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Friday Filler – Video Extra – The TP Solution

OK…so it appears that many are suffering out there, from a lack of perspective, humor, and real solutions to real problems.

Well… I HAVE THE SOLUTION to our Current Toilet Paper Shortage! 
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Friday Filler – Tapping Tips During a Pandemic

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

Wow…what a week!  And, I’m not just talking about the fact that we are finally finished with this “less than inspiring” event.  Imagine my disappointment in finding out that Homer’s great, great, great grandfather is only an android in our game!  Why are all of the other “younger versions” allowed to be full, regular characters, while this great, multi-talented man of color, is relegated to just being a mechanical representation?  I could start a whole conspiracy theory about this…

But, I won’t.

There are enough REAL conspiracies out there, in the REAL world, to make any conspiracy about the intention of the writers for TSTO seem trivial.  I mean…HOLYFREAKINSHIRT!  There’s a Pandemic Goin’ On Out There!!!

Forget about not having enough donuts to rush the event…there is a widespread shortage on TOILET PAPER in the real world!!!!  Toilet paper!!!  

So…as I write this, the whole world is telling you to buckle up, stay inside, and stop gathering in places with lots of people.  They are cancelling concert events, playoffs, seminars, church services, and university and community school classes, along with untold profits in the stock market.

But, WE ARE AHEAD OF THE PANIC!!!  We have a plan to get through all of this…
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Friday Filler – I Think My Math Killed the Game…Sorry!

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

I don’t usually take much notice of conspiracy theories…unless I am the one who is spreading them.  However, I think I may have taunted “Bob the Part-Time EA Programmer” into actually killing the game out of spite.

The fact is, I’ve been calling the programming lazy for months. And on top of it, I have bragged that I just Donut Farm between events to allow me to save enough donuts to pretty much rush the entire event.  It’s pretty basic…even though I am a “Casual Donut Farmer” as described in Safi’s posts.  I farm just enough to keep my cash pretty much static, or slightly growing.

That of course all changed, when the “Wailing Wall Glitch” hit and we were able to boost the holyfreakinshirt out of our Bonus % ratings.  I went from around 800% to a little over $1250% before the ITEM LIMITS stopped me from going further.

I think that is where the trouble began. And now…I think that Bob is gunning for me, and perhaps taking you all down with me.  BUT THERE IS A SOLUTION!
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Friday Filler – Sometimes the Writers Get It Right!

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

In an effort toward full transparency, I admit readily to not only rushing Act III of this unbelievably boring event, but to being happy that I did.  And in an even more transparent move (if I get any more transparent, I’ll disappear!), I am writing this well before Friday (or Firday if you prefer) because the topic came to me while rushing through the Act.

As I mentioned last week, the primary benefit of rushing (binging) is that you get to read the dialogue quickly, and in more of an unbroken script.  The length of time it takes to play this event in real time, kind of sucks the fun out of the dialogue, because it takes too long to get to it.  But, by rushing, you get the whole thread quickly…even if the thread is broken into weirdly disparate parts.

The best part of this act, was that the writer(s?) who wrote it (it felt like two different writers, cobbled together…but, I’ll get to that), had fun reveling in their own shortcomings as storytellers for ALL of the Springfield citizens.

Representation of ALL citizens became a fun, and pretty hilarious theme…at the cost of admitting how little we see most of the characters we win.

Let’s take a look.
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Friday Filler – We Binge, Because We Can…

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

I’m not gonna lie.  I am rushing this event like crazy. The first reason is my fault…I’m super busy right now.  The second reason is a bit more complex.

It’s not that this event is boring as all get out (it is), or that the content is kinda strange (it is), or even that the dialogue isn’t worth reading (it is).  It is really because we have slowly been trained as a society to take the shortest path, to the greatest reward, offering almost instant gratification, in almost all parts of our lives.

The urge to binge is all around us.  The urge to press a button and get what we want, faster than ever, and in some cases as much as we want (and often more than we need) has never been more prevalent.

And EA, and the way this game has evolved, has done this to us, and to the greater game overall.
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Friday Filler – Love Origin Stories

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

As much as I am disliking the elongated, max-tapping-for-little-reward-event that we are currently playing, I am enjoying the dialogue.

It is always fun to hear a story, behind the story, kind of story (that was a threepete for anyone counting). And in the first act, we got to hear how Dr. Hibbert met the love of his life, Bernice.  There were some twists and turns, and in the ensuing years, they have had some interesting takes on “making it work,” but in the end, true love seems to prevail!

Today is Valentines Day, and while there is little evidence of it in our games, the greeting card and floral businesses are likely rife with last minute shopping for desperate husbands, significant others, and prospective mating types, to do something to win the day, if not a lifetime of happiness together.

While the movies and books (remember books?) are full of “love at first sight” kinds of tales, the reality is often far more complicated than the “first,” part. Sometimes, reeeeeeaallly complicated.
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Friday Filler- When the Math Adds Up To Mayhem!

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

I’m not going to “go there,” at least not much.  But this has been one of those “Math Weeks” that just makes people crazy!  Simplified, modern caucuses in Iowa, that turned out to be anything but.

Then there was the extremely predictable Senate votes…that turned out exactly how everyone expected, and yet was reported like it was not expected.

And then, there is the very, very, very odd update math for the TSTO Black History Month, that defies logic, and puts you in a position for loads of tapping, for the same results.  Four Acts, over 5 Weeks, that start and stop, over nine and ten day periods.

It’s almost as if EA is conspiring with the calendar to make things more difficult, without doing much more than flipping a couple of minor switches in the programming.

Let’s break this down (not the politics…that’s permanently broken). I mean the event math…
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Should I Spend Donuts On – Hibbert’s Father and “Moving On” Combo?

There are several New Premium offerings in this event (at least one each week).
The first one out of the blocks, is a chance to get Hibbert’s Father and “Movin’On” a building that is OK…but, weirdly more associated with the last update (Days of Future Past).

To Quote our fearless (but vacationing) leader, “As we all know, that limited-time label can tempt us to grab everything in sight because it’ll be gone soon.  But don’t sweat it!  That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.”

Is this combo worth it?  Let’s take a look!
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Black History Month Calendar and Math You Need to Get It All!

So, sometimes you really do have to remember the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for.”   Because for some time now, we have been whining about the same old 4 week events.

Well…like I said…be careful what you wish for.

The math on this one is waaaaaaay weird…and yet so much the same!

Follow along if you can.
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Black History Month -Gameplay Hints

I was sooooo hoping for some twists and turns…in the next “major update event.”  But, no…it appears that the only real twists are that I am stuck doing update info, while Alissa and her family are doing “Everything Disney” down in Orlando. It’s OK…she deserves a break…and I haven’t had to cover an update for months and months.

BUT…like it or not, you also get my commentary, along with as many “facts” as I can pull out of thin air.  I don’t do the “frackin’ thang,” so most of what I will be posting is just from my own game play experience.

Luckily (or unluckily), EA has made this another “wash, rinse, repeat” kind of update…with the ability to earn “coins” that can be used to buy stuff most of the long time players already have. Meh…

But, just for the sake of filling out some content so “Mom” knows I did my chores while she was gone…read on!
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