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Snow, Snow Go Away…Come Again Another Update…


I love the snow. Let’s not forget this point, as you read the rest of this lament about snow.  I love the way our Springfield’s, and for that matter, our actual, real-life, towns look, when they are cloaked in a layer of beautiful, white, freshly fallen snow.

There is something magical about the quiet…the way snow insulates and dulls the sounds in the early morning when you first get up.  It is peaceful, beautiful, and often times rewards children (and teachers) with a “snow day,” to frolic, relax, and have fun.

In short…snow is wonderful!

Until it isn’t…
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Homer’s Quest for Enlightenment In Four Parts


Before we start this journey, I would like to ask those of you who despise anything that isn’t “directly game related” to turn away…go farm KEMs or simply just save yourself some time and emotional distress.  This is meant for the REST of you, who in a “grinding period” (as we are now) may be looking for a little insight, fun, and metaphysical diversion.

Fair enough? (Although I hate that phrase…something is either fair, or it isn’t).

This update/event has been one of the craziest, most divisive updates in recent memory, and for reasons that the programmers and writers could scarcely have imagined.  OK. Hold on. Who are we kidding here? They knew it was going to incite some discussion, and some controversy, but most likely didn’t expect such clear division between “isms” from the players. So many “isms” choose from…and so few answers.

But, as it is playing out, Homer has continued to lead us all on a spiritual quest for enlightenment (whether we wanted to go down some of the paths or not).  And in the final chapter (is there ever actually a “final” chapter as it pertains to everlasting life?) it’s mostly meant to be just, plain, fun.

Let’s break down Homer’s journey…

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THOH XXVII – 2016 Halloween Calendar – ACT II

It seems that the goulies have gobbled up Bunny, or perhaps she is hiding out from them. But whatever the case, Alissa asked me to put together the Act II Calendar, so we can all remain “on track to get everything” without panicking!

Loads of new stuff…lots of tapping ahead!

Click Below for Calendar

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Should I Buy? Soul Extraction Institute- Robo Burns – Doggy Smithers Combo


Let’s establish a couple of things before we start.

First, some who know me, would say I have a “Cranky Attitude” when it comes to spending donuts on TSTO Items.  I would prefer to use the word, “Pragmatic.”  The sound you hear is my five daughter’s eyes rolling from points across the country. They HATE it when I use the word “pragmatic,” because they know there is some “common sense wisdom” coming their way, when they are making a decision.

Second…and even more important, as I learned a LONG time ago when it comes to raising kids, or giving advice to people you don’t know, I ultimately have no control whatsoever over the outcome. You are ultimately going to do whatever you want, exercising your “Free Will” to “Pull the Donut Trigger,” or leave said donuts with the “safety on.”  (for the record, you should always have the safety on when storing your donuts).


Should You Buy The Soul Extraction Institute- Robo Burns/Doggie Smithers Combo??

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Wild West 101: Neighbor Visits and More

Hey there Ya Yella Bellies!!!

Bouncing on by to bring y’all some information and stuff for the Wild West Event. With all the cool new things going on all at once, it is hard to focus on what goes where and who does what for this and that part of the Event.

In this post, I am going to break down Visiting your Neighbors for the Wild West Event.

treasurehunter_front_walkprospecter bandit02 bandit01

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Casino Event 101: My Chip Count Doesn’t Match

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Bouncing by with some help and clarifications on the main “issues” and questions we are seeing during the new Casino Event.

In this post, I am going to go over and Clarify WHY you see TWO Chips Totals in your game as you progress. There is not an issue, nothing is wrong, just a way of EA telling you how much you have for specific areas.


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Addicts Questions Corner: Act 3 – “Maggie” Event

Hey there yah bunch of Babies!! 😛

Bouncing by to go over some of the repetitive Questions we keep seeing in the comments. Figured it would be easiest to just drop them all here in one spot.

Take a look see below and see if YOUR Question is answered.

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WHERE’S MAGGIE? Playdough Factory Game!

Hey there lil ones!

Bouncing by with some incite and details on a fun lil mini game involving Maggie you will encounter at the end of the Act 3 Main Questline.

Once you completed all 22 Parts of the Main Questline, the option to play “Where’s Maggie” will trigger in your game and the Playdough Factory will come into use for it.

playdoughfactory_menuMaggie floating with Balloon

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Christmas 2015 101:Fortress of Lonelitude & Moonshine Shack

Putting this up top as many are overlooking it. You MUST follow Once in a Royal Quimby’s City Questline in order to get each attraction. It starts with the Exotic Petting Zoo, then Reindeer Burger Truck, then Fortress of Lonelitude, then Moonshine Shack. If you do NOT see the part of Quimby’s Questline that triggers the next Attraction, then you’re not complete with the Attraction before it. So to get Reindeer Burger Truck, finish to Level 3 of Exotic Petting Zoo. To get Fortress, finish to Level 3 Reindeer Burger Truck… and so on. You must complete each Attractions requirements to keep Quimby’s Questline going.


Hey there Christmas Miracles?

With all the cool new stuff that is in our silly lil games for Act 2, I figured it may be helpful to give you an idea of just how much help and beneficial upgrading some of the New “Locations” will be to you.

Fortress of Lonelitude Full Scalemoonshineshack03_menu

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Christmas 2015 101:Exotic Petting Zoo & Reindeer Burger Truck

FYI: If you’re looking for information on the issue for the New Weekly Challenge and the Christmas Trees Slightly Irregular, go to the post below…


Hey there Christmas Hams!

With all the cool new stuff that just hit our silly lil games for Act 2, I figured it may be helpful to give you an idea of just how much help and beneficial upgrading some of the New “Locations” will be to you.

Exotic Petting Zoo Reinder Burger Truck

Let’s dive on in and take a look at the Upgrades and tasks for the Exotic Petting Zoo & Reindeer Burger TruckContinue reading