Where Did THAT Come From – Springfield Home for the Criminally Different

Faster than an event speeding donut spender! More powerful than a local Addict! Able to leap long comment threads in a single bound! Look! Up in the TSTO-niverse! It’s a building! It’s a decoration! It’s Superheroes 2016!

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?


So unless you’ve been locked away in Lucite, by now you probably realize a new event has splashed all over the screens of our beloved game. Lots of new stuff and that means I have one heck of a job to do letting you know where all the new “super” things come from. Origin stories are sort of the bread and butter of any comic book story worth its proverbial weight in Booster Gold, so I’m back at my usual antics again. For this issue of WDTCF, we’ll be looking at the latest item to be offered by that schill of a Gil for 200 donuts, the Springfield Home for the Criminally Different.

It’s an interesting choice for a Gil Deal. I would have picked the New Bedlam Home for the Emotionally Interesting from “Stark Raving Dad” (S3:E1) instead but maybe they’re saving it for another time. Now if we ever get Leon Kompowsky we’ll have three asylums in town. Springfield definitely has it’s history with characters acting kooky (read Homer in pink, Leon, Hurricane Ned) but this particular building comes our way from “Paths of Glory” (S27:E8). My guess is this was an item they considered for an episode tie-in that they figured could fit in nice with the 2016 Superheroes schtuff.

An Alternative Energy Derby starts off the episode with hydrogen, wind, potato Moleman, prayer, jump rope Flintstone, and solar-powered cars. Makes me think of Citizen Solar and Wind Lad. Lisa almost wins with solar but is derailed by the shadow of the Duff Blimp. The boy brainiacsand bullies of Springfield taunt her for being a smart girl and the Wookiee is completely in Dad mode (aka arm-ripping) and ticked off at the boys.

Alternative Energy Derby Lisa Solar-powered car Simpsons

Old Jewish Man shows up to propel the plot for Lisa by mentioning Amelia Vanderbuckle. Lisa is promopted to discover more about this brilliant female inventor from Springfield. Among her history is inventing the steam-powered barber chair and then being diagnosed with “acute feminine overreachism” and being committed to the Springfield Home for the Criminally Different. Bart and Lisa go to the asylum to find out more about her. Lisa’s goal is for people not to giggle when they hear the words ‘woman scientist.’

Springfield Home for the Criminally Different Simpsons

Bart sums up the building with this. “Abandoned asylum. Where have you been all my life!?!” (Apparently waiting to join you in TSTO.)

Springfield Home for the Criminally Different Simpsons 2

The search in the asylum leads Lisa on a treasure hunt for info about Amelia and Bart to read the diary of a psychopath and ultimately be committed himself. If you really want all the dirt on the episode, we have a whole recap here. I sort of wish EA had picked this mental institution from the episode.

Paths of Glory Insane Sociopath Asylum Simpsons

It has a superhero feel to me. Anyhoo… that’s the origin of a new Gil Deal building that comes from an episode about debunking myths about what women can’t do and sociopathic behavior Bart really should not do or pretend he did. Now the Springfield Home for the Criminally Different can potentially be in your town. I like that it adds an extra felon fight for my town but I’m a self-professed completionist and Simpsons nerd. Anyone besides me wish we’d gotten the dilapidated version? What do you think of it? Did you buy it? I’m off to watch more Simpsons. “The ghosts of a thousand lunatics are making me hot.” Okay, it’s actually the weather that’s increased my temperature and the thoughts of people telling my daughters what they can’t do but I had to include that line because it made me laugh when Jimbo said it in the asylum. Sound off in the comments and happy super classy tapping.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

9 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Springfield Home for the Criminally Different

  1. Andrés Rodrigáñez Rodrigáñez

    Is the building where Bart was closed with other socipath kids in the game? The one of the last picture.

  2. It looked much more dirty in the show! The building in the game looks quite new.

    • I bought it. The colors of the building are much brighter in the game and it looks mildly restored from what it was in the show, there’s not as many cracks and tears in the facade. Also the doors and windows aren’t boarded up like they were in the show. I went ahead and put some of the spooky trees that I got from the last Halloween event in front of it to make it match a little more.

  3. Maybe they’ll release a skin for it later.

  4. Ooh, anyone here play Thief 3?

    I suddenly want to dust it off and play the Shalesbridge Cradle mission again…

  5. Has anyone that uses Kindle experienced problems purchasing donuts? Amazon told me that the sale went through, EA says, “ah, no it didn’t. Talk to Amazon.” I finally got my $19.99 back (EA was totally worthless) but since I’ve also experienced too many instances of getting kicked out of the game (particularly when I visit friends) since the Super Heroes event update, I’m putting further purchases on hold until after I’m no longer kicked out.

  6. I’m with you on both buildings Wookie. I would like to have had it like the Coconut Babaloo with a dilapidated skin and a fresh-look skin.

    • Except as far as canon, it was never clean, was it? Only shown in one episode and dark and abandoned.


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