Simpsons News: Memes Forever, Homer LIVE, Duffman, and more

Hello hello hello friends.  Wookiee popping by with another edition of Simpsons News… where I take the information anyone with fingers, the internet, and the desire to Oogle ‘Simpsons News’ can find and then post it all in one concise place for your reading enjoyment.  I know not everyone looks for stuff about The Simpsons every week so, every once in a while, we like to share some fun stuff for our favorite tappers. In all transparency, this list comes mostly from Alissa as she often sends me fun stuff she finds by email. Special thanks to her and I hope you enjoy this all as much as I did.

Addicts News

First up… probably my favorite thing from the last couple weeks… the Frinkiac. Leave it to nerds after my own heart to create a program that finds screenshots based on quotes from the Best. Show. Ever. Truly a labor of love, my hat is off to these folks and before you start in on the fact that wookiees don’t wear hats, just read the article and behold this amazingness.

And for anyone who doesn’t want to read a short article or already knew about this and wants a direct link… here you go.

Frinkiac Meme

Now off you go to create whatever memes make your heart, mind, body, and soul happy.  I fear this site may use up more of my life than is healthy but I am a Simpsons addict and this is one for the record books.  Is it too much to hope they expand this beyond Season 15?

For anyone still here and not off to the Frinkiac, there’s more stuff to share.  Did you hear about the LIVE segment that’s going to happen in The Simpsons on May 15th. This falls close to my berfday and I am super interested in seeing what exactly this will entail.  I’m also wondering if we should gather as a community and decide some questions to bombard Twitter with between May 1-4?  Maybe we could get a TSTO Addicts shout out on the show?

Before you wrack your brain too much on how this will be made possible, you could always just read what Al Jean said.

Hopefully you watched the little six minute video embedded in the first article. Pretty interesting and I always like seeing people discuss my favorite cartoon. Next up, one of the funniest things I’ve seen on the Facelook in a while.  Alissa shared this amazingness with me.  Apparently, there’s a weatherman who is now naming storms after Simpsons characters.  Duffman is here to freeze off your rear… Oh Yeah!

Winter Storm Duffman

I have some great people in my life who share things with me frequently besides Alissa the Amazing.  How about a video comparing Simpsons scenes side by side with the movies they parodied?  Please NOTE that there are scenes of a graphic nature in this.  One example is nudity from Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange.  For anyone offended by murder in The Godfather or mild nudity or any Kubrick film or Harrison Ford’s performance in The Fugitive, feel free to skip it.  IMHO, these are great scenes from popular cinema, hence why the Simpsons emulated them frame by frame, so I felt it was okay to share.

In lighter fare… Ned got some love by a few friendereenos of mine.

Ned Flanders the Murderer

I don’t know about you but I’d watch that show lol.  The next one give new meaning to Nedflix and Chill.

Nedflix and Chill

And lastly just because I think it’s fun… in the most recent episode of the show, “Love Is in the N2-O2-Ar-CO2-Ne-He-CH4” (S27:E13), that aired on Valentine’s Day, there actually was a commercial featuring The Simpsons for Nascar. I’m not the hugest fan of watching cars go in circles but I know a lot of people are. While it’s no Ricky Bobby, I liked this video.

So there you go friends… some Simpsons News  and other silly stuff I felt like sharing.  Hope you liked it.  Got something else you think other tappers would like?  Anything that particularly struck your fancy?  Got a question for Homer? Drop a link or share below and comment away.  You know we love hearing from you.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

26 responses to “Simpsons News: Memes Forever, Homer LIVE, Duffman, and more

  1. Frinkiac is working for me again (for now) 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂

  2. Aww, you didn’t mention the Krumping Marge photoshop meme.

  3. I can totally picture a spinoff where it turns out Ned Flanders went off the rails after Maude died, and ends up becoming a serial killer. He didn’t quite learn how to control his rage after the events of Hurricane Neddy….

  4. I don’t know if Frinkiac crashed or is undergoing maintenance but at this time it just goes to a blank screen :/

    • Lee, I see you posted a couple Memes, is Frinkiac still working for you or is it a blank (blackish) screen / unable to do anything?

  5. OMG I just thought of something we can use Frinkiac for…… Wait for it…. WDTCF audio clip quotes!!!! :O

  6. “Making a mur-diddly urdler” – so funny! Love it 😂

  7. blackgypsyrose13

    I’m one of those that like to watch the cars go around in circles at very high speeds. Maybe it’s for the times where you see them bouncing around the track throwing pieces of themselves in the air or it maybe because I am originally from the South, I don’t know. But I love the Daytona ad and can’t wait for Sunday!

  8. Live Homer, very interesting

    • Could be, but could end up like when Miss Piggy did a live chat on Twitter, generic answers and some/most responses had nothing to do with what was asked, just responded in Miss Piggy like talk.

  9. We need an throw back Thursday. Where we can buy previous items from the past !!!!


    • I want that Strupo statue so bad!!! I unfortunately wasn’t playing at the time…. One of the funniest things from The Simpsons in recent years. Who the heck would make liquor out of capers?!?!

  10. Love that Daytona ad! I watched the episode on the Roku channel and I’m pretty sure they didn’t include that add there, so I’m really glad you posted it here. 🙂

    One question about the Frinkiac…I checked it out a while back when it was first mentioned here (in the comments, I think), but I didn’t look out over thoroughly. Does it actually have the text tools needed to transform the stills into memes? Or are folks just doing that manually? If it’s the latter, where are you getting the Simpsons-type font (or Simpsons type font…different meaning, but either will do 😉 ) from?

    • There’s an option when you search after your results come up to add the quote to create the meme. It’s actually the make a meme button… (and yes Simpsons font) 🙂

    • What was super frustrating for me about the Frinkiac, was “If you ask me, Muhammad Ali in his prime was much better than anti-lock brakes.” had words from the beginning credits over that whole scene. Haven’t been back to the site since. 🙂

    • It’s an option from the site… I created the meme in the post there.

  11. Frinkiac –it’s pretty cool, been on it a few times like typing random words and seeing what comes up. There are a few hiccups but it’s new so I’ll cut them some slack. Again, wish for an episode guide search. But when you find a quote you can check on that episode.

    The Homer Live sound interesting. I don’t know what to ask the fictional character other than does he play The Simpsons Tapped Out (is he an addict)? Who he want’s to be president in the next election, is he going to do another movie?, does he know if Troy Mcclure and Lionel Hutz will ever be in tapped out? Will there ever be a Star Wars parody episode?

    I don’t tweet nor text so if anyone likes these questions you’re welcome to use them.

    I’m sure I’ll come up with more down the road.

    Oh and that weather picture.. Anyone else excited that they can see their State in that shot? 🙂

  12. Hi Alissa, what’s for lunch?
    If you lived in England, you would have finished work by now

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