Addicts Bracket Challenge: Most Desired Episode Content, Week 9


It was five years ago, just after the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs bracket was complete that I thought it might be cool to do a The Simpsons Tapped Out bracket. Here we are in the thick of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs again, and it’s time for our fifth TSTO Addicts Bracket Battle!

How much longer EA can keep Tapped Out going is up for debate. But what isn’t debatable is that there is A LOT of content in the rich history of The Simpsons universe still not in our little game. There is so much in fact, that it was hard just to narrow it down to 64 entries to start with. With that in mind, we present to you TSTO Addicts’ Most Desired Episode Content Bracket Battle.

We created a Bracket of 64 awesome episodes that would provide freemium and premium characters, NPCs, skins for existing characters, decorations, and/or buildings.

These 64 episodes from the past 30 seasons will then battle each other in six rounds of head-to-head matchups, that we hope produces the most debate in the comments below. Every Monday over summer, we’ll post that week’s matchups and your votes will determine which episode content advances to the next round, until we’ve crowned “The Most Desired Episode Content” on Monday September 2nd.

General housekeeping rules and guidelines can be seen here in the Week 1 battle.


Here are the results from last week (click here to go to last weeks post):

  • S04, E22 (Krusty Gets Kancelled) beat S06, E11 (Fear of Flying) with 69% of the votes
  • S08, E20 (The Canine Mutiny) barely beat S10, E13 (Homer to the Max) by under fifty votes with 54% of the votes
  • S22, E10 (Moms I’d Like to Forget) beat S22, E11 (Flaming Moe) with 65% of the votes
  • S30, E21 (D’oh Canada) beat S30, E18 (Bart vs. Itchy & Scratchy) with 65% of the votes


Here’s the updated Bracket unveiled:

Now without further ado, our first set of head-to-head Round 2 matchups featuring the Season 1 vs 2, 8 vs 9, 15 vs 16, and 23 vs 24 matchups:



Tale of the Tape:



Tale of the Tape:



Tale of the Tape:



Tale of the Tape:



Reminder, voting is open until noon EDT Sunday July 7th.

What are your thoughts on this weeks four matchups? Of the four matchups above, which was the easiest decision and which was the hardest? Are choices easier or tougher in Round 2? What do you think of last weeks results? How many did you vote with the majority? What do you think of the bracket? Which episode content would you have added? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you.


And again, Happy Canada Day!

7 responses to “Addicts Bracket Challenge: Most Desired Episode Content, Week 9

  1. Season 1 Episode 7 (please make Bigfoot Homer and actual Character) 😁
    Season 8 Episode 4 (Larry w/His Stand, Springfield Costume Shop)
    Season 16 Episode 3 (Eddie Muntz, Nelson’s Neighbour)
    Season 24 Episode 7 (Terrance, Emily, Protozoa Records)

    Thanks Safi that was fun! 👍

  2. How could u put Rodney Dangerfield up against the Cooters!!!! Seriously! No respect, Safi!

  3. nice bracket.. good choices. That last one, was kind of hard to pick from. Don’t we already have Frinks House and the Toot store?

  4. TallSpiderCandy

    Tough decisions for these ones for sure!! Thanks Safi, these are so much fun, I look forward to them! 🙂 happy tapping everybody!

  5. Happy Canada Day to you Safi!! 🇨🇦 and the rest of the fellow Canadians out there!! Hope a fun and relaxing Canada day is had by all! I will be heading outside to enjoy some sunshine! I’m in Ontario where the weather is just beautiful today!! loving the bracket battle!! There are so many items I want!! Cooter and Spud would be good. Maybe a fight task between Cooter and Cletus!! Thanks Safi for creating it! Happy Tapping everyone!

  6. Happy Canada day! And thanks again for this bracket challenges, Safi!

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