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From the Mouths of Addicts: Chinese New Year, YEAR OF THE MONKEY

The following post was submitted by one of our Addicts Regulars..Totbox.  Perhaps you’ve seen Tot in the comments a time or two ;)…

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Hello to all the kwyjibos out there.

I must confess, I know very little about the Chinese cultural traditions regarding the zodiac signs and the up coming Chinese New Year (which starts February 8th and ends January 27th 2017) but I do know I was born when it was the year of the monkey before and thus I’m strangely excited about it’s return.

Unlike George Taylor, I like every Ape I see; from Chimpan-A to Chimpanzee.  Out of all the Animals in the Kingdom I find Monkeys to be the most relatable (maybe even literally)  :p  I like them as a multitude, perhaps in a single barrel. I even like them as a single one throwing barrels.

Before you try to explain to me that Apes and Gorillas aren’t technically Monkeys. I guess I should have pre-warned you that I don’t really care, I’m not a zoologist. I’m writing this for your enjoyment, relax, enjoy and stop interrupting me :p

Now if you want to hear more jokes and observations regarding all this monkey business  click “continue reading”. But first, a joke.

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