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Flanders Family Reunion Mini-Event is Live! (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

If you saw the post from a little earlier you’d know that it’s update date in our Pocket-Sized Springfields!

If you’re having trouble getting the event to start, remember you must FIRST download the update from the App Store.  Although this is a mini-event, you have to download the Game of Games “takedown” update first to see the event.  (basically, your splashscreen should be back to Homer Running from Skyfinger).  If you’ve downloaded the update and you’re still having trouble seeing it, make sure you’re at least at Level 20 (as that’s the requirement), then try hard closing and restarting TSTO.  

The Flanders have invaded Springfield…hopefully to liven this up a bit! As the Flanders Family Reunion officially kicks off today!

Things kick off in Springfield with some dialogue between the Flanders’ family (Ned/Nedward/Capri) followed by a 6s task for Ned. Once you complete this you’ll unlock the very first prize of the mini-event! (Reunion Banner) This will be followed by the event launch.  For the first part, you’ll need to complete a 4hr task for Flanders and a task to collect the event currency…you know typical mini-event stuff…

This mini-event ends on July 31st (10am ET, 1400 UTC…at least that’s what the files say)

Updated and complete information below…

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Update Incoming: Flanders Family Reunion

UPDATE IS LIVE! You will have to download the Game of Game Takedown from the app Store before you see it.  So head to your app stores and check for a Tapped Out Update.
This is not a major event, just a mini-event.  But it does require the app store update to see…basically changes your splash screen back to regular Homer running…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

I’m a little behind today, got stuck in a few meetings, but just saw that an update for the Flanders Family Reunion has hit the Game Files.  This means that it’s incoming, but not live yet.  So please don’t panic that you don’t see it in your game…it’s not live yet.

I’m just now getting a chance to run the details and will update as I see appropriate.  We have NOT received an update package from EA, which tells me this is a mini-event.  Also, the fact that the end date is July 31st…

The weird thing is it was supposed to have started already…about 2 hrs ago.  And it’s not live yet, so not sure what’s going on.  But I’ll keep you updated as I learn more…

Update: Some basic info as to what’s incoming…
2 new Buildings
4 new characters (2 premium, 2 non-premium)
3 new decorations
Also, it looks like we may see some donut “deals”
And returning items that are mostly already available in Yearbook Box.

Because I know you’ll ask…I don’t not see the GGR returning with this one.

DID – Designing Within the Limits of The New Normal

In this installment of DID (Designing In Downtime), we are going to address the options you have for designing with the “New Normal.”

What is the New Normal?
Many of you are facing the growing number of restrictions that have become “normal.” And as we have mentioned before, these are the hurdles you may need to jump if you are going to keep playing a game that seems to be sputtering to meet the demands of long-time users.

I’ll deal with a couple…
Lack of Land, and Item Limits That Seem Stuck
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