Super Safi’s Silly Simpsons Study Stint!

Over the past 5 years, both as a frequent site commenter and more recently as a Site Addict, I’ve often referenced an essay I wrote during first year of University. So today, I present said essay.

However, please bear in mind that up until first year University, all of my education was in French, so English grammar was not (and is still not) my forte.


Well there you have it. Hope you enjoyed this trip down my memory lane. So what are your thoughts about my first venture into Simpsons writing? Have you ever written about or used The Simpsons for any school projects? For those still in school, will this inspire you to write about them.

Just for the record, I got a 96% on this essay!!!

12 responses to “Super Safi’s Silly Simpsons Study Stint!

  1. Nice! And you beat Planet Simpson to the punch by a year. Well done. 🙂

  2. “The important thing was, i had an onion tied to my belt. We didn’t have any white onions, because of the WAR!” -Grampa Simpson

  3. Forget if I caught that episode of the Simpsons. Darn it.

    “Mom! Safi made me want Captain Tenille in TSTO! ”

    Great paper Safi! Think that makes it clearer why I liked the Simpsons. 😁 i do like the spoofs. Even if my culture is represented by Willie having his bum flying out the rear end of his kilt! 🤤

  4. Ah! Lol I found the answer to the disappearing post by being a good smaratin. Lol Was about to let you know the post disappeared when i saw Alyssa respond. Understand reasoning why, lol. Had just read first page and then decided to read Safi’s post first, only to come back and find Patric’s post gone.

    Another version of waiting for TSTO like it is Christmas morning again, lol

  5. Thanks for sharing Safi, I enjoyed reading your paper! Also, thanks for posting on Saturday!!!

  6. Thank you for sharing this Safi, I really liked it!
    PS: Now I want Captain Tenille in the game…

  7. This is probably an unfortunate timing to drop such an interesting post. Basically to just waste it. I am sure many people come check the blog for “new” returning content in the store, Jewish theme. What is it about, is it connected to some future mini-event, SIB posts, etc. etc…

  8. Awesome! Thanks for sharing this with us Safi 😘

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