Springfield Heights 101: Classic Mansion

Hey there Hoppereenos!

With all the New Additions and items added to our games for Springfield Heights, it can be difficult to keep track of what each individual item has to offer you in the game.

In this post, we are going to be taking a look at some of the Buildings that you can Upgrade to not only add to the look of your town, but to also help you with Real Estate Points to unlock even MORE items. Buildings like the Classic Mansion



First off, each one of these Buildings will require certain “Unlock” points in the Springfield Heights Questlines. So it will take you some time to get through all the Questlines and Dialog to completely unlock the access to these Buildings. No worries. It is a permanent addition to our games, so you have all the time you need to get to them. No need to rush.

Just take a peek at the Springfield Heights Menu. You will first see the Real Estateico_heights_realestate_lg Requirement to Unlock a Building.

Buildings Locked

Then once you have reached the Real Estateico_heights_realestate_lg Requirement, it will then show you the Questline Requirement to gain access to the Building.

Classic Mansion Unlock


Now let’s take a look at this Building, what it will take to Upgrade and what you can get out of those Upgrades.



The First Classic Mansion will Unlock for purchase once you Collect 700Kico_heights_realestate_lgand get to Getting Classy Pt. 1. You will need to have also accessed the Coffee Shop and sent a few Characters on tasks to make Latte’s to be able to purchase the First Classic Mansion for 10 Latte’sico_heights_coffee_lg. Each of the 9 Additional Classic Mansions will cost 10 Latte’sico_heights_coffee_lg.

Once you place the First Classic Mansion and it completes being built, you can then tap on it to see what it will take to Upgrade it to the Next Level.

Classic Mansion Level 1 2 3



With this Building being a bit different, the Level Upgrades will NOT change the Appearance of the Classic Mansion Building. So all Upgrades will look the same.

mansionclassicmainbuilding01_menuClassic Mansion Level 1 – 5

The game will actually notify you when you have enough Material to make an Upgrade by showing the Upgrade Icon over the Building.



Because this Buildings Main look does not change, options to change its appearance are given instead. Not only will you gain Real Estate Points when you Upgrade, but also access to additional Decorative Pieces for the Buildings that you can use to add to the unique look of each one. Here is the Breakdown for the Additional Pieces.

Level 2 Pieces:

mansionclassicsidebalconyse_menuClassic Side Balcony

Classic EntranceClassic Entrance


Level 3 Pieces:

mansionclassicsidebuilding_menuClassic Side Building

Classic Small BalconyClassic Small Balcony


Level 4 Pieces:

mansionclassicfrontbalconyse_menuClassic Front Balcony

Classic Hot TubClassic Hot Tub


Level 5 Pieces:

mansionclassicmidbuilding_menuClassic Mid Building

Classic GarageClassic Garage


You don’t even have to use these items for the Classic Mansions, you can place them in alternate locations in your game and add some cool looks to multiple other Buildings or even use them by themselves to add some cool features to any area. You will only gain access to these items by Upgrading the Classic Mansion.

So far I have found that the Buildings I would have liked to use them with are too small in size or the coloring is just slightly off. (D’Amico Summer Home, Italian Villa, Krusty’s Mansion, and the Writer’s Building to name a few.)  I found myself instead playing around with main decorations. The Hieroglyph Walls from Stonecutters flipped all the way around can be used as fencing by the Classic Mansions. You can also use the Training Walls to add to the looks.

Hieroglyph Wall 3 Training Wall

More coming on design ideas in a separate post. In the meantime, here is just the Classic Mansion, it’s additional pieces, and some decorations from already in the game to create kind of a “Villa” look. 

Classic Mansion Design Idea


There is an additional “Classic” piece you can purchase in the Main Menu as well to add to the overall look. You can purchase as many of these as you want. Keep in mind though, these also will have specific unlock points, Material costs, and Real Estate Payout for placement.

Classic GardenClassic Garden: Unlocks at 1.85M Real Estateico_heights_realestate_lg, Cost 10 Latte’sico_heights_coffee_lg, Payout 30K Real Estateico_heights_realestate_lg




Here is the Basic Overview of the Classic Mansion Upgrades.

First Classic Mansion: Collect 700Kico_heights_realestate_lg &  Reach Getting Classy Pt 1 & Pay 10 Latte’sico_heights_coffee_lg

Classic Mansion Levels Upgrade Cost Payout
1 10ico_heights_coffee_lg 300Kico_heights_realestate_lg
2 25ico_heights_coffee_lg 15ico_heights_smartdevice_lg 750Kico_heights_realestate_lg & 2 Pieces
3 50ico_heights_coffee_lg25ico_heights_smartdevice_lg 1.64Mico_heights_realestate_lg& 2 Pieces
4 75ico_heights_coffee_lg50ico_heights_smartdevice_lg 4.63Mico_heights_realestate_lg& 2 Pieces
5 75ico_heights_pharmaceutical_lg75ico_heights_smartdevice_lg 10.6Mico_heights_realestate_lg& 2 Pieces

You can see by the chart that you will need to have Unlocked the Coffee Shop, Institute of Technology, and Pharm-Er John’s Pharmaceuticals in order to fully Upgrade the Classic Mansions.

Also note the amounts required. That also means you will have had to increased the Storage Capabilities in each location to have enough space to Collect the amounts needed to Upgrade too.



10 Building Count Down

The Buildings all have a MAX Total of 10 Each. You can keep track of how many you have purchased and how many are left by going to the Springfield Heights Menu and looking at the Counter Icon on the Building.

Deluxe Condo 10 Counter



There are several requirements you must meet in order to be able to Upgrade your Building Levels.

First thing you need to look for is what you need to Upgrade the Building. If it is a Material from a Location you have not Unlocked into the game yet, you will have to wait until you gain access to the Location and those Materials before you can go any further.

In this Example, I did not have the Coffee Shop Unlocked yet, so I could not get any Latte’s to help with the Upgrade. Due to this, the “Upgrade” button was grayed out.

Deluxe Condo Level Not Enough

You will also see this if you have the Location but your Storage is not high enough to cover the amount. For instance, if the amount was 50 Latte’s and I only had my Latte Storage to 20… I could not Upgrade. There has to be enough room in Storage for the amount Requirements. Tapping on a grayed out “Upgrade” icon will just tell you that you need to gain more Storage in order to Upgrade.


If you have a Location Unlocked, enough Storage space to cover the amount of Material you need, but have not earned enough of that Material yet… you will have the option to use your Donuts to process the Upgrade. I would advise highly against this. You will get there eventually and this is here to stay, so save those Donuts for other items that will be better for your game.

Business Center Level Donut Upgrade


If you have the Location Unlocked, plenty of Storage space, and enough of the Material you need… you will see the “Upgrade” button turned to Green.

Deluxe Condo Level Upgrade

Tapping on the Green “Upgrade” button will bring up the Confirmation Screen asking you if you are SURE you want to spend the Materials to Upgrade the Building. Tapping on “Yes” will complete the Upgrade.

Deluxe Condo Use Materials Confirmation

So if you can’t Upgrade a Building, check out these points:

  1. Do you have the Location Unlocked that makes the Materials?
  2. Do you have enough Storage space for the required amount of Materials?
  3. Do you have enough Materials Collected?



You can learn more information about Storage HERE.

Details for the Materials and their Locations:
Furniture & Coffee Shop
Insitute of Technology
LA Body Works
Pharm-Er John’s Pharmaceuticals 
Springfield Heights Theater


Deluxe Condo,Valet Parking, Business Center
Modern Mansion



Currently there is a “Hidden” Multiplier on these Buildings you can Upgrade. This will ONLY impact XP and ONLY in your town from what I am seeing. I am not sure if this is a glitch or permanent, but here is the Basic Rundown. NOTE: This is at ALL Levels of the Building, so any upgrading will not change it. 

Deluxe Condo: +1% Per Building
Business Center: +2% Per Building
Valet Parking: +3% Per Building
Classic Mansion: +4% Per Building
Modern Mansion: +5% Per Building

So it may not help you get some extra $$$, but if you are looking at boosting that XP to get to those Bonus Donuts (Bonuts) Round… it definitely is helpful.


There you have it. A break down of 1 of the Buildings you can Upgrade to add extra pieces of Decorations to the overall look of your Springfield.

What do you think of this Building? Do you plan on getting all 10? How many do you have already? Do you have a favorite Level Upgrade Point? What do you think of the additional pieces you can earn? Where have you used them? Let us know.


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  1. The bonus is no longer hidden and on my game B I had about 75 in storage and went fron about 300% bonus to close to 3000%. Game A standard 10 classics. Weird.

  2. I JUST learned about the hidden bonus!! I’m up from 202% to over 300%! Come on bonuts!

  3. Is there a hidden bonus % on each building or just on the first time you purchase a building?

    As in 3% bonus for valet Parking for each one you have out ( so 6% if you place 2 in your town)

    • Also can I just buy all available of each building and get all the bonus multiplier % and just not upgrade them, or do I have to upgrade them at least once?

      I know I’ll eventually need them all upgraded to get to 2 billion but that’s not my focus right now.

      • You get the hidden XP multiplier for each building you have out. You do not need to upgrade any of them EXCEPT the private islands, which need to be upgraded to at least level 2 to get the bonus percentage from them.

        The beach hideaways are a different matter…you need to buy all of the pieces to get the maximum 20% bonus for each of them (so, 100% if you get all of them), and they give you a regular, visible cash and XP bonus percentage, not the hidden XP-only to that you get from the Springfield Heights buildings.

        Hope this helps! 🙂

  4. Debbie Dovenbrink

    Hello, if one wants to create a city with lots of classic looking buildings, but only has 1 town hall, 1 police station, 1 high school, 1 library and 10 classic mansions (because 10 is the maximum), do you have ideas which buildings could go along with that? Or is ja there a way now to get more than 10 classic mansions?

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