Chart Alert: Cash and XP Bonus % Awarded For Items

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

In continuing the series of “what would you like to see on this site during the downtime” posts, we’re going to tackle another popular requested item.  Many of you commented that you wanted to see more charts.  More specifically…charts that show every item in the game that offers a Cash & XP bonus %, or just an XP bonus %.

So I’ve had a list together of these items and I once again collaborated with the King of Charts, Safi. We put our charts together and voila we’ve got ourselves a bonus percentage chart.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at a comprehensive list of items new and old, permanent and limited-time..that all own a bonus percentage…

Money Safe 1600 Donuts to CashXP

Remember, in order to get credit for these bonus percentages the items MUST be in your Springfield.  You will not get credit for items in your inventory...

Also, a quick way to check your visible bonus percentage simply tap on your conform-o-meter stars.  That’ll bring up your conform-o-meter details and breakdown your overall bonus percentage in your game.  (Note: This will NOT show your hidden XP bonus % from Springfield Heights items)

Conform O meter

And now onto the chart…

Update…Please read this important Note:  Regarding the Simpson Snowmen (Bart, Homer etc)…if you earned them during Christmas 2015 they will not earn a bonus %.  EA released another version of them last Christmas (2015), that looked exactly the same but did not award a bonus %.  So that’s why you’re not seeing a bonus % associated with them when you pull them from inventory.  If your obtained them from a previous Christmas (2014, 2013 or 2012) they award the bonus % indicated on this chart.  If you’re not sure when you got them…the simple test is to pull them from inventory and see if your meter goes up. If it doesn’t increase they’re from 2015, if it does you obtained them in one of the previous Christmases.

Items are listed in Alphabetical Order…and once again this list includes items that are Limited-Time and may not currently be available in the game for purchase.  

Item Cash & XP
Bonus %
tsto ambulanceAmbulance 0.50%
ancientburialground_menuAncient Burial Ground 2.00%
ico_priz_ancientruins_mdAncient Ruins 2.25%
animatronicbearsAnimatronic Bears 2.50%
100px-tapped_out_apple_treeApple Tree 0.50%
aquaworldmodular03_menuAqua World Fishing Platform 2.00%
aquaworldmodular02_menuAqua World Fuel Tank 1.00%
aquaworldmodular01_menuAqua World Prison Tower 0.75%
Tapped_Out_Backwater_BreweryBackwater Brewery 0.50%
medievalbanner02_menuBanner (Blue and Green) 0.25%
medievalbanner03_menuBanner (Blue) 0.25%
Barbarian StatueBarbarian Statue 2.00%
barracks_menuBarracks 0.50%
Bart_BalloonBart Balloon 2.00%
Bart_SnowmanBart Snowman 0.50%
Tapped_Out_Basketball_CourtBasketball Court 2.50%
tstosqpbasketballBasketball Game 2.00%
bbqpig_menuBBQ Pig 2.50%
beachhideawaysw_transimageBeach Hideaway 2.00%
hideawaybridge_transimageBeach Hideaway Bridge 1.50%
hideawaydeck_transimageBeach Hideaway Deck 1.50%
hideawaygazebo_transimageBeach Hideaway Gazebo 1.50%
hideawayhut_transimageBeach Hideaway Hut 1.50%
hideawayplatform_transimageBeach Hideaway Platform 1.50%
hideawaypool_transimageBeach Hideaway Pool 1.50%
hideawaystairs_transimageBeach Hideaway Stairs 1.50%
hideawaywalkway_transimageBeach Hideaway Walkway 1.50%
hideawaywalkwaynoroof_transimageBeach Hideaway Walkway (No Roof) 1.50%
bearcave_menuBear Cave 0.75%
tsto benchBench (premium) 0.25%
bigbuttskinnerballoonBig Butt Skinner Balloon 2.00%
bigttree_menuBig T Tree 0.50%
blackhole_menuBlack Hole 0.25%
electriccarblueflipped_transimageBlue Electric Car 2.25%
Blue Nerd KnightBlue Nerd Knight 1.75%
Blue nerd RogueBlue Nerd Rogue 2.00%
Blue Nerd WarriorBlue Nerd Warrior 2.25%
 100px-tapped_out_boardwalk_fountainBoardwalk Fountain 2.75%
Tapped_Out_Crate_of_fireworksBox of Fireworks 2.25%
boxingring_menuBoxing Ring 0.50%
TSTO burning bushBurning Bush 0.50%
Burns Fever SnowmanBurns Fever Snowman 0.25%
tstoburnslimoBurns’ Limo 2.00%
cagedtomturkey_menuCaged Tom Turkey 3.00%
tsto cannonCannon 0.50%
catapult_menuCatapult 2.25%
Tapped_Out_CauldronCauldron 2.25%
chalkoutlineChalk Outline 0.25%
channel6newsvanChannel 6 News Van 2.00%
chickencoop_menuChicken Coop 0.50%
cornucopia_menuCornucopia 0.50%
cowtonguesCow Tounges 2.00%
cozyhammock_menuCozy Hammock 2.00%
cremobot_menuCremo Bot 0.75%
cristo_of_springfieldCristo of Springfield 2.50%
Tapped_Out_Devil_FloatDevil Float 2.50%
tapped_out_dmv_limoDMV Limo 2.25%
Donut_BoatDonut Boat 5.00%
Krusty Station Drive Thru AwningDrive-Thru Awning 0.25%
Krusty Station Drive Thru ExtensionDrive-Thru Extension 0.25%
drive-thru_platformDrive-Thru Platform 0.25%
Krusty Station Drive Thru StairsDrive-Thru Stairs 0.25%
Duff Barney BlimpDuff Barney Blimp 2.75%
Duff Beer TreeDuff Beer Tree 0.25%
Tapped_Out_Duff_Party_BusDuff Party Bus 2.25%
duffpartyliner_menuDuff Party Liner 2.75%
duffbeercar_menuDuff Racer 2.25%
dufflibertyDuff Statue of Liberty 1.50%
100px-tapped_out_dumpster_premiumDumpster (premium) 0.25%
Easter_FlagEaster Flag 0.25%
Tapped_Out_Easter_Island_GodEaster Island God 3.00%
ico_xmas_elfhome_mdElf Home 2.50%
Tapped_Out_Excellence_Prize_StatueExcellence Prize Statue 0.50%
fatchalkoutline_transimageFat Chalk Outline 0.25%
Festive PlungerFestive Light Plunger 0.75%
fevercabin_transimageFever Cabin 0.25%
crookandladder_firehydrant_lgFire Hydrant 0.25%
fireworksbarge_menuFireworks Barge 2.75%
ico_xmas2014_prize_firstchristmastree_lgFirst Ever Christmas Tree 0.25%
Five_Alarm_ChiliFive Alarm Chili 2.50%
fivecorners_menuFive Corners 0.50%
ico_stor_flagbundle_1Flags  (Each) 0.25%
flamingtorch_menuFlaming Torch 0.20%
100px-tapped_out_flower_planter_premiumFlower Planter 0.25%
forgottengrave_menuForgotten Grave 3.75%
Tapped_Out_Freak_MobileFreak Mobile 0.75%
frinksmechanospider_menuFrink’s Mechano Spider 3.50%
Tapped_Out_Frinkosonic_MHVFrinkosonic MHV 0.75%
future_monumentFuture Monument 0.75%
garbagetruck_menuGarbage Truck 0.50%
pirate airshipGhost Pirate Airship 5.00%
428px-Ghost_Zapper_Tapped_OutGhost Zapper 2.25%
giantgrasshopper_menuGiant Grasshopper 0.75%
Giant_RobotGiant Robot 3.00%
snowglobe_menuGiant Snow Globe 2.25%
apevotebillboard_menuGive Apes the Vote Billboard 0.25%
goldencalfidol_menuGolden Calf Idol 0.75%
golfcourse_menuGolf Course 1.25%
Tapped_Out_Gorgeous_Grampa_BillboardGorgeous Grampa Billboard 2.00%
practice_snake_greenGreen Practice Snake 0.25%
halloweenpartywall_menuHalloween Party Wall 0.10%
Heimlich MachineHeimlich Machine 2.50%
Hellfire_Pepper_CactusHellfire Pepper Cactus 0.50%
100px-hi-glow_waste_barrelsHi-Glow Waste Barrels 2.00%
Tapped_Out_Krusty_Themed_Totem_Pole_snowHoliday Totem Pole 2.50%
Holiday_TreeHoliday Tree 0.65%
hollow_snake_trunkHollow Snake Trunk 2.75%
bench_holo_menuHolo-Bench 0.05%
50px-holo-boardwalk_treeHolo-Boardwalk Tree 0.05%
exotictree_holo_menuHolo-Exotic Tree 0.05%
flowerhedge_holo_menuHolo-Flower Hedge 0.05%
lamppost_holo_menuHolo-Lamp Post 0.05%
rosebush_holo_menuHolo-Rose Bush 0.05%
tree03_holo_menuHolo-Tree (8 item bundle) 0.05%
ico_xmas2014_prize_homerfeversnowman_mdHomer Fever Snowman 0.25%
Homer_SnowmanHomer Snowman 0.50%
tapped_out_homers_hammockHomer’s Hammock 0.25%
homersballet_menuHomer’s Ballet 0.75%
hotairballoon_menuHot Air Balloon 2.00%
Krustyland Hot Dog StandHot Dog Stand 0.50%
hotsprings_menuHot Springs 2.25%
tapped_out_hot_tubHot Tub 2.50%
Human Test SubjectHuman Test Subject 0.50%
200px-Tapped_Out_I_Choo-Choo-Choose_You_TrainI Choo-Choo Choose You Train 2.25%
Ice Cream TruckIce Cream Truck 3.50%
Ice God /Melted Ice GodIce God 2.25%
Inanimated_Carbon_RodInanimate Carbon Rod Monument 2.75%
tapped_out_inflatable_gorilla_and_baboonsInflatable Gorilla And Baboons 0.75%
itchyscratchybillboard_menuItchy & Scratchy Billboard 1.00%
thanksgivingballoonitchy_menuItchy Balloon 2.00%
Tapped_Out_Jet_Engine_BikeJet Engine Bike 2.00%
Jockey Chalk OutlineJockey Chalk Outline 0.25%
kang topiaryKang Topiary 0.50%
kingwintercaveKing Winter’s Cave 1.50%
Knightboat 2.00%
kodos topiaryKodos Topiary 0.50%
Itchy BalloonKrustyland Itchy Balloon 2.00%
landoctopuspen_menuLand Octopus Pen 0.50%
tapped_out_left-handed_roadsterLeft Handed Roadster 2.00%
lightupeldergod_menuLight up Elder God 1.00%
Tapped_Out_LimoLimo 2.00%
lisalionheart_menuLisa Lionheart Display 2.25%
lisastatueLisa Statue of Liberty 2.75%
Little Lady JusticeLittle Lady Justice 2.75%
lobsterisland_menuLobster Island 2.50%
macaronisshed_menuMacaroni’s Shed 0.75%
monroetombstone_menuMarvin Monroe’s Tombstone 2.00%
75px-mechanical_ant_alphaMechanical Ant Alpha 0.75%
75px-mechanical_ant_betaMechanical Ant Beta 0.75%
75px-mechanical_ant_deltaMechanical Ant Delta 0.75%
75px-mechanical_ant_gammaMechanical Ant Gamma 0.75%
Tapped_Out_Milhouse's_TrailerMilhouse’s Trailer 2.00%
tapped_out_mininuclear_warheadMiniature Nuclear Warhead 2.25%
Mount CarlmoreMount Carlmore 3.50%
Mr Sparkle BillboardMr. Sparkle Billboard 0.75%
murderhorn_menuMurderhorn 5.00%
murderpuss_menuMurderpuss 1.00%
nativityscene_transimageNativity Scene 1.50%
faberge eggFaberge Egg 3.00%
nightmarepile_menuNightmare Pile 3.00%
200px-Ninja_Homer_Practice_SnakeNinja Homer Practice Snake 0.25%
oktoberfestgateOktoberfest Gate 2.00%
oldfaithless_menuOld Faithless 2.00%
oldgreymare_menuOld Gray Mare 2.00%
Old_MineOld Mine 4.00%
Old_West_SignOld West Sign 1.00%
100px-tapped_out_orange_treeOrange Tree 0.50%
oscarsobstaclestruck_menuOscar’s Obstacles Truck 2.25%
100px-tapped_out_picket_fence_premiumPicket Fence 0.05%
tapped_out_piece-of-crap_carPiece-of-Crap Car 0.75%
pigofparadisepen_menuPig of Paradise Pen 0.50%
Tapped_Out_Pinwheel_fireworkPinwheel Firework 2.00%
Plato's Republic FountainPlato’s Republican Fountain 0.25%
tapped_out_police_carPolice Car 2.00%
policetank_transimagePolice Tank 2.50%
tstosqppopcornPopcorn Stand 0.25%
caesarspowwowcasinosign_menuPow-Wow’s Casino Sign 2.00%
Pride BillboardPride Billboard 0.25%
Pride_Of_Ulster_BannerPride Of Ulster Banner 0.25%
practice_snake_purplePurple Practice Snake 0.25%
quicksand_menuQuick Sand 2.00%
QuimborghiniQuimborghini 2.25%
quimbybrokenpromises_menuQuimby’s Broken Promises Billboard 0.50%
tsto radioactivebillboardRadioactive Man Billboard 0.75%
airfortress_menuRadstation Air Fortress 5.00%
rakeRake 0.10%
raygunkodos_active_hitRay Gun 3.75%
electriccarredflipped_transimageRed Electric Car 0.75%
Red Nerd KnightRed Nerd Knight 2.25%
Red Nerd RogueRed Nerd Rogue 1.75%
Red Nerd WarriorRed Nerd Warrior 2.00%
practice_snake_redRed Practice Snake 0.25%
ReindeerReindeer 0.50%
Rigellian Chalk OutlineRigellian Chalk Outline 0.25%
tapped_out_robby_the_automatonRobby The Automaton 2.00%
rocketcar_menuRocket Car 2.00%
rollingrock_menuRolling Rock 3.50%
Tapped_Out_Santa's_Little_Helper_SnowmanSanta’s Little Helper Snowdog 0.75%
Tapped_Out_Santa's_Little_Helper_TopiarySanta’s Little Helper Topiary 0.50%
satellitestation_menuSatellite Station 4.00%
sepulcherofevillargeSepulcher of Evil 4.00%
Shadow Knights ThroneShadow Knight’s Throne 2.75%
shivastatue_menuShiva Statue 2.00%
skiliftSki Lift 4.00%
snake_rockSnake Rocks 2.00%
snake_spakersSnake Speakers 2.50%
snake_stumpSnake Stump 2.50%
thanksgivingballoonsnowball2_menuSnowball II Balloon 0.50%
Tapped_Out_Snowball_SnowmanSnowball II Snowcat 2.00%
southerncrackerfountain_menuSouthern Cracker Fountain 0.75%
Space_ShuttleSpace Shuttle Simulator 2.50%
ico_thoh2014_crafting_spookywallSpooky Wall 0.05%
Tapped_Out_Springfield_FallsSpringfield Falls 1.50%
springfieldgorge_menuSpringfield Gorge 5.00%
springfieldnationalpark_transimageSpringfield National Park 5.00%
springfieldoftomorrowsign_menuSpringfield of Tomorrow Sign 1.00%
800px-tapped_out_springfield_signSpringfield Sign 4.50%
St._Patrick's_Day_FlagSt. Patrick’s Day Flag 0.25%
stackofbeer_transimageStack of Beer 0.75%
stampyparadeballoon_menuStampy Parade Balloon 2.00%
stilettosculpture_menuStiletto Sculpture 2.00%
strupostatue_menuStrupo Statue 0.50%
stuntbikeStunt Bike 0.75%
sumatrancenturyflower_Active_32Sumatran Century Flower 2.00%
superjeb_menuSuper Jeb 0.60%
suspiciousdirtpile_transimageSuspicious Dirt Pile 0.25%
tailgateTailgate 4.00%
tballstand_menuT-Ball Stand 0.50%
teleporter_theta Teleporter Theta 0.50%
teleporter_zeta Teleporters Zeta 0.50%
tenniscourt_menuTennis Court 2.25%
tennismachine_menuTennis Machine 0.50%
tentacletree_menuTentacle Tree 1.00%
tapped_out_tetherballTetherball 0.50%
thegrumpleparadeballoon_menuThe Grumple Parade Balloon 0.60%
tapped_out_the_homerThe Homer 3.00%
themayflower_menuThe Mayflower 3.00%
radishstation_transimageThe Rad-Ish Station 5.00%
ico_priz_shinningmaze_mdThe Shinning Maze 2.25%
tapped_out_tree_swingTree Swing 0.50%
629px-tapped_out_tire_fireTire Fire 2.00%
518px-TruckasaurusTruckasaurus 4.75%
unfinishedshed_menuUnfinished Shed 2.25%
usstomclancy_menuUSS Tom Clancy 2.25%
200px-Tapped_Out_Valentine's_PondValentine’s Pond 0.75%
VehiclepileupVehicle Pileup 2.75%
Tapped_Out_Wailing_WallWailing Wall 2.25%
Tapped_Out_Water_Show_FountainWater Show Fountain 1.50%
wavyarmguy_menu.Wavy-arm Elder God 0.50%
Tapped_Out_Welcome_To_Springfield_SignWelcome to Springfield Sign 1.00%
whale_menu1Whale 7.00%
williestractor_menuWilly’s Tractor 0.75%
wishingwell_menuWishing Well 4.00%
woollymammothpen_menuWoolly Mammoth Pen 0.50%
100px-tapped_out_worldwide_broadcast_dishWorldwide Broadcast Dish 0.75%
yeoldecherrytree_menuYe Olde Cherry Tree 2.75%
electriccaryellowflipped_transimageYellow Electric Car 2.00%
practice_snake_yellowYellow Practice Snake 0.25%
yellowsubmersible_Yellow Submersible 2.50%

Posting it again for those who may have missed it…Please read this important Note:  Regarding the Simpson Snowmen (Bart, Homer etc)…if you earned them during Christmas 2015 they will not earn a bonus %.  EA released another version of them last Christmas (2015), that looked exactly the same but did not award a bonus %.  So that’s why you’re not seeing a bonus % associated with them when you pull them from inventory.  If your obtained them from a previous Christmas (2014, 2013 or 2012) they award the bonus % indicated on this chart.  If you’re not sure when you got them…the simple test is to pull them from inventory and see if your meter goes up. If it doesn’t increase they’re from 2015, if it does you obtained them in one of the previous Christmases.

And there you have it…all the current items in the game that offer a bonus % on cash and XP!

Now there are hidden, meaning they won’t show up on your Conform-O-Meter Bonus %, Bonuses on XP only available with Springfield Heights buildings.  Here’s a quick breakdown of those…

Note: None of the main buildings need to be upgraded to have the bonus impact you.  However, the Private Island (and the Private Island Only) needs to be on at least level 2 for the bonus to have an impact.

Building Hidden XP
Bonus %
Island (Levels 2-5)
fancyparkade05_menu valet parkingValet


Here’s where we’ll add updates when new items enter the game that offer a bonus %

Update 11/21/16:

Item Cash & XP Bonus %
Town Square 2.25%
The Island of Dr. Hibbert 2.50%
Scary Dock 4.50%
Nightmare Willie 2.50%
Improvised Snare 2.50%


And that’s really it…every available bonus percentage in the game!

You wanted charts…you’ve got em! 😉

What are your thoughts on the bonus percentage charts?  Do you have all available items out in your Springfield?  Where’s your bonus percentage sitting?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


185 responses to “Chart Alert: Cash and XP Bonus % Awarded For Items

  1. caribbean-red

    Too bad I never, since nearly two years, noticed the Bonus Percentages ‘behind’ the Beach Hideaways. Perhaps you could add a note like ‘Beach Hideaway 2.00% + 18% optional additions’ or something like that?


  2. Question, I put out all my Springfield Heights Buildings, and my bonus percent read 375.45%. I did the Gulp n blow trick and got $476 in cash. So I didn’t get any “hidden bonus” from having the multiple heights buildings out. Am I doing something wrong or has the hidden bonus been taken away? Thanks. Love this page. Visit it often. Keep up the great work you guys!!


  3. I wonder if you buy 1 item, it gives one advantage. If you buy several (like the dumpster) is the advantage multiplied?


  4. I’m sure this has already been asked, but do you need Billionaire”s Island for xp bonus to kick in?


  5. I wonder about my hidden xp bonus. It is 154.1 and I would like to know where the remaining 1.1 come from. Does anybody have an idea?


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