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Friday Filler – An Alternative Method of Play and Creation

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

There is a Buddhist art form of creating amazing sand sculptures over time, and then wiping them out of existence after they are finished. These tapestries of color are called “Mandalas” and a source of endless fascination to me.

In practice, the exceedingly complex and beautiful sand paintings are meant to represent the universe.  The process helps them organize what we understand about creation, but when each mandala is finished, they are destroyed in a way of representing the transitory nature of existence.  In short…nothing stays the same…as evolution and change are the only constants in creation (and physics).

But…a real conundrum happens when they are photographed. And in many ways, our TSTO games face the same conundrum of existence…especially in light of Item Limits and EA dictating where we can create through Free Land Tiles to expand our “creations.”

But…there IS a solution!
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It’s A Boy!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Some exciting news to announce…the newest baby Addict has arrived!

Samuel Richard “baby Sam” (as Riley calls him) arrived, very quickly, on Tuesday morning August 28th at 8:20am.  Weighing in at 7lbs, 7oz and 19″ long.  We’re all over the moon excited about him…especially the Tiny Addict herself Miss Riley!

We’re all home now and adjusting to life as a family of four…and getting readjusted to sleepless nights.  Which, if you’ve followed this site back when Riley was born, is a welcomed relief considering how Riley’s life started out.  Very different this time around.    So I won’t be back in the site until after Moe’s Ark is complete.  But, fear not!  I’ve got a bunch of posts pre-written for this event (which is actually what you’ve been reading from me for the last week+) and the boys are more than capable of handling what we weren’t able to prewrite.

So please do me a favor and don’t give Patric to hard of a time the next couple of weeks.  He’s working overtime to cover the site for me while I recover and adjust to having a newborn in the house once again.  I’ll be back before you know it!

And now, what I’m sure you all want to see…photos of Baby Sam!

For those who want to see more photos of Baby Sam (and Riley), you can follow my Instagram.  Where, just like I did (and still do) with Riley, I’ll frequently post new photos of Baby Sam to keep those who want to be updated on him, updated. You can find my Instgram Account @AddictsAlissa or by clicking this link.

Thanks guys and see you soon!

Moe’s Ark Act III- Prize Guide – Flying Brachiosaurus

I tried to warn you. Act III just goes completely off of the rails. It is the kind of act that would make Darwin spin in his grave, but perhaps also would make the researchers in gene splicing go mad with excitement.

I am so “meh” about Act III and it’s content, that I am writing these Prize Guide Posts under duress…and only because “Mom” told me to.  And let me tell you…nobody crosses Mom THIS week.

But, EA and the writers are going to go where they want to go…no matter how outlandish the premise. And outlandish this final act is indeed.

Case in point… Prize One-Fying Brachiosaurus

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Should I Spend Donuts On Three-Eyed Whale?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Lions and Tigers and Emus…oh my!  The Springfield Zoo (aka Moe’s Ark) event is in full swing in our pocket-sized towns!  Of course, by now, we all know that a new event means a new excuse for EA to fill our stores with limited-time premium items to tempt us.

As we all know, that limited-time label can tempt us to grab everything in sight because it’ll be gone soon.  But don’t sweat it!  That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add the Three-Eyed Whale to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding this 3 eyed nonsense to your town…

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Moe’s Ark Act 3 101: Attraction Bonus and Upgrading the Warmongers Habitat

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As we did with Acts 1 and 2, here’s the post where we breakdown the latest Animal Habitat to hit our Springfields with Act 3…the Warmongers Habitat.

Let’s get started….

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Turbo Tappin’ Moe’s Ark: Act 3

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

From amusement parks to zoos, EA certainly has the gamut of summertime travel covered!  The Moe’s Ark (Springfield Zoo) event is in full swing, with Act 3 hitting our games earlier today.

As was mentioned in the rundown post Act 3 of Moe’s Ark runs until September 12th, and you’ll need to send Larry Kidkill on a 4hr task to get things started.

Don’t forget the Questline will help you get some bonus prize currency…so make sure you complete it to earn that extra currency…also the questline is there to guide you.  Make sure you complete the main questline in order to unlock things like habitats and more.

Now let’s work our way through the wildness of the Act 3 questline…

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Moe’s Ark – Act 3 Calendar and Math You Need to Get It All


We are finally at Act III of this Animal-icious Event!

Moe has long since gone by the wayside…there never really was an Ark…and things are about to get seriously weird. This event started out fun, if not a bit familiar. It is ending on a weird note, where we not only get a bunch of very odd, Doctor Suess-ian beasts (that pretty much don’t belong anywhere…let alone our Springfields) as well as ANOTHER Homer. But, not just any Homer…we get another “Time/Space Breaker” character that defies logic (even if you are a fan of “Back to the Future”).

Could it get any sillier??

Let’s take a look at the numbers you need to “Get It All” from the primary Prize Track!

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Moe’s Ark Act 3 is Live!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well, it’s that time in Springfield…time for the final Act!  The final Act of Moe’s Ark that is.   It’s 10am here on the east coast and that means it’s time for Moe’s Ark Act 3…so have at it, assuming you can get into the game of course!

Yes, odds are the servers will likely be down.  We should all be used to it by now…it sucks but complaining won’t help.  

Remember…this is an automatic change in your game.  Nothing to download, it should just start up in your game..

Questline should start right up for you and you’ll have to do a 4hr task with Larry Kidkill.

Act 3 runs until September 12th (when Moe’s Ark will end)

Just what does Act 3 have in store for us?  Let’s take a look… Continue reading

Turbo Tappin’ Moe’s Ark: Act 2 Premiums Joan and Knifey Spooney

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

From amusement parks to zoos, EA certainly has the gamut of summertime travel covered!  The Moe’s Ark (Springfield Zoo) event hit our games earlier today, and with it arrived lions and tigers and bears…oh boy!

As with all events in Springfield, this one comes chock full of premium characters and questlines!  So let’s take a look at the Turbo Tappin’ Version of those premium questlines now.

Here’s Joan Bushwell and Knifey Spooney….

Remeber, there’s no rush to complete the questlines.  You can work on these at your leisure when the event is over.  

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Moe’s Ark Act 2 is Nearing the End…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a reminder that Act 2 of the Moe’s Ark Event…Ends TOMORROW August 29th at 10am ET (1400 GMT)

Once the Act 2 is over you will no longer be able to earn Act 2 Prizes for free. So get everything you can before it’s all gone! (but remember to keep earning tracks if you haven’t unlocked all of the prizes because the closer you get to unlocking the next prize the lower the donut cost would be should you need to purchase it when the next Act starts…)

Upgrades will STILL be available in the next Act.

For a rundown on everything that was included with Act 2 check out our rundown post here.

Be ready for the Act 3 to start at 1400 GMT (10am ET) tomorrow morning  (August 29th)….