Share Your Thoughts About the New Year New You Mini-Event

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’re gearing up to record another Addicts Live, and I’d love to get your input for the show!  So in the comments below share your thoughts and opinions about the New Year New You Mini-Event.  Let us know what you liked, what you didn’t like, what you thought knocked it out of the park, and what was a big ol’ miss for you!

Also, a new event should be hitting our games next week…assuming EA follows their pattern.  What do you think we’ll see in the next event?  What would you like to see? Characters, content, gameplay?  Share it all!

Let us know what you think and we’ll share your thoughts on Addicts Live this Saturday!


31 responses to “Share Your Thoughts About the New Year New You Mini-Event

  1. I’m not disappointed with the Mini Event (we already know how much I prefer those to the Multi-Act Event).

    It was only 1 Prize that went into Storage (we don’t want to know how much I put into Storage from last month’s Multi-Act Event (lol!)

    I am encouraging EA to please make it so that the Chubby Chaser Chariot has a permanent Character Task (I still believe that if you friendly engage with EA they do listen to suggestions).

    Neither Mrs. Frink, or Tab Spangler are voiced – but I had fun with them (I even enjoy the Character Tasks with the Octoparrot and Mrs. Frink – and I hate NPCs!)

    There’s one other thing I would like to see EA change …. and that’s permanent Character Tasks at the Premium Building Mrs. Frink came with (I’m encouraging to make this happen with EA almost every day on their social networks!)

    I’m starting to think most tappers are “meh” about a few things EA needs to fix in the Game App vs the Mini Event (I agree! I want my various Character Tasks back! I also want more Land!) because go back in what we had Event wise in January 2020 ….. this is a better Event (plenty of new Content, not a lot of retreads / 12 🍩’s if you got it already).

    • Susan Johnson-Dehn

      Just an FYI the Octoparrot can do a 4 hour task at the Airport it is the only way to have a “task” with it but it’s at least something 😉

  2. Initially disappointed as I was really hoping for Golden Goose Realty (I just missed it last year having been away from the game for a few years).
    But some good donut purchases and decent storyline.
    Hoping for GGR next though!

  3. It was OK. I will forget about it by summer, but enjoyed it enough. It went about the right speed for me. I did not spend $ for that character, but got everything else.

  4. Same old, same old. Nice script, desperately needs something different since all mini events are so similar.

    • I’m not denying the Event Format is stale (especially the Multi-Act Event format), but the Prizes were better then last January ….. I am beginning to feel that most are upset (I am too) at these glitches EA needs to deal with (bring back certain Character Tasks that are missing).

  5. Worst event ever

    • Really? This? Really?!

    • Are you unhappy with the Mini Event, or unhappy that certain Character Tasks are missing until EA fixes it? (my main complaint is that we need more Land, because I am running out of space for Content).

      I got to laugh at the fact that we still have snow in the Game App (Alissa, I don’t remember ever having snow still in Game App this far into January). 🤔

  6. I like the events of the game, but I miss some items of money that could help players to edit the city in a more pleasant way. A suggestion would be new trees, walls, shrubs, flowers, 2×2 cement floor, train / metro line, etc.

    • These are great ideas!
      I would bring them up with EA at the TSTO Facebook Page, or thru the EA Twitter account. 😀👍🏻

  7. Nice mini event to pass the time between Christmas and whatever is next. Tab is a character in never had on my wanted list but now hes appearedis a welcome addition.

    Last year brought me several of my most wanted like Buck Mitchell, Tabitha Vixx, Annika van Houten and the Leader. Hope year we get some more of my list like hippies Seth & Munchie. A Mr Burns family event adding his mother and son Larry Burns next would be good.

  8. Hi Kenmar, the sleigh task disappeared at the end of the Christmas event, there’s no way of triggering it now, well not until it returns next year anyway.

    • I think that task is likely to come back with the new update or patch. I don’t think it’s only seasonally related. I was hoping, though, that the return of snow, that the World’s Greatest Snowman crafting task would restart. I currently have only a big snowball that just sits around doing nothing but not melt. Even after storing and putting it back out: nothing.

  9. A “medical maladies” event could have potential – J. Loren Pryor, the veterinarian, a skin for Hibbert with his 80’s hairstyles… mostly I just want Dr. Nick’s old friend Mr. McGreg…

    • This would be a great Mini Event idea! I wouldn’t mind getting new Tasks for everybody’s favorite unlicensed Doctor in Springfield (” hi everybody”) 😀👍🏻

  10. Now for something completely different!!😜 Maybe 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Stuck on mrs claws drive crazy cat sleigh task. The task is not showing up. Anyone know how to trigger? Sorry off topic. Any help appreciate. Thanks!

    • Hmm I’m not sure about that problem but I still have one of my own.
      The task I need to keep doing the Rabbi Krustofsky storyline is still greyed out. It is “have Rabbi read the texts” but like I said it is greyed out and says requires questline. I’ve searched high and low for a solution but can’t find one. I have the Rabbi temple and put it and him in storage and brought them back out but quest is still locked.
      I do not have twitter so I can’t send EA a message about it. Anyone on here have any ideas?

  12. It was a great mini event and I was surprised that the currency totals were only 125 for each prize since I managed to complete it by the end of the weekend without Mrs. Frink.

    I really liked getting Tab Spangler and Serenity Ranch as prizes since I thought they would’ve been a premium character/building combo before they got released. I like all the prizes in the event and there wasn’t any terrible ones since a fat camp, vending machine, unlicensed surgeon, chariot and a director to the fat camp are all good prizes. It was different to see that the new premium items didn’t play a massive role in the event like The Leader, Blarg Alien and Old Scratch did in the past few event.

    The only things I didn’t like about the event was the lack of permanent tasks at the Screaming Monkey Medical Research Center (Mrs. Frink should have a solo 4 hour task there or another permanent task there and Dr. Nick could’ve had one as well) and that Tab Spangler’s task at the Chubby Chaser Chariot isn’t visual (its an improvement from the Sea Captain Sleigh in the last event).

    I’m hoping between now and the next event I can finish the questlines I have from Black Friday and design the items I got from the last few events since I haven’t been designing as much lately but I hope to make the next showoff post since I have a fun design in mind for the ranch and chariot. I’m also hoping that with the return of the new daily challenges being used in the last event is a sign from EA that they’re slowly adding new or old features in the bigger events.

    • the lack of permanent Character Tasks at the Screaming Monkey Medical Research Center is my only complaint (I am actively communicating with EA on their social networks encourage them to please fix this).

      I am 💯 agreement with Alissa and Safi …. I think the fact that certain Character Tasks were removed accidentally is making everyone “meh” and it’s not the Mini Event.

  13. What I like about this event is that we got a new character and a skin for moe, everything else is going into storage. What I would like for a future event is a garden theme. Where we get new bushes, rocks, veggies crops, new flowers etc.

    • I would like the writers for The Simpsons TV series to do a new Episode “about gardening” … and then for EA to drop that into the Game App (it’s been a long while since we’ve had an Episode tie in Update).

  14. It was fine; great dialogue, good prizes, easy to a fault, and no glitches for me.

    The larger question is, with event format so similar, does it make every event (mini and multi) blend together in a bad way? This goes with a pair of personal questions:
    1) has my memory gotten worse?
    2) have I been playing TSTO for too long?

    It would be cool to see an event that was very difficult to achieve every prize. Like one or two addicts only. Difficulty can be frustrating, but has it been so similar for so long that difficulty would be celebrated, not for missing prizes but for being truly unique?

    • That is an interesting 🤔 concept for the game to be made difficult. I would love for an event to be made difficult But if EA does go for it a lot of tappers would be really pist off.

    • I think I came into TSTO with the early 2017 Secret Agents event. That one was fun from memory.

      Much like the Family Guy game, which I rarely play, I seem to have joined at a time where really big interesting events were being phased out, in favour of the more ‘cut & paste’ events.

      We had craftables for a bit, but people didn’t seem to like those…so now we just have ‘Same several people with 4 hour tasks for a month’.

      But…we still get some cool prizes. We still yearn for a proper Maude Flanders. We still have things to hope for! 😀

    • The difficulty level, I think, is about right, I well remember how p****d off I was for the first 60 levels or so when I didn’t have the characters or donuts to complete everything. If it had been more difficult I’d have binned the game long ago.

      That being said, the complexity could be sooo much more engaging, like they did with the Stonecutters event, like spying on neighbours towns and and completing character tasks along with event tasks, but as EA’s support and development for the game is now reported minimal I guess it’s a little unrealistic to expect that level of development in what is still a free and advert-free game.

    • 1) Yes
      2) No

    • Extending this line…
      What was the event where we visited neighbors
      and tapped on Secret Agents?

      Seems like a long time ago and I was on Level 3
      Alright, maybe Level 35 or so. Handful of neighbors. Desperately attempting to finish half of the tasks.

      A long, long, long time ago

    • Alissa does remind Tappers (please watch the YouTube video) this Game App is in its 9th years (holy crap! I have been Tapping for 8.5 years! I truly am an Addict!)

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