enough space, clear space, re-download (works), and……..repeat…..constantly. On iOS (iPad mini and have not upgraded to 9). First rep during recycling event was “sorry” and had my game rolled back, despite my asking them not to. No compensation and missed out on the final Act 1 and Act 2 prizes. This is getting old REAL fast. At this point, I haven’t and don’t know if I will, invested in a new boatload of donuts for Halloween / Christmas (not to mention Maison Derriere). I have literally nothing left to delete on my iPad mini and can’t seem to get enough space or avoid all the crashing and visiting issues. Have tried all the usual troubleshooting multiple times. Vent over…

  16. I have levelled up to 58, but managed to keep at level 52 for my quest lines. I am struggling to get a 5 start for my Gluttony! stuck at 4 star for Gluttony and 4.5 stars for my Conform-O-Meter. Any suggestions?

  17. Still having trouble since the update ! 39.000 bells and whistles disappeared and not the three rail tracks. I have been reduced to starting to collect rail tracks from the start. Is anyone having the same problems ??

  18. I’m more excited about getting mulberry island. I got the H.M.O, and as you said, it’s just another building to sit there. It does add 10 points to consumerisim, but when you have a 5 star town, you don’t care about that kind of stuff. As long as I visit all my neighbourinos tomorrow, I will get that island. Simple enough, right? 😉

  19. I have earned the H.M.O. building, but I’m super frustrated with this disappearing dollar sign business. I want to leave lots of buildings available for my neighbors to tap, but I can’t. At first it seemed like certain buildings weren’t as vulnerble, such as 12 hour buildings. However, my game just crashed (big shocker), and every single stupid building cleared. While I’m kind of irritated about getting zero dollars or XP for all of those buildings, I have a ton of in-game $ at this point and am way more irritated at there being almost nothing for my neighbors to tap. Is EA ever going to fix this issue? I feel like a crappy neighbor when I can’t leave buildings for people to tap.

    • They’re working on it. Because it’s not impacting everyone, only some, it sometimes takes longer to isolate and fix.

    • Pickles-
      I just posted about the same thing last night. Getting really frustrated at this point! If you’ve lost a few neighbors because of this like I have, feel free to add me (same EA ID) and we’ll ride it out together. Invisible neighbors unite! 😉

    • I thought I would share my experience here in the hopes it might help someone. I was not having problems with the game on my iPhone 5. But a few days ago, I had some downtime and decided it was finally time to move some stuff from my Springfield to Springfield Heights. I was adding some landscaping to my new Wolfcastle compound when the game crashed. From then on, my game was crashing a lot, I couldn’t visit my friends (crash), and many of my buildings stopped producing income.
      Since the game had been working, I decided to move back or store all the items I had brought to SH from Springfield. Then I logged out of the game and deleted the TSTO app. I also deleted other unused apps/photos/text threads etc and emptied my e-mail trash folders to increase my free space. Then I turned off my phone, restarted it and went to the app store and reloaded the TSTO app. I launched the app, logged back in, and my buildings money earning abilities were restored, and I could visit my friends again..
      I don’t know if this will work for anyone else, as I may have done this at the right time or just gotten lucky, but I wanted to offer it as something to try, because it did work for me.

  20. Being built right now. I’m extra excited for the island tho.

  21. The building is meh, but since there was just enough room in my medical compound to squeak it in next to Hibberts practice, I’m building it. (I think I need Geriatric Medecine to complete a quest line, then it’s straight to storage) The mulberry island is my favorite part of this level update, I’m excited for that.

  22. I was able to fill up my Consumerism C-O-M with a few extra K-E-Ms, but I’ll still place this “free” one, in the event that the Conform-O-Meter increases, in that respect, with subsequent new levels.

    • do you have to have hibbard unlocked before the hmo shows up?

      • Not 100% sure, but I seriously doubt you need to have Dr. Hibbard first, since I don’t think that the HMO building does anything with anyone (unless I’m forgetting something). It’s just a building.

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