Where Did THAT Come From – Cleatus

Are you ready for some foosball?

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where Did THAT Come From?


In case you were wondering… I did intentionally mispell that word. I love me some American football but must admit I often say it the other way. So… right smack dab in the first act of the Around the World Event, EA decided to tie in some stuff to coincide with the 2017 Super Bowl events. I’m not surprised since FOX has the rights to the football climax which will dominate American TV this February 5th. Lack of surprise aside, what delighted me was the free character which came our way in TSTO… none other than Cleatus the FOX Sports NFL Robot. Making fans smile and/or groan since 2005 and making me wonder what a dancing robot has to do with football (other than slightly resembling the figures in previously mentioned foosball), it is now in our games. You might be wondering if Cleatus has any connection to the Best. Show. Ever.? You might also why sometimes on TV he appears to have a hangover. Well, I can’t answer all questions about this mascot but I can head to the TV show to find him.


“The Spy Who Learned Me” (S23:E20)

This episode is all about Homer shouting out commentary during a spy movie involving Stradivarius Cain much to his lovely wife’s dismay. Suffice to say, Marge is none too thrilled with her Homie. Homer ends up getting concussed at work and getting eight weeks of paid leave but decides to not tell Marge since she’s so standoffish with him. She’s just tired of date night’s being poopy and jebus knows being Mrs. Simpson can’t be easy. Long story short… Homer enjoys his paid leave by himself and starts imagining Stradivarius Cain from the movie at Moe’s. Concussion illusions aside, it’s pretty cool that he showed up to help Homer become a man his wife can’t resist. Is it just me or is awesome that Lenny also has an imaginary friend name Huffinpuffalus? Man I loved Snuffy on the Streets of Sesame. Anyhoo… Cain does his darndest to sophisticate Homer. It works too.


But you may be asking why I’m just rambling on about a James Bond knock-off voiced by Bryan Cranston helping Homer impress his beloved and not about a robotic football mascot that dances. We’re getting there. You see… part of Homer’s training to be suave was hitting on women at a fancy club. It ends up earning Homer the undue attention of a Cuban-accented gangster and Homer has to flee the same club later when he takes Marge there. Homer is on the run and needs advice from Cain but he’s not around so Homer beats his head with a rock to try and make Cain show up. Among the hallucinations said head smashing causes are E.T., Mr. Potato Head, the Windows paperclip, AND Cleatus the Football Robot.


All Cleatus does is dance and spike the football causing Homer to exclaim that no one like Cleatus hence his dejected posture above. It’s okay though since Stradivarius Cain was actually disguised as Cleatus.


The dancing robot also shows up in “How Lisa Got Her Marge Back” (S27:E18) towards the beginning of the episode. Homer is watching Thursday night football and there’s a fun send up of the NFL being in London. Among the UK clichés are Paddington Bear and Pooh as Da Bear as well as Shary Bobbins meeting Cleatus the NFL Football Robot. Poor Bert.


I think it’s funny that we now have a free robot in the game with a similar name to our very own Hillwilliam. It’s a nice little addition and connecting him to all the French stuff with a questline called The Man in the Gridiron Mask was clever. He appears to be a mish mash of the two appearances in our games. Personally, I’m pretending he’s actually Cain in disguise and wondering when we’ll get some drama between him an Hank Scorpio. What are your thoughts? Did you remember these appearances? Did you watch the Super Bowl? I’ll say it was a game for the record books even if I was rooting for the Dirty Birds to beat the team from a geographical region dating back to Colonial American history. Wookiees don’t always get what we want. Anyhoo… sound of in the comments and happy classy tapping friends.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

15 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Cleatus

  1. Btw…..i was too busy tapping to watch the super bowl. Sounded like a pretty epic game.

  2. I LOOOOOOVE the football field!!!!! I had one at my High School. Well, i had the uprights and some bleachers and some grass in between. But this field is beautiful. I only had to move the bleachers on one side over 1 space to fit it in. Other than that it was a perfect fit. I tookthe uprights i had from tapball and moved them off to the side so they look like practice uprights. I am very happy with this decoration. My High School actually looks like a real school. Way to go EA…….or the people who work for EA.

  3. I rolled my eyes when Cleatus first showed up but I’ve changed my tune. It’s a free playable character with a fun little quest line (and a free football field) who I can send on flights, which I have done almost constantly. That’s one less character to tie-up who’s needed for other tasks. Cleatus has been very useful to me in this event.

  4. It’s mildly annoying that none of cleatus’ tasks are at the football field…

    I wanted to have him dancing at the field or super bowl buy no such luck.

  5. Glad to know it has roots in the show, was thinking it was blatant FOX advertising (which it is, thought I still didn’t watch the game)

  6. As a Bears fan, I went into last night’s Super Bowl just hoping to see a good, competitive game, and it certainly was. That 4th quarter comeback, the two two-point conversions and being the first overtime in SB history made it one of, if not the best games I have ever seen.

    As far as the game goes, I am finding this event to be easier than most. I missed the first two days due to some work obligations and I am already ahead of schedule on unlocking prizes according to the handy calendar provided by the addicts. I like the prizes a lot, and being able to clear all the tourists with one tap is super helpful since I don’t have the time to go through my whole town with a magnifying glass. I am a little disappointed that I spent a lot of my Bonuts before the new mystery box was introduced because it has some items I really want for a good discount.

    I really think the game has gotten better since levels went away and EA just started doing lots of special events. We are getting better items and characters.

    How did everyone else enjoy the Super Bowl?

  7. Were I the only one who got an Valentine update at 9:00 CET? It had random prices for 60 donuts. I wanted the toughy girl and the redneck girl, but instead i got some ‘meh’ house (Phineas O. Butterfat’s 5600 flavors Ice cream Parlor) and Der Krazy Kraut with Becky. It showed it’s available ’til 8 days, but then it just disappeared and iI don’t find any info about it on wiki/fb/here. But at least it wasn’t a dream, I still got the two houses. Besides the two characters there were more houses, one i remember was the Powell (or Powers?) house.

  8. If Cleatus and Cletus don’t have a dialogue together, then that is one wasted opportunity. Heck, they should have a TASK together called ‘discuss spelling of name’. Outside animated, showing the two arguing. With Cleatus spiking a football and Cletus spiking a jug of moonshine.

  9. Can’t believe the Boston Americans won the big game. Go Isotopes!

    • I was surprised too. I had a bad feeling when the “Tope’s” defensive line kept getting holding penalties which made the BA’s go from a punt to an auto first down…. That sack/fumble was the change in momentum. Hopefully the team learns from this, they’re still young, and gets things better next year.

    • Wait, wait, the ‘Topes are a baseball team; the ATOMS are the football team. What’s going on?!??

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