Addicts Questions Corner: Act 3 – “Maggie” Event

Hey there yah bunch of Babies!! 😛

Bouncing by to go over some of the repetitive Questions we keep seeing in the comments. Figured it would be easiest to just drop them all here in one spot.

Take a look see below and see if YOUR Question is answered.

Addict Tech Support



Alissa already did a really good job on the Should I Buy for this Premium Item, but there still seems to be questions on it.

For now, with all the info we CAN confirm, it does absolutely nothing what so ever. NOTHING.

As for what it “might” do in the future, well I “might” win that gigantic Lottery going around right now and be a millionaire. Lol. Short story long, if you so choose to purchase this item, you do so at YOUR own risk. There is absolutely no guarantee the Bear will do anything other than what it is doing right now. 🙂

If YOU want to take the risk that something “might” happen, that is definitely your choice.




For those of you just joining us in the TSTO game, you now get to see lil Maggie as her very own Character. For those of us that are seasoned Players of the game, the ONLY way we ever got to see Maggie in the past was Marge’s Task to walk her. Now that Task has been changed and it is a joint Task requiring them both to be free.

Enter the issue. Many of you now are confused as to why this isn’t working during a random Questline, A Mothers Work . Well if you look up at the previous info you may understand why. The game is looking for use of an older Task (without Maggie) and so it is having issues trying to put her back in Mommy’s arms for a Task that originally she was not in the game to be placed there. She was only an animation for the Task.

Directional Arrows Movement Menu

The way around this? Well the Basic of all, store the Character involved. In this case it is Maggie herself. How to do this? The same way you store anything in the game. The “press and hold until it becomes highlighted” option OR Tap on the “Movement Menu” Icon in the lower right of your screen, go find Maggie and tap on her, then select the option to store her in Inventory (cardboard box icon). Then send Marge on the “Walk Maggie Task”. Then return Maggie from Inventory back to the game.

Store Maggie

If that does not work, all we can do is wait til EA patches it. Here is a link to an EA Forum Post already started on it. Keep in mind though, this is an optional Task so it is not really critical.



Maggie floating with Balloon

Seeing many ask if Maggie needs to be free in order to Play the “Where’s Maggie” Game.

As with all Characters, yes… she must be free in order to perform any Task. If she is not, you can’t make her do two tasks at a time so you will have to wait until she is done with what she is doing. The game will even tell you she is busy when you tap on the Playdough Factory to star the game and give you the option to “GO TO” her where she is currently on that task.

Maggie is Busy



Maggie on Building

Still seeing a lot report on this “issue”. I gave some suggestions in my “Where’s Maggie” Game post already, but I will place them here again with a bit extra.

Now it may be due to how close the Buildings are in my game… but I had to literally tap all around her, on her, and on the Building in order for it to recognize I found her.

If you find yourself having a hard time, zoom in as close as you can to see her and just tap everywhere around her and on her within the screen.

Here are a few additional suggestions. Isolate the Buildings she goes to. I found that anytime during any tap in the history of the game, the game is temperamental when objects are close together. You want to tap on a Building, but tap a Tree instead. Or like now, in a Neighbor you want to tap a Bear but tap a Building instead. So move those Buildings away from a lot of other surrounding items if possible. Otherwise, contact EA.

I created a Forum Post here. Feel free to light it up too.




For those of you just joining us, there is something very specific that happens every Event. And I really mean EVERY SINGLE EVENT. That is a MAX on the amount of Event Currency you can earn from visiting your Neighbors. There is always a cap, and it is always ever changing.

For right now, in Act 3, here is the CURRENT MAX for getting Pacifiers from your Neighbors towns.

Now if you “Oops” and tap on a Building instead of a Bear, that will still count as a Neighbor Action so you will lose that Pacifier collection. The MAX is coded to the amount of taps, not the payouts. Make sure you zoom in and try to tap a Bear with nothing around it.

Baby Bear

ico_xmas2015_soother_lg+3 Pacifiers First 9 Actions (if you tap a Bear)
ico_xmas2015_soother_lg+1 Pacifiers for the Next 41 Actions (if you tap a Bear)
This gives you a Grand Total of ONLY 50 Daily Neighbor Actions per 24hrs. Roughly a chance at 68 ico_xmas2015_soother_lgPacifiers Daily from Neighbors.

If you are NOT seeing Pacifiers pop up when you tap the Bears, then you need to wait for your Neighbor Visits to reset. That is determined by the first place YOU tap on every 24hrs.




During the Main Questline of Act 3, you will get the chance to collect Robot Parts and build R.O.S.A. The End of the Beginning Pt. 16.

As many of you noticed, she seems to be showing up in Town Hall as a “Character” but with no tasks listed. All we can assume at this time as that she may come into play a bit later in the Event or possibly after. Until then, don’t stress it. Just have fun and keep playing.



We do get that you may venture elsewhere and to other sites seeking information for TSTO. Just keep in mind that we have a specific method and standard here on our site, so you may not see items here at all… yet.

Our site Guideline is this… NO SPOILERS!! This means we will NOT release information just because it is in the files onto our site. This is mainly due to time after time EA can, has, and WILL change their minds. Just because it is in the coding does not mean it will actually hit the game… or hit the game when dated too… or in the form it shows in the coding.

We deal ONLY with what we can verify and see in our games. Live in the game means it is verified, so if you do not see an item mentioned as “released” it is a very good guess that that particular item is not live in the game.

(Now there are very rare times we may cover details IF we feel the Players need this information, but again… we are very cautious on this as it is not verified or released and will note that on the post with the information and several warnings it is a Spoiler.) 

Again, patience. When/IF the item goes live… there is a good chance we will have a post up shortly about it and all the details. 🙂



Nope. Never. Not in a million trillion kajillion years. Sheesh, what do you think this is? A helpful site with lots of posts about TSTO? Pssh. 😛


If there is an item released in the game, I am sure you will EVENTUALLY see some kind of post on it… if it is not already on the site. We have a specific way of doing things, that and we have lives… shocking I know… so we are not gonna cram 40 posts down your throats in one day. Just wait, I am sure the post will come.

If you are really THAT impatient, ask your fellow Players their thoughts, opinions, etc in the Addicts Open Threads.


There you have it. Some of the MAIN Questions we are seeing repeated lately. The majority of the rest, they are already in posts on the site. Just use our AWESOME Search features on the site and use Key words to find the info you are seeking. When in doubt, ask. 🙂

Did this cover your questions? Got the answers you needed? Got a lovely bunch of coconuts? Going nuts? Let us know.


214 responses to “Addicts Questions Corner: Act 3 – “Maggie” Event

  1. I’ve learned that the best way to “tap Maggie” is to actually tap the front door of the building she is on. Works every time!

  2. I’ve learned that the best way to “tap Maggie” is to actually tap the front door of the building she is on. Works overtime!

  3. I suddenly have a minus symbol in front of my cash figure and so now when i earn cash it is depleting it instead of adding! Help anyone! !

  4. Hi I have completed Rosa but she didn’t appear, any ideas ?

  5. Not sure this is where to post this. I’ve lost my Ice God from Christmas 2014. I placed it at the beginning of this year’s event. Started to put away items before the update or they’ll melt. Well, I’ve scoured my game several times and checked storage but can’t find my Ice God. I’ve turned off the visibility of all items except decorations…Any suggestions besides contacting EA?

  6. Tip for Maggie’s minigame: tap on the DOOR of the building she is and the game will identify your tap. Worked flawless with me during the event

  7. Anyone else having issues with the sound? I’ve checked my iPad, checked the ingame volume and I’m not getting any sound in TSTO. Of course, now I can’t play the Maggie game.

  8. My level 13 coworker is having issues with tapping buildings with friends: she can’t tap/vandalize anyone. She’s very close to getting a Friendship Prize, but is getting frustrated. Please help!

  9. Thanks Wookiee for letting me know! My thoughts and prayers are with her of course. Hope she has a comfortable speedy recovery. Hopefully she will even get some much needed rest in (seriously doubt that one with the lil energizer Bunny)!
    Also hope everyone stays safe this weekend with the wicked storms. I’ve batten down the hatches, stocked supplies and have my safe room cleaned out, hoping storm won’t be as bad as predicted, but doesn’t look to good over the gulf right now. Can handle the high winds & rain not to keen on being in tornado watch till late Sunday night.🌊💦💨⚡️🚣🏻

    • Good luck with the storm…let us know how it all comes out. I hope you can finally catch a break with something!

      • Sorry took a bit to get back to you, been cleaning up storm damage. We were actually very lucky, all yard damage, except some big palm fronds (6 ft) came through screen of lanai. No damage to lanai except three torn sections, no structural damage. Going to be a challenge to get screen peps out to repair, a lot of lanais were damaged.
        Three tornados close so didn’t sleep to well, but like I said we were very lucky. Can’t complain just lost sleep. Lots of people not so lucky.
        Thanks for your concern! Hope everyone else out there is safe, lots of bad weather all over country.

        • Can’t imagine living somewhere where I’d have to deal with stuff like that…the only thing that’s even come close where I live was one really bad hurricane that brought down a HUGE pine tree in our back yard. But we were really lucky that it fell in just about the only direction that didn’t fall on our roof or even take out any of our back yard fence (by just a foot or so). So, the only “damage” was to our wallet, for having to pay someone to come and chop it up and take it away.

          Glad to hear you’re safe and that you didn’t sustain too much damage!

  10. I just lost 120 dounts! I clicked on the institute of technology to send a character on a job, the screen blinked and Mage’s character was freed up, without completing her task of speeding up a crop and I am down 120 donuts. I have no new character, no new building, no completed task.

    I went into the EA site to try to report it, but cannot find a way to actually contact them. Everything just leads back to their EA Help forum.

    Has anyone else lost donuts?

    • Yeah! Problem fixed. Was able to contact EA. They were super helpful, donuts restored plus a bonus.

    • During pacific business hours use the call back feature with EA. that feature has better techs with more authority. They call you immediately back, I’ve always gotten what I lost back sometimes more for my trouble, it helps if you are nice & not irate or upset. Good luck! Sucks to loose donuts, but try not to fret, they will give them back. You also should write down your mayhem number before u call, they will want that.

  11. I only have one question is “our Bunny ok”? Don’t need details just hope she is doing ok!

  12. Pam,

    50 bears for a for of 68 pacifiers…
    +3 Pacifiers First 9 Actions (if you tap a Bear)
    +1 Pacifiers for the Next 41 Actions (if you tap a Bear)

    Of course now we can only tap a Bear…lol

  13. In my game I am only getting 50 bears total from my neighbors which appears to be 18 short.. n

  14. Well this is unrelated but not. Latest update has lost bears from my numerous ghost town neighbors (inactive for six months). Curiously, there were bears there, before. Other Springfield seems to be bear less, as well.

    And I tapped like crazy and still didn’t get credit for finding Maggie. Poo. But she was hiding in my blue house mine. Previous two times also, but I didn’t find her those times.


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