Just Popping In Real Quick…Missing Character Tasks and Thoughts/Questions For the Next Addicts Live!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Happy Hump Day!  The week is almost over…hallelujah!

Anywho, just popping in real quick to address one thing I’m seeing popping up in the comments and give you a chance to get involved in the next Addicts Live episode!

So, for those concerned about some characters 12hr/24hr/various other hour tasks missing…this appears to just be a technical glitch.  Looks like when they ended the holiday-themed daily challenges, some of the characters lost some tasks.  This should be corrected with the next update…the app store one that actually removes the snow from Springfield.  So don’t panic, yet. Let’s see if all is restored back to normal once the snow has disappeared…

And now, for your chance to be involved on the next Addicts Live episode…

Safi and I are going to record tomorrow a mini Addicts Live all about the latest episode of The Simpsons, “The Dad-Feelings Limited”.  This one aired back on January 3rd.  So many things to unpack about this episode, so Safi and I want to break it down.

Here’s where you come in…do you have any thoughts about the latest epsiode?  Thoughts on a certain character’s backstory coming to light?  How it could play into TSTO? Season 32 in general? Any questions for us?  If so drop them in the comments below, and we’ll bring them up when we’re recording the episode tomorrow!

I look forward to hearing your thoughts…


40 responses to “Just Popping In Real Quick…Missing Character Tasks and Thoughts/Questions For the Next Addicts Live!

  1. King Snorky lost all of his jobs since the last update. All other characters have jobs, but he has none

  2. I cannot get into my game. Says an error has occurred in the login. I did get the opening a couple of times but it had be back at the very start of the game.
    Please help or get me to someone that can help me. Web sites don’t seem to work well. Thank you

  3. I’ve noticed the disappearance of some 1h tasks also: Ralph little helper (lick North Pole), Hawking and a couple of other characters I don’t recall. Not very disturbing since I don’t use that time span often, but I liked (licked?) Ralph’s animation.

  4. Hello & Good Day,
    I believe I’ve solved the mystery of the balloon pop donut prize!
    I’ve won the prize if 5 donuts over 15 times now! I have screenshots of every win except the first one. I’m working on a final run of the test(again) for the purpose of scientific method.
    I’ll be in touch in about a month, but I’ll check back here often for questions.



  5. Oh woops, I didn’t see that ya’ll addressed this already, disregard my other comments I made on the friday filler and under grandma van houten back in the van houten even post.

    And as you can guess, my grandma van houten was one of my characters that lost her 12 hr task (feed the raccoons)

    Also, is it normal for yahweh to only have 3x 4hr tasks or does anybody know if he had some longer ones that also disappeared? I wasn’t really paying much attention to him before the event ended and only had him do the event task, so I don’t really know which tasks he had before this glitch, if any.

  6. I’m don’t seem to have any missing 12 hour tasks but I have a problem.
    I’m stuck on part 4 of Rabbi Krustofsky’s quest line. His ‘consult the texts’ 8 hour task is greyed out and says requires quest.
    Is anyone else stuck on this or have any ideas how to fix it?
    Thanks everyone love the site!

    • You need the “Temple Beth Springfield” premium building. I’m stuck in the same spot and I think you can only get it through the randomized yearbook, or for 150 donuts during the holiday update. So unfortunately, that rabbi icon is going to be stuck in our taskbar for a while

      • I have the same issue but I unlocked Temple Beth Springfield. It was available in the mystery box that needed tickets from daily tasks.

        • Yes i have the Temple also so I’m not sure how to proceed with the questline. Maybe I’ll store the building and the rabbi then bring them back out?

  7. All I know is that my office of unemployment and been broken for months now. Can’t send more than 6-7 characters on jobs through it.

    Game started glitching real bad with this new update as well. 🙁

  8. TSTO
    Hope u fix the task problem with next update. I miss some of my 12 hr task on certain characters .
    Would be nice to buy land with loot we collect each day. I need land badly. I’m maxed out at my lvl n been playing since the game came out. Even l get lost where things r 😂. I’ve got no land tokens left. I’ve squeezed most of my stuff together to make room. Plz more land 😢
    Thank you

    • Blackbetty26 I’m not sure whether you think TSTO Addicts has control over the game operation or just hope that EA will read your comment in this post. In either case, here’s some clarification.

      TSTO Addicts is a wonderful, very helpful fan site but it’s NOT the manager of the game operation. If you want to get any help with your game function or recommend game improvements, like increasing land in Springfield, you need to contact EA directly via their help site, etc. Others who comment here will probably post further suggestions for getting the attention of EA.

      Alissa posted earlier (it sounds like you missed that post) about missing 12 hour character tasks. She said that it is a game glitch related to the holiday event daily tasks. When EA removes the holiday event (including removing the snow) the 12 hour tasks should return.

      • Thanks a lot. Will contact TSTO on the more land.

        And yes l did miss that post on missing characters task. Thanks

  9. “The Dad-Feelings Limited” is my favourite Episode of this Season (or I should say one of the better Episodes we’ve had in years).

    There are no new Episodes until February, then it’s the final six (feels awkward not knowing if there’s going to be another Season).

  10. My daughter started playing right before the Christmas update. Since that event started she has been unable to tap anything in my Springfield. I have removed and re-added her as a neighbor, and that didn’t fix it either. Any thoughts? Is this possibly a glitch as well? Thanks!

  11. I am also finding that the IRS building’s benefit of tapping multiple items at once is gone. So is the Sky Finger monument’s benefit.

    • That shouldn’t happen, I’m not having the same issues in my game. Could be a specific glitch in your game…try uninstalling and reinstalling TSTO. Before you do that, make sure your IRS building is on the right facade for maximum clearance when tapping.

    • That’s happened to me a couple of times. Usually I go to a neighbour’s town then back into my own and it’s fixed itself.

    • I’ve had that today and also a couple of days ago. I found closing then re-opening the game sorts it.

  12. Would this include santa flanders go a carolin task not being there right after my game said it would be introduced?

  13. Base on this episode I would love to have back to the future characters and the totoro character. A picnic 🧺 visual with comic book guy and his wife and Bart and Lisa would be a nice addition.

  14. I think you guys misunderstood what I meant by questions lol. I meant as it relates to the Simpsons episode that aired on the 3rd, “The Dad-Feelings Limited”
    Questions about the episode, thoughts, ideas for tsto content etc.

    Of course I’m always happy to answer your other question too… but maybe not in the episode about “The Dad-Feelings Limited” lol

    • Non TSTO question:
      Since I will never see you at the beach or wearing open toed sandals

      What color toe nail polish do you prefer?

      Since you are always happy to answer other questions

  15. why is it having problems to get a picture of the city by the shortcut of the game?

  16. I’ve got tickets in my inventory but nowhere to spend them since donut exchange is gone… what to do…

  17. Yeah, I’ve got a question… How come Yahweh’s got 5 toes but only 4 fingers on each hand? God’s got 5 toes/5 fingers, so is that evolution at work?

  18. I have a question why some the animations for some the items in my springfield turning themselves off? Such as the cooling towers for nuclear plant and the AD for the ribbwhich that used to play on my krusty station. The towers turn back on if I store them and replace but just turn off again a couple days later. And my krusty station animation has never restarted even after storing and replacing

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