EA Origin Server Outage Reported


Yes… there is a problem with EA’s origin server.

There is no way to know when it will be back up…but if you are getting Error messages…or “you hav been logged out,” you are not alone. As in millions of players.

So…chillax.  Do something else and don’t panic.

It is likely another DDOS attack…which seems to be part of the new “fun” hackers from Russia have these days.  But, hey…just two more weeks and this madness will be over? Maybe…

THIS IS AN ORIGIN SERVER ISSUE…so it will also mess with any other EA games you play. But, again…there is no reason to worry about losing your game/Springfield as the data is on a different server, and after you able to log back in again, you’ll be fine (providing you remember your username and password).


It’s entirely up to you…but, I guarantee that until they reset and clear the servers, you will just drive yourself nuts.  NOTE- Changing your password may help you get on…for a bit. But, in the long run, it is far better to just wait it out. Your sanity is worth something…right?

177 responses to “EA Origin Server Outage Reported

  1. My game keeps going through updates (499 updates at 1188.6 MB) once or twice a day, screen size changes on every update. These continual updates are costing me on data usage

  2. Richard Von-erich

    It’s just happened to me now grrrrrrrrr

  3. I have been unable to access the game since two days and half days before Act 3 began. I reported the problem to EA as instructed but have not had a response. I understand this is a problem that has impacted many, many players, not the hundreds EA claim.
    I’ve told all my neighbours to drop me so they can continue to gain rewards when tapping towns. It is incredibly frustrating.
    I have been playing the game since it began, played every day (except when the EA server has been down) and spent real world money to achieve a large town full of most of the characters and buildings that have been available over the years. I know I am not alone as many other players are in the same position irrespective of how many years they have played the game.
    I understand this is something that has happened to EA but no response or update from the company is poor form.
    Players able to reconnect to the game appears to be sporadic. I’m in Australia and there has been no change, I still read “invalid password” each time I attempt to login. It would be great if there was at least some information regarding the progress of fixing this problem.
    Again, I know this happened to EA but they are responsible for ignoring their customers and, despite what others may say, I had hoped for better.
    I hope they are able to fix this soon as I would love to play the game again, fingers crossed it will be during this event.

    • Same problem here I blamed my grand kids for signing me out of game and me forgetting my information to get back into game caused lots of arguments with poor grandkids when my other daughter had same problem not grand kids but the game signed me off grrrrrr

  4. Still not able to play and still waiting for EA to reply

  5. I’ve been down for 5 days now

  6. Minr has gotten over the “cannot connect to server thing” but now crashes every time I’ve tried to open the game. It’s now been 24hours since I’ve been able to log on. So frustrating!

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