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Where Did That Come From? – Springfield Opry House

I’m going to start by making it clear, that while this episode is almost entirely about a love relationship between Bart and Mary Spuckler, I actually saved this last WDTCF post from this Mini-Event, because I love the building that the Springfield Opry House is based upon.

I think it is interesting the way we toss around the word, “Love.” We love our significant others, we love our kids, we love our country, we love our sports teams, and we love the concept of being in love. But we also love a whole bunch of inanimate objects that don’t really return our love, as much as we shower them with affection and obsession…to the point where the kind of deep, passionate, romantic love that is actually important (along with unconditional love for one another), is watered down, by our love for stuff. But, I digress…
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Where Did That Come From- County Fair Edition – Apocalypse Cow with Mary Spuckler

OK… so after talking with Alissa, it seems my first attempt at the WDTCF for this mini-event fell short.  Her words were, to this effect…”we need to show more pics from the actual episode…people like that…and if you don’t, they will scream.”

I’m not sure how many of you will actually scream…but, I’m not willing to take the chance.  Besides…I LOVE this episode (S19, E17 ).  It is absolutely loaded with great gags, and is the first time Bart meets Mary Wrestlemania Spuckler, who continues to be in his life for several more episodes.  Voiced by Zoey Deschanel, who is just cute beyond words in real life, Mary is the only really smart Spuckler (as we’ll see), and has a huge part in saving Bart’s cow (that’s right…Bart actually “has a cow”) in this episode.

Let’s take a look at the details…and figure out WHERE Mary Spuckler, The Chedderbarrel Farm and Chedderbarrel Combine (and maybe the County Fair sign) come from…

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Where Did That Come From – County Fair Edition – Part I – Lisa The Beauty Queen

When Alissa asked me to write some of the “Where Did That Come From?” posts for this County Fair Mini-Event, I agreed to help, even though my favorite reply is always, “The SIMPSONS! All of this stuff is from THE SIMPSONS!!”

But then, Alissa, in her wisdom (and not willing to let me off of the hook that easily) pointed out that many of the TSTO Addicts Community actually likes to be reminded of where this stuff comes from…with a few more specifics.   So, after doing a bit of research, it occurred to me that almost all of the prizes/premium items and clutter that is being offered to us in this update is actually from just Four Episodes.

So, to make things easier to find if you are going back and looking for old episodes, I’m going to do the WDTCF posts by Episode, rather than the individual item.

PART I –  Little Miss Springfield Lisa, The Paralyzer, Turn Your Head and Coif, Ye Old Off-Ramp Inn and Amber Dempsey all come from one Episode…

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Friday Filler – Small Town Charm or Stuck in the Past? It’s a Fair Question!

Thank Grog it’s Firday!!

As someone who grew up in the suburbs of the biggest city in my state, I admit that until I was old enough to know better, I always had a “well…isn’t that cute…” attitude about small towns and small town life.  While we deemed ourselves “too sophisticated” for the silliness of most of the traditions found in small towns, I realized that even in my youth, when we would “lower ourselves to the novelty” of going to the State or County fair, I found myself envying the kids in their 4-H jackets,  who got to spend the nights at the huge show barns, taking care of their prize livestock.

While just a “city slicker,” even I could tell for the most part, why one horse or cow, or even a type of chicken or rooster, was worthy of the blue ribbon that separated the champions from the also-rans.  And I clearly longed for a day when I might be one of the judges in the baking division, as I walked through aisle after aisle of cookies, pies, and pastries (that were all frozen in time with a handful of slices removed by the judges).

But it wasn’t until Deb and I took our epic, 9,600 mile cross-country trip last summer, that we truly understood what our “modern culture” may be missing in regards to true civic pride, small town culture, and a sense of community that is all but lost in the cities, as we all become addicted to our electronics, 24-hour news, and politics that are settled by Facebook, rather than face-to-face conversations.

You decide…and then let us know your favorite “Fair Memory,” after you read on…
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Friday Filler – When the Rubber Meets the Road…or Doesn’t

Thank Grog It’s Firday!!

I want to be clear about something. I have done my best to remain “relatively Not Cranky” since my return to the “land of the Bliss-Ninnies.” (inside joke). But, the fact remains, every once in a while, I look at my screen and say, “ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME???” when EA dangles a carrot in front of our faces, then snatches it away to replace it with a hammer.

And then,  I am forced (yes, forced!) to break the serene calm of a TSTOAddicts culture that mostly just wants to “keep it happy.”

Case in point.

“So…you think that Cletus is actually going to DRIVE that huge Monster Truck around your town???” I hear EA Chuckle…

Pffftttttttt…. “THINK AGAIN, LOSER!!”

So…after grinding for weeks…in order to get the “final prize,” we gleefully tap his new task, “Make Manager Cletus Go for a Spin (1h, Cletus’ Monster Truck)” expecting the truck to move around our towns with Cletus waving wildly from the driver’s seat… Continue reading

News from the REAL Springfield…and the Day The Music Died

Let’s start with a Happy Labor Day to all of you in the United States. I only hope that you aren’t having to “Labor” today…and are enjoying the 3-Day Weekend, without Grinding for TSTO “bling” much!  Most of you should be waaaaay ahead of the calendar by now. So, tip back…enjoy your favorite beverage, and read a couple of stories from the REAL Springfield (well…one of them started here).

There is countless debate over where the Real Springfield is. But during a visit to Springfield, Oregon, to help celebrate the unveiling of a huge Simpson’s mural, the “Real Lisa Simpson” (at least the voice of the real Lisa Simpson) let it slip that indeed, Springfield, Oregon was the true Springfield. We never had a doubt…

But, apparently, more than just this revelation was hatched when Yeardly Smith visited here. Love…and a True Crime show were born…
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Friday Filler- and the Math of Chillaxing in Act III

Thank Grog It’s Firday!!!

First…on a serious note…our continued prayers and thoughts go out to any of you getting pounded by Harvey. There isn’t much more to say, except for BE SAFE! There are loads of places that tappers can donate to help the cause. But, at the very least, take some time to give thanks for the brave souls who are fighting through this mess.

On a less serious note (and clearly less important in the big picture), we are now into Act III of this music-centric update. And, it should be evident to all of you that “getting it all” is pretty simple. I will explain why/how you can go about leading a life that is void of anxiety and worry (as it pertains to “getting it all”) in this final Act.  And I hope that it helps some of you who seemed panicked by the gaping holes on your performance stages.

Let’s dive into “Chillaxing” with a pragmatic look at the math…
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Weird Al – In TSTO, On the Simpsons, In Real Life – True to Form

Let’s start with my reaffirmation that I am not a fan of Weird Al Yankovic.  However, unlike most, I am willing to keep an open mind about my opinion. And, as many have said he puts on an amazing live show, I am willing to reserve final judgment until I see him perform his shtick, live and in person (as long as the tickets are less than $30 each).

But, he is here…in our Springfields…begging for attention (which seems to be his primary purpose in life), which warrants a post about him here.

What seems evident to me, is that he is much the same in the game, as he is in real life…a cartoon character, based primarily on his ability to spin puns and parity into gold (and bling).  Even I have to admit…he has is act down.

So, where  did he first show up? And how will he interact with our characters long after this update is over?  Let’s take a look…
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Friday Filler- When EA Actually Makes Life EAsier!

Thank Grog It’s Firday!!

I am amazed. Really, really, really amazed (sorry…with this administration, it is hard not to use the word “really” a whole lot of times in a row…like a really, really, really, lot of times in a row).  Where was I? Oh. Right…

I am amazed that EA actually didn’t mess up one of the biggest weeks of my recent history, by forcing me to tap wildly throughout what should have been (and was) a tap-free weekend. It’s very, very, very rare. Really.

What did I do?  What did I think of the update (that I mostly skipped)?? What could possibly have taken me away from donuts and ding-dongs? Read on…
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Rainbows, Brackets, and Whines…OH MY! — Friday Filler

Ah. Thank Grog It’s FIRDAY!

This is one of those weeks when my head is spinning with things that make me go, “ERGH!” and “Whaaaaaa?”and “Really??????”   and “SoooooCoooooool!”  And no. I’m not talking about tweets, or politics, or cable news talking heads….I’m actually talking about THE GAME (and the Bracket Challenge.) Oh…and at the end, I’ll share some good news.

Let’s start with the update(s). I admit, as out-of-context and “space/time breakin'” as the Toaster Update was, I liked it. It was fun…and I got everything I wanted…not, everything available…but everything I wanted. No donuts spent (except on the tree-slide…which is about the loudest water sounding thing in the game..makes me have to pee). I laughed at the “Favio/Sexy-Pirate”…especially when he let his gut hang loose. All in all…Fun Update!

This “mini-update?” Uhm. Not so much. I’m not going to get into it…as I think the concept of Pride Week is important (if not just another way to be divisive in a world that is already so full of marches, you need a scorecard to keep track of the placards, when we should all be celebrating our similarities, rather than our differences).  But, like most “hot topics” taken on by the writers, the dialogue is pretty narrow and stereotypical, even for a cartoon-based mobile game.  And that’s all I’ll say about that…

But…the REAL reason I’m Crankified, is that we now have a couple of MORE characters who barely appeared in the show, in our games…and we DON’T Have Bleeding Gums Murphy yet!!!

Oh. And I’m apparently at the BOTTOM of the “Mod-Heap” in 216th place…in Safi’s Bracket Challenge.  WTH????

I think it’s time for me to use my “bully pulpit” to make the case for “why we need to pick the Jazz Hole” in this challenge. I’ve been a paid PAC writer before…and this time, I think it’s time we hear from the ICCMU, and their desire to be represented!! Rainbows or no rainbows!
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