Update on the Horizon

Update: (others are saying this isn’t accurate, it’s still zoomed so 🤷‍♀️. I don’t own an Amazon device so I can’t check) Per Matt Goff in the comments, this update fixes the super zoom on Amazon devices!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

So doing some checking of the files and an update has hit the files. Important to note there’s nothing to download yet it’s now live in app stores but there’s no change in the game right now.  So if you download the update you’ll only see the splash screen change for now. 

This is a MINI EVENT and will start tomorrow, February 27th at 10am ET (1400 UTC).  It will run, just under 2 weeks.  The end date is listed as March 12th (Tuesday), at 10am ET (1400 UTC)

I’ll peruse the files a bit and give you all some start time details as soon as I can.  But an update is coming!

You can also get a glimpse of what characters are coming by checking the character collections in game.  Someone Safi JUST asked for on the last Addicts Live…

And that’s it for now.  Be prepared tomorrow for a mini-event to hit around 10am ET (1400UTC), and prior to the update the final round of Trivia will be up to keep you busy until this goes live!

Oh and keep Homer free. You’re going to need him for some 4hr tasks tomorrow….

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  1. Does anyone else have the game resetting every couple minutes of play now? I’m on an Android phone.

  2. Love how many female characters we’ve been getting the past few events!

  3. Hey hey! The update launched at 9 AM ET on my iPhone! ….And it’s 9:15 now, so I’ll guess a few people are in the moderation queue ahead of me with the news that it launched an hour before the predicted time. Anyway, it’s a nice surprise!

  4. The update fixed the zoom on my old HD6 Kindle but not on my HD8

  5. I am so excited, for the past 8 or 9 months my Samsung Android tablet has been zoomed in and it wouldn’t display fail to display all items on my screen, I figured that it was because I had too many items and needed to inventory some, but I was never able to get the all the items to show (the mountain range for example was always missing. This update fixed that, I’m now zoomed out and everything looks right in my town again.

  6. Maybe we’ll get a St Patrick’s Day Mystery Box? (or some Green Things in the Vault?) I’m ready …. Civil Servants be damned! ☘️🍀💚

  7. It’s still all zoomed in. I have played this game twice a day from day one. I cannot play with it zoomed in like this. They are about to lose a devoted player.

  8. New Land – Woohoo!
    No new Springfield Heights land – Boo!
    No increase to item limit – Boo!

  9. David Billington

    Glad we have an update on the way… First time I’ve not logged into my game for 5 days in a row when I’ve not been on holiday abroad since I started playing way back in the day.

  10. I can’t wait! I’ve been keeping busy recycling for donuts.

  11. Are there even any advantages being “EA game changer”? Because before we would get news with everything that is already in files but now afaik you cant even share it. There is already full info on wiki about this update with some people will go crazy about but you cant even mention it

    What i want to say is after you got into that BS EA program i am checking this site less and less

    • It’s fun when people decide to troll to say how bad we’re doing…
      Come on you say your checking the site less and less, but I’m pretty certain you weren’t really checking before because, if you were you know that this is a spoiler free site. Always has been. So, since we been in existence (5 and a half years) I’ve never shared info that wasnt in the game.

      I only release minor spoilers for main events where EA has sent us the info directly. (They don’t send info for mini events) If it’s only in the files I don’t release it until it’s live in the game. So we aren’t doing anything different.

      • You understood that? That quite incoherent to me.

        • Sorry. Was* quite incoherent.

        • 🤷‍♀️ been doing this so long im fluent in troll…

          • First of all english is not my first or even second language. I wasnt trolling at all. I appreciate all you doing in here because you are pretty active on this site but i remember looking at stuff which wasnt in game yet before. I remember people here digging trough every update for just tiny little bit of new info. Also as you said all that stuff we have now was in game after update. We just didnt have quests active.

            Maybe im mistaken but idk if there is another website for TSTO

            • There used to be a lot of sites, but we’re one of the only ones left now. We’ve never posted spoilers here, unless approved by EA. We’ve had posts about what we’d like to see, but never spoilers before they were live in game.

  12. I can barely remember a time that wasn’t a mini-event! It would be awesome to see some timeframes used that aren’t 4 hours long. Also, a prize that’s very, very hard to achieve would be nice to not get. I mean, nice to have in the game but perhaps not have in my game. I mean, a difficult task to complete, even if it means that I cannot complete it.

    Long-gestating question; how is the scrolling order of character skins determined?

  13. Thanks a lot Alissa <3

  14. might just be me, but game feels slower after the update

  15. Governor & Judge Harm!!Very awesome.

  16. It seems the update has also cured the problem of missing buildings etc on Samsung galaxy tab S3. I can finally organize all the inventory I gained from the last 5 or 6 events. HOORAY

  17. A TON of new land! I mean a TON!!!!

  18. I just updated and the super zoom is gone from my kindle.YES!

    • Awesome! I’m so glad they fixed it with the update. Perhaps this is why we had a week downtime…

      • That’s funny, just checked my Amazon Kindle and the zoom bug is still exactly as it was before…nice piece of trolling though, Matt

      • I think that’s it, it’s probably the same sized team working on a new update plus fixing bugs, as we also just had our towns (potentially) increase roughly 1/3 of total size. The last update was a bit of a device crasher. Surprised that update didn’t drop in November when the new phones came out. 😉

    • which kindle, my hd 8 is still zoomed in

    • Well I just updated my Fire HD 10 and the zoom bug is still there. I waited until the update came out to see if they would fix it. I guess it’s EA’s way to dry up the Fire users so they don’t have to support it any more. Well I’ve put up with it long enough. I’m out. See you all later. Good luck.

  19. Who HOO Thanks Alissa

  20. iOS has a download in the App Store.

  21. I just updated via iTunes.

    • It’s still all zoomed in. I have played this game twice a day from day one. I cannot play with it zoomed in like this. They are about to lose a devoted player.

  22. Hope its soon, getting bored here

  23. 128 GB iPad and the new OS takes up around 120 GB. Guess I’ll be playing TSTO on my phone from now on!

  24. There was just an update via Google Apps!👍

  25. Yea! Although kem farming in the down time has been keeping it worth logging in.

    • I agree I have been increasing my % through KEM farming, while it has been quiet. If EA are opening up all this new land, that has to be good for the immediate future of the game surely.
      Got to have that Golden Goose laying those eggs ten to the dozen !!!

  26. I’ve just seen there’s an update in the Android App store:

    The honeymoon might be over and love gone forever (or until next year, whichever comes first). But luckily our favorite citizens have been saved by an unlikely hero. Freed from the confines of the rec center, Springfield can get back to normal. Stay tuned to find out what normal means to them!

  27. For the past few days, my game has tried to re-download the same 1,638 MB file every time I open it. Is this file associated with an impending update?

  28. I sure hope it also fixes the zoom issue. I’ve hardly done anything in the game since then apart from playing the events.

    • If you have a newer Huawei, you can change the screen resolution and it’ll give you a boost on the zoom. It wont become blurry or something unless you have an samsung. I guess it uses less battery and give me bettef FOV. I have a Honor 10 and it works great. My buddy has a S8 and his zoom is horrible.

      • David Billington

        Thank you SO SO SO much for the info. I’ve just reduced the resolution on my Huawei P20 and I CAN SEE a much bigger area. I did have to re-download the entire game but IT WORKED. Later today when I have more time I will adjust my screen resolution back to its normal setting and find out if all I have to do is adjust the resolution each time I go onto my game without the need to download the entire game again if you follow my meaning… AGAIN THANK YOU

        • You have to download every time. A friend have Mate 20 Pro and he dont can see any different in other apps and on the phone’s GUI itself. I recommend you use the low res all the time if other apps and so on dont get blurry.
          The reason for the update is. (here comes my theory)

          TSTO is made to support a variety of different phones.
          Think of a older device with 720p screen res, if the game only was made to that. You would have played with a black border around the game, but the game is fullscreen. It thinks you have 720p, but you have 1080p with custom screen res (720p) anf the game is still in the middle of your screen with more pixels around it and then you get more zoom. its like the game shrinks to fit the resolution, but it dont know you have 1080p with 720p. Hard to understand. Im almost fooling myself.

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