Super Safi’s Stats & Strategy Special: Springfield Heights 1 – Becoming a billionaire!

Salutations Senors, Senoras, Senoritas, Statisticians & Strategists,

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Hi, I’m Super Safi and you may remember me from such stats and strategy posts as KEM Farming and the advanced losing-to-win Superheroes battle strategy.

What better way to spend your time than talking math. So from time-to-time, I’ll come to you with a post that delves into the wonderful world of numbers, stats, and/or strategies.

Today we look at becoming a billionaire in Springfield Heights:

As anyone who knows me will attest, I do not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, nationality, religion, etc. However, anyone who has seen my comments about Springfield Heights knows that I love my billionaire Real Estate Value neighbours and I am a bit of an REV elitist. In fact, 82 of my 84 neighbours are billionaires. So today I’m going to talk about how just seven buildings will get you well over 1 billion in real estate value and help you unlock Paris Texan (and make you my favourite type of Addicts – Springfield Heights Billionaire Addicts).


Upgrading all 10 Deluxe Condos will require under 15 hours of tapping for freemium players (just over 10 hours for premium players) and will earn you  120 million Real Estate Value.



Upgrading all 10 Business Centres will require over 110 hours of tapping for freemium players (just over 78 hours for premium players) and will earn you  300 million Real Estate Value.



Upgrading all 10 Valet Parkings will require over 110 hours of tapping for freemium players (just over 78 hours for premium players) and will earn you  240 million Real Estate Value.



Upgrading all 10 Classic Mansions will require under 32 hours of tapping for freemium players (just under 23 hours for premium players) and will earn you  179.2 million Real Estate Value.



Upgrading all 10 Modern Mansions will require over 64 hours of tapping for freemium players (just under 46 hours for premium players) and will earn you  358.4 million Real Estate Value.



Upgrading all 3 Private Islands will require over 66 hours of tapping for freemium players (just over 47 hours for premium players) and will earn you  56.16 million Real Estate Value.



Upgrading all 10 Exclusive Resorts will require over 117 hours of tapping for freemium players (just under 84 hours for premium players) and will earn you  21.45 million Real Estate Value.



Note: The times shown above are crude estimates assuming you have no premium (or all premium) characters and all characters are sent continuously to earn all forms of Springfield Heights currency.

So if you fully upgrade just these 7 buildings, you will earn over 1.275 billion REV and unlock Paris Texan along the way.

Now you’ve fully upgraded all 63 of these buildings and are still at 1.3 billion REV; I’m sure some of you want to know how to get to 2 billion REV. Well we’ll cover that in the very next edition of Super Safi’s Stats & Strategy Special.

Update: Multi-Billionaire post can be found here.

Have you reached a billion REV and unlocked Paris Texan? Have you fully upgraded all 63 buildings? How many of your neighbours are billionaires? What stats or strategy related topic would you liked discussed? Share your thoughts. You know we love hearing from you.

72 responses to “Super Safi’s Stats & Strategy Special: Springfield Heights 1 – Becoming a billionaire!

  1. do i need to place all 63 buildings to get more XP? i’ve upgraded all of them, but have some of them [10 valet parking, 10 business resorts] stashed in my storage.

  2. Just hit 2 Billion! I can’t believe the grind is finally over. At least until we get another expansion… 😝

  3. To get all the bonus XP, do you have to have all the building spare parts placed, or can you store them and just have the upgraded building placed?

    • You need to have them placed to earn…nothing stored is active.

    • If you’re referring to the Mansions, the main building is all you need placed. Wings and awnings and pools, etc, etc, don’t have bonus percentages and can be stored. The main building must be out anywhere in your Springfield.

      • Yep, I meant wings and such, thanks. I have those all stored but the buildings themselves are all out. I’m only just over a half-billion, though — I hate SH grinding. And now with the rail yard always open, there’s a conflict.

  4. This may seem like a foolish question, but how do I get the other 9 Valet Parking garages or Business Centers. I have only one each, as well as only 1 private island, but I do not see an option to buy more. Thanks in advance!

    • I have the exact same issue. I have been meaning to come back to this post for some time now to see where I went wrong since I was stuck at just over $500 million. I only have 1 business center and 1 island although I do have 10 valet garages. Does anyone have any idea what the problem is?

  5. Reached 2 billion a couple of months ago thanks to the 8 hour tasks. Safi, if your looking for a higher standard from your neighbors then ping me an invite.
    I also would be interested in picking up more 2billion neighbors.

  6. I recently had a race with one of my neighbors to 2 billion (though I’m not sure they were aware of it, I was mainly trying to keep ahead of them). Those 8 hour Heights jobs certainly make it more manageable.

    Safi, if you need another billionaire neighbor hit me up!

  7. Any ideas how to put modern mension and exclusive resorts together. Too many extra piece that i cannot match like a building.

  8. I currently sit at 1.45 billion with 38 neighbors in the club. I reached that club seemingly a long time ago and never went back to it. I have never tried to design this area because of so many unwanted buildings for the hidden bonus. It is my garage storage area for many building that produce income but not needed for designing my Springfield. I am proud of many areas in my Springfield, but not SH. It is my abandoned Krustyland but in plain view. Sooner or later I will store all the hidden percentage buildings and be done with them and be creative in the way that should have been. EA could ease the frustrations and add pride to this area for so many by simply allowing us to store unwanted hidden bonus earners without loosing the bonus we all grind so hard for. How can we all be creative and design in the way that makes this game so great, in an area that gives valuable bonus, but at the same time engulfs the space we need with unsightly buildings. For now my SH smells like mothballs…

  9. I need like 300-350 thousand to get to 1 billion. I just can’t be bothered to finish yet. Should really be working on it right now as this event isn’t for me.

  10. Safi, this is a really great guide, thanks for writing up this post! Unfortunately, I just hit the billion mark yesterday, darn! I found that getting cups was the hardest resource to grind, so I thought Vallet Parking and Deluxe Condos were the first sets I fully upgraded. After I got to a billion, I still have a bunch of classic mansions and modern mansions to fully upgrade. But what happens when you reach 2 billion? Is it just capped? Do we get anything? How do we unlock more land in SH?

    • Sorry I reached the cap you get nothing still waiting for more land I was the first of my neighbors to cap out wanted to see if there was any thing there now I wish I was not capped out. When events are not going on and you get the daily task to do sh stuff you can’t go make mats chairs etc. You have to do the theatre to get them and it takes a long time yes you can x it out and get something else but if you get sh stuff again it is just a pain if they give more land in time I will not cap out again if I can help it. Sorry I am not Safi answering but I just wanted to let you know I personally wish I was not camped out others might like being caped out

    • Like Tyemac said, no you don’t get anything for 2 billion REV, but you are ahead of the curve for when SH wave 3 hits.

  11. I hope they add more land in springfield heights. I plan to move all the rich springfielders there with their own swimming pools and treelined gated entrances and fountaains, fountains, fountains everywhere.

    • I agree – i already have all my Mansions and rich people stuff there – and i need more space to add some of the other rich people stuff they’ve added!!!
      Adding Land to SH and letting us add more stuff to Krustyland – like the rock concerts will let us get a bit more creative and encourage us to use more features we usually sort of ignore….

  12. I passed 600k and all the structures I used to be able to build are gone. I did not build 10 of each an I was not given the opportunity to. I saw this strategy for myself once I realized I could build more than one of those buildings BUT after I built a few and passed a certain threshold they have all been removed from my store ….. now all I’m doing is a crazy slow grind placing trees and pillars, aside from the extra space it really sucks

    • I would contact EA. You should be able to purchase 10 of each (well, 3 for the Private Island).

      • I don’t have spring field heights as a section in my store anymore :(. Just a few items

        • In the bottom right of your game screen, click on the Hammer and Saw icon to go to your store. To expand your Store menu, click the Yellow Arrow adjacent to the three icons representing Characters, Buildings, and Decorations. Do you not see an icon representing the Springfield Heights brick gate? (I’m at work and may be mistaken about a brick gate without looking at my game)

  13. Stupid question, but why would anyone keep grinding to get to 2 billion? Any secret prize I am not aware of?

  14. Awesome work, as always, Safi! Thanks! Great stuff from yet another AL East opponent to my Red Sox. Well at least it’s hockey season eh?

  15. Stupid question: where are these 8 hour tasks? Do they only unlock after hitting $1B?

  16. I’m glad I finished heights and can now just ignore it and hope EA never decides to add anything else to it. If it wasn’t for taking advantage of the week where they multiplied the income and grinding like mad I probably would have given up on this without completing it. In case you haven’t guessed by now I really hate the heights area.

  17. I feel like I am the only one that hates heights? The whole crafting thing is dumb and is like an event. You can’t even use free land tokens to buy more land there. The character tasks are short which is annoying, if they were 4hr it would be better.

    • You are not alone. I hate Heights. I don’t see the point of it. I built 1 of each building, leveled them up, decorated and quit. I can’t figure how you can make it look good with 63 buildings jammed in there. Or the point of leveling buildings just to store them. I wish I could swap Krusty land and Heights.

      • If you want XP for bonuts, you will keep the buildings out. They earn a hidden XP bonus.

        The classic mansions were easy – I placed them into a hollow square and stuck the XP Collider in the middle. No visual distraction from the fact that it’s always activated. There’s lots of ways to stack them.

        FYI – the enlarged beach in SH can have modern mansions placed on them, so that’s another way to maximize real estate.

  18. People who started SH after EA added the 8-hour jobs… count yourself lucky.

    The initial grind to billion was horrific especially since coffee was the worst resource. I was motivated by the need to get rid of the annoying job-warnings to send characters to SH. After hitting 1 billion… I quit.

    Currently at 1.57 billion only because of the yachts/Beach Hideaways and the daily challenges forcing me to use up some SH-currency in order to make room for more.

    • I’m totally on the same boat… I wasn’t really motivated to finish it. And when I eventually reached billion, soon after they introduced the 8-hour jobs. What a way to piss me off…

    • LOL! I made it to 2 billion a year and a half ago, purely on grinding, long before the 8 hour tasks or 4x payouts or Googolplex or Beach Hideaways, and without a single premium decoration/building purchase.

      Man I sound like Grampa Simpson. And I got to 2 billion while playing on an etch-a-sketch, while walking 10 kilometers to work and 10km back home, in 3 feet of snow, uphill both ways.

  19. Off thread, but I’ve got Lisa Lionheart in my vault for 50 doh-nuts with a 15 doh-nuts rebate. 2.25% on all money and Xp. Is this a good deal (Alissa help) only got 17hrs left and just noticed it.🇬🇧😍😍

    • Yes, that’s a good deal. It’s also fun to put that statue in places which hide the foundation, so it looks like a really tall character just standing there.

      I’ve got one which looks like a roof ornament for a building, and another one which looks like she’s standing beside the Laura Powers house.

    • 20D / 1% is normal.
      15D / 1% is cheap (Jet Bike)
      10D / 1% is a bargain
      7.8D / 1% is Mystery Box
      2D / 1% is Beach Hideaway (which leads this digression back to the post)

  20. I look forward to seeing the 2billion strategy guide as I gave up at 1.89billion … 😘

    • That’s what I came here for, only to be told “To be continued… tune in next time, same Safi time, same Safi channel…” 😄

  21. I’m also looking forward to any tips to get to the 2 billion cap. I’m sitting at ~1.5 billion, and 2 billion feels like a very long ways away.

  22. Thanks to a glitch, if I stored certain buildings, they reverted back to level 1. Because of that, during the 4X SH rewards awhile back, I was able to reach 2 billion in REV. Five other neighbors are at the max with me. 74 out of 100 have 1 billion and in last place, among the billionaires, is some bum that would rather hang out at the beach. Can’t say that I blame them. 😉🌊

    • LOL! Some bum that would rather hang out at the beach you say. I have a neighbour who fits that description very well and is also 82nd amongst my 82 billionaire neighbours.

  23. I hit a billion awhile back… and one of my neighbors hit the 2 billion cap awhile back as well. Looking forward to reading your take on the quickest/easiest way to accomplish that. 🙂

  24. Reaching the billion mark in SH was one of my happiest moments in the game since I was done with the horrible grinding. I can’t imagine going for 2 billion without any prize incentives. Unfortunately SH part 3 is probably inevitable at some point unless they decide to do something else with the remaining land.

  25. Alas, I have passed the 1.275 Billion mark long ago. Within a day or two or so, I shall hit 1.6.
    Sending Three characters each (9 total) on 8 hour tasks to earn:
    All are Level l 1 tasks, not requiring other resources. Slowly slogging my way while not diverting other characters from earning 🍩 or 💰.
    And battling with four neighbors who seem to be like minded.
    Ribbet, ribbet, playing Leap Frog.
    And anxiously (?) awaiting any thoughts on how to more efficiently and expeditiously achieve the TWO Billion goal.

  26. I am still stuck at 1,88B in my SH and there’s nothing of real value to buy, so I am quite curious how to get to the, for me, elusive 2B
    (2B or not 2B, that’s the question)

  27. Good post. I took advantage of the time when there was special bonus to get 4x rewards, but just as a teaser (for myself), I stopped upgrading at $997 M, just shy of $3 M to unlock Paris. Maybe someday…

    I’m interested to know though how to get $2 G, if at all possible.

  28. Silly question / glitch…
    I’ve got all 63 at level 5 yet the hidden XP calculates to 152.05%
    Any thoughts on why, or a fix ??
    ( 128.35% on CoM, collider on and a KEM gives 38040 XP ?! )

    Also, a tip…
    Beach Hideaways are 40 Donuts for 2%, but upgrade to level 5 ( with SH currency ) and that becomes 20%, or 2 Donuts per %

    • You’re only off by 95XP. I just want to make sure you’ve calculated the KEM generated XP a few times and consistently gotten 38040XP?

      • Exit and return, then tap one and wait so no other claim…
        Later stored all Islands after setting skins to level 5, replaced, and…

        Weird or what, and so is the math !?!
        PS still levelling so 500000+ = payout and reset

        • Hmm, I’m sure there’s an explanation for why you’re missing 95XP for each KEM.

          • Don’t let it stop you from tapping, totting and transcribing totals and targets and tables, and thanks for trying..

          • Pardon, Patric – predominant and prolific provider of pertinent points per play-hours

          • Whoah, where’s Wookie, the whispers wonder why no woohoo then there’s the teenie Tiny Tapper to be and of course the as always wesome Alissa and her amazing accessible aides-de game.
            Grateful greetings gentlefolk, generating greatness generously.

  29. I have no room in my SH to put more buildings and what I do have are maxed out for upgrades.
    Can I store all my buildings and resorts to make room to build new ones to reach the billionaire mark?

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