Simpsons News: Words, Kubrick, Grammer and more!

How ya bean dune peanuts?

Once again it is time for the resident walking carpet to pop in with some more Simpsons News for all my favorite tappers.  I know anyone with a computudora and access to the interwebs can find this stuff, but we like to collect it all for you just in case.  The world is one big place but one of the things which brings me joy has always been The Simpsons.  I quote it in life, joke with coworkers/classmates, write on a blog about it… it’s just always there.  Who’d have thought almost 27 years ago that these silly yellow characters would still be around?  Periodically, we like to share some of the fun stuff we’ve found so jump beyond the break if this sounds like something you’re interested in.

Wookiee Simpsons News

The longest running sitcom on television remains as one of those silly little things that can unite people from around the globe.  Even detractors will at least quote the first seasons without even realizing it.  You know a show has made its mark on the world when it becomes part of everyday language.  Alissa found this article about ten words you may not have realized started with a family of five yellow people.

As a big fan (get it, I made a pun) of The Simpsons and Stanley Kubrick, I love when I see references to Mr. K in the Best. Show. Ever.  I also love it when other fans do the hard work of making videos showing the homages.  I actually think I may have shared something similar to this before but this amazing article popped up in my newsfeed and figured it couldn’t hurt to show it again.

The fact that this was made by a ten-year-old makes me feel like I really need to step up my game in the creative department.  I guess I just adore a young fan doing the work of Jebus.  And she’s not the only talented person in the world.  Have you ever seen The Simpsons drawn on an etch-a-sketch?  If you click the next link, you will have.

Shoutout to Bryan Madden!  Next up, a great article about none other than Kelsey Grammer discussing the origin of Sideshow Bob (Ahhhh… SIDESHOW BOB).

Coming off the heels (wait, that’s bread, errr, I meant sprinkles) of National Donut Day, I came across this fun article discussing the classic pink donut from the Simpsons.  It’s a quick read, has some links to more stuff, and proof that we’re not the only Simpsons lovers in the universe.

Mmmmmmm… donuts.  You’d think sayings like that would be universal in life but every once in a while, my love of The Simpsons comes up against people who don’t love the Simpsons.  Even worse, I sometimes meet people who just haven’t seen an episode, don’t get the reference,  and I wonder what kind of world we live in.  While I doubt there are a lot of you here who fall into that category, if you do, I guess you can count yourself to be in the company of Carrie Bickmore (whoever that is lol). Here’s an article about her expressing she’s never seen an episode when Harry Shearer was a guest on her popular show.  I think this is great mainly because Shearer recommends an episode he thinks should be watched first and I enjoy the response of the audience in Australia.

The last little bit of news was brought to my attention by reader Zoltrax.  I’d seen this in my newsfeed but hadn’t looked deeper and boy should I have. To quote the headline of the article, “Simpsonwave is the chill new aesthetic that everyone’s enjoying without you.”  There are a ton of embedded videos in the article.

I know some people would rather just enjoy a taste of the goodness rather than read about it so here’s the example that Zoltrax shared with me.

I must admit I wrote this entire post while relaxing to the sounds of this.  Could this could be the beginning of Simpsons and chill?  Well, this rounds out this edition of the news.  What do you think of all of it?  Got any creative stuff you want to share?  Anything else you want to talk about?  Sound off in the comments and keep on being classy.

TTFN… Wookiee out!


7 responses to “Simpsons News: Words, Kubrick, Grammer and more!

  1. Simpsonwave made me feel motion sick (and kinda anxious), but the other links were fun. Thanks for sharing!

  2. thanks for the shout out thats super awesome made me smile and im glad to be a part of such a wondefull comunity and excited i could share something you guys all like 🙂

  3. I read through and checked out the links, then I quickly went to Frinkiac because it seems like everytime you do a news post they (Frinkiac) does something new… Haven’t found anything :p (maybe next time)

  4. “Could this could be the beginning of Simpsons and chill?”

    hahaha that wouldn’t be weird having on in the background! actually Summer Love 1994 would probably work! that also happens to be my favorite of the bunch… i’ll let you know how it turns out 😉

  5. Speaking of the Donut Day article, have you seen this?

    {er… hopefully, the link stays true}

  6. Simpsonswave is awesome. That’s all I have to say.

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