WHERE’S MAGGIE? Playdough Factory Game!

Hey there lil ones!

Bouncing by with some incite and details on a fun lil mini game involving Maggie you will encounter at the end of the Act 3 Main Questline.

Once you completed all 22 Parts of the Main Questline, the option to play “Where’s Maggie” will trigger in your game and the Playdough Factory will come into use for it.

playdoughfactory_menuMaggie floating with Balloon

Let’s take a closer look at this fun lil game and another way to earn FREE DONUTS!!


Playdough Factory not in use

First up, the main Question we keep seeing over and over and over. When you first place the Factory, you will see it does… NOTHING. That is because it’s main purpose for Act 3 will not come until you complete the Main Questline for Act 3 and start on Maggie’s Mini Game. “Where’s Maggie?”

So don’t stress it says nothing at all right now… just play the game. Once you complete End of the Beginning Pt. 22, you will then see the Playdough Factory’s use.

Act 3 Main Questline can be found HERE!



The End of the Beginning Part 22

Just like I already stated above, play the game. You MUST complete the Main Questline for Act 3 all the way to Pt. 22 in order to gain access to Maggie’s Mini Game.

Act 3 Main Questline can be found HERE!



Where's Maggie Guide

Once you have completed End of the Beginning Pt. 22, you will see the Pop Up Screen explaining the “Where’s Maggie” Game.  It will be started by tapping on the Playdough Factory and going to find Maggie.

Play-Dough's Republic Play Where's Maggie



Go to the Playdough Factory and tap on it. You will see a Pop Up with the option to “Start” the Where’s Maggie Game.

Playdough Factory Maggie Game Start

As soon as you tap on Start, you will see lil Maggie on the Playdough Factory waving at you.

Maggie waving

She will then hitch a ride on her lil red balloon and disappear.

Maggie floating with Balloon

Meanwhile, you will see the game start counting down in Maggie’s lil colorful blocks to begin your chance to go find her. 3…2…1…

Playdough Factory Countdown Timer

Now you will have 1min 20secs to go locate Maggie in your game and tap on her. The timer in the Top Center of your screen will tell you how much time you have left.

Where's Maggie Countdown Timer



For my game, I mainly have been finding her on the Generic Color Houses. However, this is the list of possible places she may show up. (Remember, these are covered in snow, no leaves, or other Holiday Decorations right now.)

Android’s Dungeon
Bart’s Treehouse
Town Hall
Cletus Farm
First Church of Springfield
Lard Lad Donuts
Moe’s Tavern
Police Station
Simpson’s House
VanHouten’s House
Springfield Elementary
Springfield Library
Retirement Castle
Wax Museum
Ziff Corp Office Building
Blue House
Brown House
Orange House
Pink House
Purple House
White House



Maggie on Building

Lil Maggie will be hanging out somewhere on the rooftop of the various Buildings listed above playing with a butterfly.

Here are some pics from my game of where I found her. Remember she is REALLY teeny, so look close.

Maggie on a House 3

Maggie on a House

Also, if you saw in the Pop Up Guide for her game you can also “HEAR” her when you get closer if you have your sound up. The sucking noise she makes gets loud as you get near the area she is located.



As you can see in the pics above, I have a “House Farm” aka a large group of Buildings all in one spot of my game. This can be hurtful when playing “Where’s Maggie” due to it can make it harder to see her if one Building is taller than the next.

Here is an Example. The ONLY way I knew Maggie was there is I caught a slight glimpse of the Butterfly and heard her sucking noise.

Maggie on a House 5

This one you can see she blended in a bit too. So beware of those areas where seeing her could be completely impossible or really difficult.

Maggie on a House 4



Maggie on Building

Finding Maggie is one thing, tapping on her once she is found seems a lil tricky. Now it may be due to how close the Buildings are in my game… but I had to literally tap all around her, on her, and on the Building in order for it to recognize I found her.

If you find yourself having a hard time, zoom in as close as you can to see her and just tap everywhere around her and on her within the screen.

FYI… I started a thread on EA Forum for those still having issues tapping on her.



UPDATE 1/12: Here is what EA has to say about this via my post on their forums… 


Hi everyone,
I’m going to mark this message as solution to increase its visibility. Please make sure to click on the building itself and avoid zooming-in when finding Maggie.

If you’re tapping on the building and nothing happens, please comment in this thread with a screenshot  and the following information: Your level – Your device model.


– UPDATE Jan. 12, 2016-

Thanks to all the players who have provided a screenshot and any additional information about their game!

We have conducted further tests and invite players to try (or try again) the following:

– Tapping the base of the building (instead of the spot where Maggie is sitting).
– Isolating the buildings associated with the game if they are in a very crowded area (You will find the complete list of buildings here)

If the mini-game doesn’t register finding Maggie after that, please contact support directly for further assistance.

To do so fill in this form and select “Technical support” followed by “Game performance” in the drop down menus. Depending on your location and timezone one or more contact options will be available. We recommend using the Chat now or Call me contact options.


Thanks to all the players who have provided a screenshot and any additional information about their game!

We have conducted further tests and invite players to try (or try again) the following:

– Tapping the base of the building (instead of the spot where Maggie is sitting).
Isolating the buildings associated with the game if they are in a very crowded area (You will find the complete list of buildings here)
– Moving Monorail pieces, decorations or building away from the building you have trouble tapping.

The studio is aware that some of you might still have trouble tapping the building where Maggie is hiding after performing these steps and is hopeful to provide a solution in a future update.



Maggie floating with Balloon

If you found Maggie, and successfully tapped on her, she will sit up, hitch a ride on her balloon, and you will get the Reward Pop Up.

You Found Maggie Reward Screen

Tapping on “Collect” will award you the $$ & XP then take you back to the Playdough Factory and check off one of the 3 Maggie pics. (You have to find her 3 times to get to the Donuts.)

Playdough Factory Maggie Game Start 1

The 16hr timer will now start to countdown until you can play “Where’s Maggie” again. (Or pay Donuts to speed it up.)



If you are not successful in finding Maggie (Or find her and tap too late), you will see a Pop Up Screen with a smaller Reward.

Oops Out of Time Where's Maggie

You will now have to wait another 16hrs to try again. (Or pay Donuts to speed it up.)



Where's Maggie 16hr Timer

Yes, unless you want to spend Donuts to speed it up… which is silly and defeats the purpose of the game. Why spend 24 Donuts for a chance at winning 1-3 Donuts?

In short, just wait. If you are not sure how much time is left, just tap on the Playdough Factory and see how much time is remaining before you can play again.



Where's Maggie Give Up Arrow

You will notice there is a Black Arrow Icon next to the Countdown Timer at the top of the Screen. This essentially just stops the game. It is just there if you want to stop looking for Maggie for whatever reason.

Tapping on it will give you a Pop Up screen asking if you are SURE you want to give up looking for Maggie. If you select yes, you will have to wait another 16hrs to play “Where’s Maggie” again.

Where's Maggie Give Up

I honestly don’t see a use for this myself. If I started the game, I would rather give it a go then wait another 16hrs.



Playdough Factory Maggie Game Start 3

Once you start your third time finding Maggie, and actually find her in the 1min 20secs, you will still see the same Pop Up Screen with the Reward…

You Found Maggie Reward Screen

However this time when you are taken back to the Playdough Factory, you will see the 3 Bonus Mystery Donut Boxes.

Find Maggie Bonus 3 Donut Boxes

Tap on any of the 3 to see if you Won 1, 2, or 3 Donuts.

Find Maggie Bonus Donut Boxes

If you did NOT get the amount of Donuts you wanted AND have the extra $$$ to spare, you can pay $150,000 to “Try Again”. Just tap on the $150,000 Icon on the other Box(es) until you get the amount you want.

If you do not care, you can settle for the amount it gives you and tap “Collect”. For me, I have $$ to spare so I will always try again until I get 3 Donuts.




As of right now, I can’t answer that. I only see the details for the Event and will not know or be able to test if it will continue until the Event is over. At that time we will also be able to see what use the Playdough Factory will continue to be after the Event too.

I am “assuming” it will end with the Event… but who knows, EA was generous in keeping around the Monorail Donut earning.



Just wanted to add this bit in here due to I am seeing a lot ask about it. Many are wondering if they can use other features of the game while in the middle of playing “Where’s Maggie”. The answer is NOPE. The ONLY thing you can do while playing “Where’s Maggie” is … play “Where’s Maggie”. Nothing more.

  • You can’t tap on any Buildings to collect items.
  • You can’t tap on any Bears.
  • You can’t tap on any other Characters.
  • You can’t put the game in “Move/Edit” mode.
  • You can’t go to Town Hall to try and “locate” her.

Essentially EVERYTHING but the “Where’s Maggie” mini game will be completely disabled until that timer runs out. Hope that helps to answer those questions.


There you have it, a fun lil game featuring our New Addition to the Simpsons Family for the Game… FINALLY… Maggie!! Also some FREE DONUTS!! WOOHOO!!

What do you think of the game? Did you speed through the Questline just to play it? If not, where in the Main Questline are you? Game look interesting? Let us know.


334 responses to “WHERE’S MAGGIE? Playdough Factory Game!

  1. A few observations – Make sure your sound effects volume is set to high and your music is set low in the game settings before you play. Otherwise the music will drown out her sucking sounds. Also, my time has increased to 1:44. I think it is based on the amount of land that is unlocked in your town. Finally, it was very difficult to spend 150k to get an extra donut or two the first few times. Then I realized how expensive it is to convert game cash to donuts with KEM farming. 150k is actually a bargain. (I only spend the money if I get 1 donut on the first pick. Then I’ll spend until I get 3. This lowers the average cost to 112.50 k per donut for the 2 extra donuts. If my first pick is 2 then I just collect the 2. Otherwise the ONE extra donut costs an average of 225k.)

    • Further update – the timer does grow as your town gets larger…up to a max of 2 minutes. Also, if you can’t find her and time is running out, quickly exit the game before the timer expires. When you return, you will get another play after 5 minutes (instead of 16 hours). The same thing will happen if your game crashes, or you get kicked off the server, while playing this mini-game.

  2. After tapping Maggie today (like I do EVERYDAY), it seems to have set off some dialogue from Homer (speaking to Marge). I went through it too quickly and can’t remember what it said — but I suspect that it was tied to the game. BTW, I had no preexisting dialogue from Homer (or anyone) and I have been playing this Where’s Maggie? game for a very long time.

    Does anyone know what that dialogue was supposed to mean?

    • Had you just sent Homer on his last task on the quest line for this event? Because just after I sent him on that task, some dialogue popped up, but I was clicking on things and missed what he actually said, lol.

  3. Maggie no longer makes her sucking noise when I play the Where’s Maggie mini game. This has been going on for at least several months now.
    I do hear all the other noises (from flags, fountains, trees, hot tubs, etc.) but not Maggie. I can be staring straight at her (after finding her on top of a building) and still not hear anything. I’ve even tried moving her off screen slightly (no sound) and coming back to her (still no sound). Re-syncing he game doesn’t help. Reinstalling doesn’t either. No response from EA either. I’m not sure what I can do. I have a very hard time finding her anymore as a result of this missing sound and am losing out on tons of donuts. Do you have any suggestions? Thx!

    • I can’t help you get the sound back, but I can help you not lose out on “tons of donuts”…. When the count-down timer is getting low, just do a hard close of the game. When you restart the game, the Maggie game will be ready to play again in four or five minutes, so you can give it another go.

      Also, keep in mind that she only goes to certain buildings and types of buildings…I generally have those buildings in only tgreen general areas of my town, so I don’t have to search through my whole town. (If she’s not in any of those areas, then I know she’s probably at my original Lard Lad, which is off in another part of town.) She mostly only goes to “original Springfield” buildings (stuff you get in the lower levels), plus a few others, like the wax museum. So you shouldn’t need to scour your entire town to find her (unless you have all of those buildings really spread out throughout your town).

  4. I noticed that if i get less then the 3 donuts and tap the 150000 with less then that saved up it sends me to the store and when I exit out it lets me pick again even though i dont have enough cash

  5. when I unlocked the mini game during the casino event (I had taken a years absence from the game), I was getting the timer being 1:21.

    when I got to level 39 it went to 1:25

    and finally, now I am level 48 (it changed at 45) it has decreased to only 1:12.

    Can anyone explain this?

    • Could be a bug…not 100% sure honestly. Try contacting EA, let them know what’s going on.

    • Did you store or sell some buildings? I think the number of buildings you have in your town affects how long you get. (It may only be the number of buildings that you have in your town in which Maggie can hide, but I’m not sure…)

  6. Has anyone had issues with no maggie noise? the last few days I have searched and there has been no noise to help guide me to her. I’ve been sure to search over all her spots as a visual. But have missed her. At the timers end she appears on a building that I had gone by [I basically cover all of my Springfield].

  7. Is it just me, or the 3 donuts are always right from the previeus 3. Really easy like this.

  8. Is it just me or the 3 donuts are always right from the previeus 3. Really easy like this.

  9. if you are on a android device, try play the find maggie, if it stuck, just wait for about 5 mins ,and game will start, and you can play about 50 time like this, waiting time is not 16hrs, its 5mins or less, this glitch will be fixed soon, but if you saw this , try it, you can get 100+ donuts in a day!!!

    • I’ve cancelled put before the timer expired when I couldn’t find Maggie, and yes, the timer does only reset to a few minutes, but I don’t see how you can get multiple bonut rounds out if it, if you can’t collect the “success” in the first place? (That wasn’t very articulate-ly put, but, hopefully, you understand my question anyway…)

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