Super Safi’s Stats & Strategy Special: Minigames – Sideshow You!

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Hi, I’m Super Safi and you may remember me from such stats and strategy posts as KEM Farming and the advanced losing-to-win Superheroes battle strategy.

What better way to spend your time than talking math. So from time-to-time, I’ll come to you with a post that delves into the wonderful world of numbers, stats, and/or strategies.

While we’ve previously discussed Springfield Downs and the Go Kart Track a couple months ago, over the next few weeks, we’ll continue to look at most of the Minigames found within our game. After discussing Insanity Mode yesterday, we continue our journey today with Sideshow You!


The Sideshow You minigame is played at the unique Krustyland decoration of the same name. Sideshow You is similar to the Scratch-R. It can be played once every 8 hours. The game is completely free to play. In this minigame there are 8 balloons, and the player can pop 3 balloons to reveal prizes. The player receives all three prizes they pop.

Here are the prizes a player may pop:

10  30%
25  20%
50  9%

The rarest of these awards is 5 donuts that has a 1% probability of being awarded and comes with a guarantee that it will be awarded every 300 pops (or 100 Sideshow You sessions). Therefore, it is quite beneficial to continue to play Sideshow You routinely.

Do you play Sideshow You? How many times do you usually play in a week? Have you been awarded 5 donuts before? What stats or strategy related topic would you liked discussed? Share your thoughts. You know we love hearing from you. And be sure to come back tomorrow for Rocket Launch Pad.



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75 responses to “Super Safi’s Stats & Strategy Special: Minigames – Sideshow You!

  1. I actually got the five donuts from the game today after playing it when ever I feel like it.

  2. Jason Cheshir

    I pop balloons every day, and have for over a year. I have never seen a donut.

  3. In the almost 4 years since we’ve had “Sideshow You” I’ve won the 5 donuts exactly ONE TIME. I’ve started to wonder if they’ve removed the chance from the game.

  4. Keith1roon991

    Been watching this one, pop everyday and the last time I got 5 donuts was on the 2nd of January not very good odds and can’t work out if there’s a pattern

    • It is based on that for every 300 balloons you pop you get 5 donuts on you 300th ballon. And this was not always the case original when there was a separate krustland there was no donuts you could get. I believe after krustland was nuked and you had sideshow you in your Springfield did you start to have a chance to get donuts.

  5. After 5 years of playing and visiting krustyland 2x a day I just received the 5x donuts for the first time a month ago. Never even knew it was there. I would agree and say it is more likely a pattern and not a % chance. Like the Find Maggie donuts. It’s always a pattern of where the 3x donuts are. Can’t wait for more donut games.

    • I play and never knew the donuts was possible. It’s a good idea to get people to visit Krustyland

  6. Poping since it was created, never got 5 donuts?!

  7. As others have pointed out here, the reward of 5 donuts is not a “chance” event, as in any play of the game has an equal chance of winning. Instead, it’s programmed to give you the reward every 100 occurrences, which is NOT the same as a 1% probability. In reality, you have a 0% chance of winning the 5 donut prize for plays 1 through 99, and a 100% chance on play 100. It’s not random (or even pseudo-random, which is the best that programmers can do) at all, it’s a defined pattern.

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