Addicts Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Open Thread. The Simpsons are all new tonight, what do you think will happen in tonight’s episode?  The Maggie Act of the Winter Event is in it’s second week, how are you doing?  Which prizes have you unlocked so far?  What do you think will be next?
How was your weekend? Do anything fun and exciting?
The NFL playoffs are in full swing….is your team in?  Excited for the College Championship Game tomorrow?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


410 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

  1. Suddenly i have a minus symbol in front of my cash figure and so now when I earn cash it is depleting it instead of adding! Help anyone! !

    • It’s depleting because you’re adding to a negative amount. If you have negative $10 (-10) and you add $5 to that you’ll have -$5.

      As far as why you have a negative sign. 2 things I know about it…1 it could be a weird glitch that should correct itself with an uninstall/reinstall. 2. It happens when you try to use a hack to add money to your account.

      Try 1, if that doesn’t work contact EA. If it’s because of 2. well then I wouldn’t contact EA because they’ll see the hack and not help you.

  2. Can’t tap bears on friends communities so losing FP. Happened last three days.

  3. Should get Gerald sometime this weekend
    Got the tank
    Got the fresh and go thingummy
    Thinking about cool brown house

    Have a great weekend everybody
    🐻 🍩 🎈 🙂

  4. Ciara, you are definitely entitled to rental car through their insurance. Absolutely no cost to you and they can deliver it to you also. Don’t strand yourself.
    Yes I’ve done insurance all my life grrrrrr. Not something I like to put out there but will for you, part of career was claims adjuster. Don’t let them push u around! Get a car so you are safe!

    • I work in a training department for an insurance company (but we don’t do P&C).

      • Sandra, Knew we had stuff in common, why I’m so happy you are my neighbor, of course right now I’m not doing much except nursing back and dodging tornados! Tornados in FL, in Jan, saw my gardener today he is native to Fl said never seen weather like this in January!
        All is so quiet in my house gave my two four legged boys doggie downers due to thunder, I’m only one awake. They just said on weather over 1,000 lightening strikes in 15 minutes, thank God above me. I love watching the storms, but doggies hate thunder.
        Only weather don’t much care for are tornados. They just announced we aren’t supposed to be on roads till storm is over! I’m lucky though lots of pep without roofs, mine is still up (excuse me while I knock on wood).
        Sandra if u get weather channel they are talking about FL. also on weather channel on iPhone/iPad weather app.
        Take care everybody & be smart & stay safe! May the force be with you!

    • What a small world …in England that part of insurance is called “accident management” and yes there must be something similar where you live ….I used to work for CarCrashLine (now owned by Hertz) in England they act on your behalf and deal with the claim like your own insurance company would …replacement vehicle used to take 4-6 hours to arrive 🐻 🙂

  5. Meanwhile on the open thread……….
    Only Dave made a comment since yesterday
    🍩 🐻 🎈 🙂

  6. Had a nice day of donunting (my new word: donut + hunting) yesterday. Three from the Maggie game, three more from the 4,000 bonus pacifiers, and one more tapping a bear in Sandra’s town. I had heard hers was the hot spot! 😉

  7. Yea I got baby Gerald today the grind is over for me. Now its bonut time. Good luck to the rest of the tappers still working on him

  8. Has anyone else not get bears in other Springfield? I had a glitch yesterday, and had to hard reboot my game just when I was getting my 3 bears for the day (I was just starting, so didn’t tap any yet). I thought maybe the game glitch wiped out yesterday’s chances, so thought I would wait to today. Today I went to other Springfield (after 24 hours was up. I have a daily alarm that I reset so it goes off 24 hours after I leave the game just to collect the other Springfield) and no bears were spawning even though it says I have 3 left for today. Just wondering

  9. Got some really &%&*%*& awful news today. We got a really bad snow storm last night so my boyfriend couldn’t drive me to work with our van so I took the bus. My landlord called me at work 4 times which she never does. Called her back, turns our the plow truck that does the parking lot for our apartment ran into our freaking van!! Broke the door, busted one of the windows, ugh!!! They’re covering the cost of repairs (OBVIOUSLY) but who freaking knows how long that’s going to take. They just put us out in the middle of winter with their carelessness and I’m not sure simply fixing their mistake will do it! I will cool down later but I just wanted to come here to vent. Seems like as soon as I get a step ahead i end up 2 steps behind lately.

    • Oh no! I hope it’s a quick fix.

    • Sorry to hear. A lot of insurance will offer a rental car until your car is fixed. Might want to look into switching. At least during winter.

    • Craig (ibuylow2014)

      Tell their insurance company that you will have the charges for a rental sent to them to pay.

    • That’s terrible, and such bad timing!

      But you shouldn’t have to be without a vehicle while it’s being fixed…get the snowplow’s insurance to pay for a loaner for you.

      • Thanks guys!! They’re saying it should be fixed by Monday, and I have the weekend off anyway so wasn’t planning on doing much. Too much of a hassle to rent a car/report that to insurance/get reimbursed etc. If it’s not fixed by Monday we’ll definitely look into it though! We also told them to give us an oil change while they’re at it 😉

    • I’m so sorry! I’m going through some pretty harsh stuff too, just got off phone with my BFF and she is too, her roommate had to have emergency surgery. Her, her daughter (my goddaughter) & I all have infections 3,000 miles apart, not unusual for my God Daughter & I we are “connected” what ever happens to one happens to other. I know a lot of pep don’t believe in that but her & I are living proof, now her Mom jumps in and we are all sick! Got my 8 back injections today lots of fun, plus had to drive through freak storms hitting FL. Tornado hit about 3 miles from house then another 5 miles from doc office. More supposedly on way Sunday. So stalked up on supplies,
      Taking my lil Handsome Hank to doc tomorrow he has something going on too. Crap on a cracker give us all a break.
      Not to mention “our lil Bunny sick” don’t see her on site today, but Bunny if u see this I’m praying for you.
      Alissa can you give is Bunny update?
      Hope everyone stays safe, sending as much positive energy out in universe to all struggling. Stay safe everyone!
      One TSTO related finally got Baby Gerard last night! So anticlimactic due to real life?

      • Bunny is doing well and I hope for a recovery for you and yours. Congrats on Gerald.

      • 8 back injections?!? I don’t think I’ve ever gotten more than 2 or 3 in one go.

        Sounds like a really crappy week…sorry to hear about all of the yucky stuf you’re going through. 🙁 Hopefully, things will improve considerably next week!

  10. I got my baby Gerald! Pumped!

  11. So i got the “you got too much stuff in your town” message yesterday. Is this something to worry about? Anyone have any issues after receiving it? Thanks!

    • Depends on your device. Just watch it. If you see MORE glitches and crashing then usual, or difficulty visiting neighbors… then you may need to store some items.

    • i just got it about a week ago, was afraid id have to blow up my town. the msg popped up so frequently i packed up my entire springfield heights, so starting over on that but it needed it.

  12. Anyone else with this problem…
    Moe’s quest with Lurleen is locked… i got Lurleen way back in level 48 via donuts… now i am level 59 and have nothing in my task book to finish except for xmas bonuts… i have playing this game for 2+ years and have finished all tasks from level 1….

    • What is your game play level? Not XP.

      What questlines have you finished? All of them? All house built for each one? Characters used for the Tasks free to trigger the Questlines?

  13. MaidenOfTorments

    Can anyone confirm if Ling Bouvier is a character or NPC? I’ll get her if she has tasks, but I’ll pass if she is an NPC.

  14. Curious…
    Any tappers 2+ years on whom are still freemium only (no money, cards, vouchers or transfer of any “credit” to donuts)???

    • Yep. Started during, or just slightly before, Halloween 2013. Haven’t spent a penny yet, nor cards, vouchers etc.

    • Yes, started early 2013, before Tom O’Flanagan was released. Never spent any money.

    • You might not even see this because I am responding so late…
      But YES, I am also Freemium. Been playing since before Halloween 2013. But I did not find this wonderful site until late 2014!

      — Thalin2k

    • by your definition, i was freemium until xmas 2014, whereupon i bought a boatload with free credit i had saved up for a while, earned mostly through erewards and google opinion rewards. slacked on erewards this year, but i’m very close to $50 in google play credit right now, thanks to google opinion rewards again and $20 of free credit (for purchasing and activating a new chromecast last month), so it looks like i’ll just be adding a truck load this year.

      yeah, i know i could spend that free credit on apps or music or videos, but i don’t need any of that… so why not put it into a game i’ve been playing multiple times a day for the past two years? i used to wear my freemium badge proudly too, but at this point, i wouldn’t even mind putting in a few real hard earned dollars from time to time if i felt it was necessary. there’s nothing wrong with supporting the things you truly enjoy, and if you’re still tapping strong 2+ years later, there’s no sense denying that you enjoy this game. so don’t feel bad if you ever do end up giving in to the man, man, just pretend you are splurging on real donuts! 😉

  15. So the only thing in the screenshot we didn’t get is the octuplets? Does anyone else think EA seems to be wrapping the game up?

  16. So umm, did a bit of remodelling of my town yesterday using a couple of the new buildings. Is it wrong that I placed the Springfield Orphanage, and the Play Dough factory together as if they are one building…. lol I for one do not condone the idea of a sweat shop, just thought they uh, went comically well together.

  17. Just got the weirdest visual glitch along my mountain range…

    • Been getting one similar to that myself, looks like yours is occuring also at the SF/Heights mountains?

      • Yup. I’ve also had Efcot all along the mountains and the Volcano Layer. But this one was weird because the only time I remember seeing a yellow munster was as the task icon in the task list, so I thought this was pretty cool.

        • definitely is, and kinda wish they made that character a real thing, not just an icon. Sure we had the purple blobs but bright orange/yellow just seems a bit more radioactive 😀 (albeit green is the difinitive radioactive color I think)

  18. I can’t place the pier in Springfield Heights.

    • the Pier can only go on certain plots of land in Heights, also, you may have a building, lawn chair, tree, or something blocking the zone that the pier is allowed to be placed.

  19. I activated the XP collider yesterday and after 24 hours I spent approximately $12 million, in in-game cash, and netted 22 donuts. I could have gone for a few more but when the XP requirement reached 10 million (and stayed there) I decided to stop. I’m hoping for a new level soon so I want to keep something in the bank in case there’s any new land or a must have aspirational building. Otherwise I’ll just build my bank up again and do it again some day. 🍩

    • I’m waiting for a level up to maximize the XP collider benefit. (I’m already at over 4 million for my next level up.) Hope level 60 happens soon!

      • If you wait, yes the XP requirement will be lowered, but those low levels you will achieve just by playing. Depending on how long it is between levels, of course. Assuming you haven’t used the XP collider (or did you when level 59 came out?) you got a few rounds of bonuts just through normal game play. With the collider you will earn them faster, but then you’ll have a very high XP level that will be harder to reach. The time to use it is right before a new level comes out, then the XP will reset with the level. Of course this is assuming you have in-game cash to burn and without knowing when a new level will hit, you’re playing the guessing game. These are my thoughts on it anyways.

        • Feel free to ignore me, as I have not activated the collider strategically nor have I crunched the numbers.

          Your advice here feels backwards. I thought it made sense to fly through the first xp bonus levels and earn those bonuts quicker (with multiplier), and to continue on into the higher levels with the help of the multiplier.

          I get that you might normally fly through the lower levels even without the collider, but I’m just not seeing why we should not multiply it… Only what you do during those 24 hours is what counts. Like you said, you stopped early because it was no longer likely that you’d hit the next level. What if that extra time that you didn’t use was used on the early levels after a level update?

          Sorry if I’ve totally missed the logical point here.

          • This is an interesting question, and I do not have the answer. Somebody much smarter than me can maybe do a rundown on this and see if there is a “best” strategy.

            Like a lot of things I think the answer will depend on your own game, how high your bonus % is, how much in-game cash you have and are willing to spend, and how you play the game.

            I’m going to look at my game, and make a few guesses. I don’t always pay the closest attention to the XP level up requirements or how much XP I’ve earned. Since level 59 came out I had earned (at least) 3 or 4 rounds of bonuts. The next level required 4+ million to reach, and depending on when a new level hits I may or may not have reached it.

            With the collider activated I spent approximately $12 million and earned 8 rounds of bonuts (see my correction; 24 donuts minus the initial 5 donut cost). I got to the point where it was 10 million XP for the next bonut round and exceeded the 10 million once or twice (that’s how I know it stays at 10 mil). Small correction, I didn’t stop because I didn’t think I’d reach the next level (I could have and did) but because by this point it was getting expensive and I was saving my money.

            So, for $12 million (I’m not factoring in the initial building cost, though I probably should), I got (again, at least) 11 or 12 rounds of bonuts during level 59 (assuming the next level hits soon and I don’t level up again, but I’m a long way off from doing that).

            If I activate the collider at the beginning of a new level, with the low XP requirements, I will get a big boost right away from the building (see Sandra’s comment/my reply) but then spending another $12 million will (no doubt) get me to the 10 million XP level, but I don’t think it will get me through it a couple of times. I don’t know how many levels it takes to reach the 10 million XP requirement, but it seems like 9 or 10. Then I’m “stuck” at 10 million until a new level hits.

            Now is where the individual game play comes into factor. I have a 350+% on the comform-o-meter, 150+ hidden XP bonus from SH buildings, and cash to spend. If you have lower bonuses, and less money you might be better off activating it right away and earning as many bonut rounds as you can. I’ll admit that when I first thought about this I was looking at it through the lens of my game and my replies to DrTyler and Sandra reflect that.

            As I said, I do not know the answer. But for me it seems better to earn the first few rounds through my regular play, then activate the collider and see how many more I can get. For others, maybe not. Anyways, this is an interesting debate and something to think more about.

            • I’m trying to follow your logic, but here’s where I think I get stuck… When a new level comes out, it doesn’t change the XP requirements needed to fill the XP meter again. The reason you might think that it does is that, when a new level comes out, I think it automatically adds some XP to your meter (just for leveling up), which can sometimes be enough to fill your meter to the top and start you with a new meter. However, the XP needed to fill that meter could still be very high…it all depends where in the “cycle” you are. From my last experience with the collider, I happily discovered that the amount needed to fill your XP meter doesn’t continue to increase ad infinitum, nor does it reach a certain number and stay there from there on out. It appears that, once it gets past a certain number, the next time you fill it (at that big number), it “recycles” back down to a low number and the cycle of increasing how much XP it takes to fill the meter begins anew.

              But, as I said, this was just based on what happened when I kept leveling up using the collider the last time (when I had started with a pretty high XP threshold needed to fill the meter). I was sure that it would top out at a high number ($10M+) and stay there (because that’s what someone had posted in the comments at around that time), but was pleasantly surprised when I saw it cycle back down to a really low number. And this all happened *after* a new level had hit (which hadn’t brought my XP requirements down at all).

              Does what I’m saying make sense? Does it match what others have seen (if anyone’s done this enough to tell)?

              • I think the XP requirement DOES reset with each new level (actually I believe both the XP you have and the requirement to level up both “reset” or are rather adjusted accordingly). Could that not, also, explain why it appears you get more XP at the start of a new level? By your logic (if I’m following it correctly) the XP requirement doesn’t reset and continues to get bigger and bigger. Well I can’t remember it ever being higher than, say 5 million, before I used the collider. (And I always get a few rounds of bonuts every level, so it should keep growing.) With the collider I reached a plateau of 10 million XP and it has stayed there. I exceeded that 10 million XP at least twice (at most three times) and it didn’t lower back down to a million or so. If it had lowered I would have happily kept buying more rat trap trucks. Your experience differs from mine. Maybe it’s changed since then, I do not know. As I said I’m at 10 million XP and I really hope it is reset whenever level 60 comes out! Might clear up some of this confusion in the process. 🙂

                As I said, I’ve always gotten a few rounds of bonuts each level (well, at least one every level, since I reached the max level, however long ago that was), depending on how long between levels, of course. These are “free” bonuts (no collider and not spending money on rat trap trucks etc) earned just by playing the game the way I normally do. If I activate the collider at the beginning of a new level I’m actually “paying” for those bonuts. Now I would probably earn more than I would normally but I’m still paying for something I could earn for free, with time. If I earn those through normal game play, then activate the collider I’m getting to bonus levels I wouldn’t usually reach and that to me is what makes it worth it.

                And as I said in my earlier comment, so much depends on your own game. And if EA let us know when a new level would hit, that would be a big help. Say EA dropped a new level the first Tuesday of every month. I would play my regular game (leveling up a couple times) then activate the collider the day (or two days) before the update and go until I hit the 10 million XP point. But I’ve got the in-game cash to spend. If you don’t have an extra $10-12 million, or just don’t want to spend it, you might be better off activating the collider right away, get that expensive building and spend whatever you’re willing to, and see how many bonuts you can earn. It really doesn’t take much to earn back the five donut cost, so really it does pay off either way.

                I do not know the “right” or “best” way, these are just my thoughts on it. Now my head hurts lol!

      • was kinda bummed to see today’s in-game update was just an episode tie in and not a level update, but it’ll probably come soon enough (next week?).

        been following this comment thread because i also intend to cash out my dough for donuts using the xp collider once we level up. got over 25 mil saved up right now, looking forward to seeing how many bonuts i can get out of that. thanks to davidbo33 and sandra for the feedback!

    • Suggestion for next time…wait until a new level hits before you do that, since you’ll almost certainly be required to buy an insanely expensive building as part of the level and you might as well have your collider active when you do that. I did what you did a couple of months ago or so and have be building up my cash reserves to do it again when the next level hits. It’s a great way to turn some unneeded cash into some always needed donuts! 🙂

      • I had thought about doing it that way, but if you see my reply to DrTyler I hope I explained my reasoning for doing it when I did. You will get a huge jump in XP from that expensive building but then you’ll burn through the low level requirements (which are attainable, with time), and be stuck until the next level resets it. It’s not necessarily bad, and in fact I’m not sure if “my way” is any better. Something to think about, anyway. But, thank you, for the suggestion. 🙂

        • I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying…. maybe I’ll understand it better when I read your reply to DrTyler…

    • I’m holding off until a new level bringing down the XP requirement before doing that while I still collect money (109 mil and counting…).

    • Correction: I earned 3 donuts playing the Maggie game during this time, so my net gain was actually 19 donuts.

  20. Havin fun. Have collected all of the Act 3 prizes and now have turned my focus to the monorail. Is there any way to have a larger view of the town? I am changing/ expanding my monorail and would like to see the town in an over all view to help me plan where I want my monorail to go? If there is no such thing, maybe this might be somethingg to consider having incorporated into the game.
    Certainly would help in planning out where to put/move things.

  21. Just a small tip for the where’s Maggie, turn your sound effects volume way up Before you play it. The closer you get to where she is, you will hear a sucking sound. 🙂

  22. While driving at night with the snow seemingly coming straight at me, I like to imagine I’m driving at Light Speed :p

  23. Random but I was just watching FXX and they played the Little Vicki episode. Am I the only one who thinks her and her dance studio would make a great edition to the game? Maybe in the next update or so *fingers crossed*

  24. ok so first attempt at finding Maggie resulted in a negative. womp! my timer started at 1:18.

    here’s a question I haven’t seen but maybe was already answered and if so sorry for the repeat:

    to win donuts, do you have to find Maggie three times consecutively, or can I find her today, not find her tomorrow but then find her the next two days for the win?

  25. This week’s couch gag was the best. I still use the name Max Power when signing my name for things that I don’t wish to actually share my real name with.

  26. Urgh, I was hunting around my whole town looking for Maggie and I ran out of time. Didn’t see she was on top of a blue house right next to my playdough factory! I had gone past her without even noticing. Oh well. Another try tomorrow.

  27. If you’ve finished the main quest line, your town needs a redo and you’re looking for extra pacifiers – pull the trigger and blow it up! I’ve just done it and pulled out all the no building characters (and the babysitter and playdough factory) and now it’s much easier to find bears & maggie.

  28. OK, here’s one for you…

    Been slaving away over my Springfield, manfully saving bonuts until I had stockpiled a healthy 198, with a view to finally purchasing the missing piece of my grand plan, Barney’s Bowl-a-Rama. I felt with the rail track and Maggie games, and MAYBE a prudent golden scratcher or two, I was finally on the cusp after so long.

    That is, until last Sunday.

    Visiting my toddler-niece, there’s nothing she likes more than playing fun games on Uncle James’ phone, usually of the calibre of Angry Birds.

    Imagine my reaction when, 12 hours or so later, I discovered that I no longer have 198 donuts, but only 15.

    I can only assume baby Amelia has made some shrewd purchases on my behalf, but I cannot see what…

    I have asked EA to do the decent thing and am hopeful that they will, but if not…. 😡😡😡😂

    • Sadly she may not have bought anything. She may have just wasted donuts speeding up building time money collections. Just make sure you keep your donut spend confirm button on so it doesn’t happen again.

      • Yes, that’s true. Thanks for the feedback; confirm donuts already on, but she’s a smart little toot who has learned how to ‘advance’ games already, so the confirm concept is only a minor failsafe. Still hoping EA will be able to identify the occurrence from their records / backups and will do the right thing for a long-term customer. It’ll cost them nothing, and they’ve everything to gain.

        • Best of luck with that, but I gotta say it’s pretty crazy to let your toddler niece play with your phone unrestricted. I won’t even let my own kids do that, and one of them is 7. Nowadays, with how much personal data is on our phones, they literally are digital wallets. And i dunno about you, but I’d never let anyone else play with my wallet, period.

    • I wish I had a niece I could blame my blunder on. Last week I took a very relaxing bubble bath while enjoying a bottle of wine.


      While collecting a new Squidport tile I foolishly quick-tapped my way past the “Donut Confirm” warning and bought myself a new Squidport tile for 42 donuts. GREAT! I already have 42 in inventory waiting to be used later.That was the last thing in the world I needed…

      From experience, I know to expect a few weird things to happen after a few drinks. Sh*t can happen then as surely a history repeats itself. I must say, after realizing what I did, the completely unexpected release of internal bubbles entirely disrupted my eucalyptus bubbles moment…

      I won`t contact EA. I doubt they would believe my dog could do that.

    • I totally understand your angst as just yesterday my toddler came up to me asking “mommy! Where’s all the houses? Where’s all the people?” I was like “please NO! Tell me he didn’t nuke my town… Please, PLEASE …. no. I mean he couldn’t right? They have to have at least 1,2, or 3 confirms for that right?” Well turns out they do & he just kept hitting yes. I’m level 59 & it’s taken YEARS to get my town to where it is today and, well, a lot of money too. He also spent 100 donuts, presumably on speeding up tasks but who knows I had thousands of things in my inventory and didn’t investigate. I contacted EA by phone and talked to someone and he was awesome at helping me. I thought there was no hope but he took 30 minutes of his time to help me get my town back and I’m so thankful. I couldn’t have rebuilt it, I would’ve been too mad to even start. Although, I lost some progress (2 days or so) in the event but at that point I was like “I don’t care just do it!” So my suggestion is this, call them if you haven’t & talk to someone via phone. My experience was great via phone. Good luck to you. I know 183 donuts isn’t easy to come by.

      • Thank you sincerely for your advice. I’m in Australia, so won’t be splashing the cash for a half-hour phone call Stateside, but have an active job lodged with them…

        I also feared I would lose event time if they just restored a back-up (hence your idea of a phone call is a wise one, as time is a-wastin’…) but I haven’t lost anything – my sincere hope is they can SEE that I had 198 donuts, I now have 15…and they can just credit them. Can’t be too much to ask.

        In return, I will offer to buy the 50-odd donuts I need for Barney instead of saving up over the next six weeks (and more importantly, won’t delete the game!)

    • Oh no, that sucks! Actually I came here to complain about a donut loss. I’ve always had the confirm donut spend thing on, but somehow it got turned off, and I accidentally wasted 6 donuts on finishing a 12 hr job. I’m so irritated about it but your situation is worse…lol I hope it gets resolved!

    • Kids these days… I was at my brothers house not too long ago and he had just gotten the cable bill, it was unusually high. My 6 year old nephews had figured out how to buy TV shows and movies lol.

  29. Craig (ibuylow2014)

    The last three times I tried, my game closed. So, until I get an updated tablet looks like I am out of luck. And to top it off I may have to put the tablet purchase on hold. I need a new water heater and my notebook hard drive just started making a weird noise.

  30. Two minor things that bother me about recent content:

    1) Maggie doesn’t have a 16-hour task. Since she needs to be free for the minigame, it’d be nice if she had a 16-hour task we could send her on right after so she’d be ready for the next one.

    2) Wall-E-Weasel’s sound isn’t “You’re the birthday, you’re the birthday, you’re the birthday, boy or girl” from Radio Bart.

    (I haven’t had a chance to read some of the comments recently so others might have already mentioned these.)

    • Not that I’ve seen.

      16 hour task might be nice, but two 8 hour tasks with Marge gets you the most pacifiers. An actual 16 hour task would probably only get you 16 pacifiers instead of the 36 with Marge.

      You’re right. That sound clip would be nice. But voice sounds clips for buildings are rare. Maybe just one other building has one.

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