August Event SPOILERS!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’ve received our info packet from EA and we’re FINALLY allowed to share the details with you!  Curious about what’s included in the next event?  When does it start? How many donuts do you need?  Who should you keep free?  Want some major event spoilers?!  Well look no further…we answer all of that and more here…

Just a reminder for our hearing impaired readers, or those who check the site at work.  You can totally watch this video without sound.  Aside from the subtitles, I have TONS of detailed graphics on this video that will lay out all the event details.  

Thoughts? Excitement? Are you ready for it?!  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Mary lynne simpson

    I played my morning session and just went to tap everything/body again and there was the “want want want” notice of yet another event. But I went ahead cause its aid you had to to continue to the game. When I tapped it went to an EA address (with the “this is not a secure wharever”) and was just a blank page. It’s Thursday. Should I be worried? Has there been any word from EA about this?

  2. Very nice video, thank you for that! Question that I came up when watching it was do you have a video of your towns? Would like to see that and hear your opinions why such design.

  3. I guess I’d feel more like you do in the video about the events if I were someone who could spend real money on the game. As it is, I’m grateful for the tokens because they’re the only way I can get non-standard things in the game as I don’t buy donuts either. I have some by playing the game, but they’re too hard to get if you can’t buy them for me to spend them unless I have over well 10,000, that’s where I put the threshold anyway, and that may never happen unless the game lasts for a very long time.

  4. Yay. New event! Thanks for the video 😃.
    Glad people had the opportunity of getting Golden Goose realty in the last event. My white whale is Leon and New Bedlam, which made me wonder;
    What’s everyone else’ White Whale in tapped out?

    • It was Nikki McKenna until she returned at last. I did not get Mrs. Scratchy when they moved Krustyland to main Springfield thinking for sure she’d be back for cheap in a mystery box soon and to my great regret, she’s never reappeared.

    • Wait, what! Golden Goose Realty was available in the last event and I missed it again?

      • 🤦‍♀️ I mean I only emphasized it in the title of the event post and said BUY THE DAMN THING!

        • Dang, I was in Spain for a five weeks and not paying enough attention to the blog. I guess I will have to wait another two or three years…

  5. Looks like some good buildings, don’t really go together so will be adding to different places. Haven’t sent all my characters on tasks for over a year. Wonder how many other folk are in same position?

  6. I have good news to report – the verification code finally came to my e-mail and I am in the game again! I missed 3 or 4 events so excited for this one.

    • Yeah, mine did a few days ago. I would recomend that anybody who has a working email that hasnt received codes tries again, hopefully you will be able to get back in your game in time for the new update.w

  7. When will the download be available?

  8. Thank you for the update. I miss the interactive events. The ones that included friends, leaving things in there towns. Christmas with elves and shooting them with a canon. Halloween in the past was always fun, where are those events?

  9. Yeah, another update. Since I took my sweet time in getting the prizes from previous mini event it feels like it was just yesterday we had a major event. I won’t look at the spoilers well, I will try to not look and read the comments so it be a surprise to what we are getting. I like the idea of being surprised.

  10. I am super excited that kumiko is returning, but i want to get evil godmother burns. Any suggestions?

  11. Italian Beauty

    I’ve been able to plan where most of the decor/buildings may go, but some seem just too big. Yo Yo’s Cloud Palace and Uter’s Candy Paradise are going to be tough to put in my town if they’re as big as I think they may be. If they earn no currency or XP, then they will probably go to storage, otherwise not sure where to put them. Not much room left to plop new content.

  12. TallSpiderCandy

    Thank you both for the info!! 🥰 I’m happy this game is still around because I love it so much therefore don’t really care about meh events, I always enjoy something out of each EA offering 💜 Looking forward to the castle and using the mountains as well as Pixel Homer. He’s reasonably priced in my opinion and I don’t ever mind supporting the game at that price point. Really hoping for awesome holiday events!! Happy tappin everyone!! Take care 🙂

  13. I look forward to any new event with any new characters, decor, buildings, etc…more land would be great! I haven’t watched the spoiler video…I’d just like to know when the event starts..thanks.

  14. I like Paddy wagon and space time continuum other Than that not excited about new event, big rush through I think

    • Act 1 looks great (even the Premium Character Combo)
      Evil Malificent Burns & Castle (and that’s all I care for cause that’s all I have room for)

  15. So far I have to go with Alissa’s over all assessment, looks kinda ‘meh’ for me too and like a lot of inventory fodder. I like things that cohesively fit together and I just don’t feel like this content will. Even the anime’ content feels like overkill on the heels of the Buddhist centric update we just got. But EA could surprise me, I wasn’t very excited about the robot themed update either and it ended up being very entertaining and incorporated into my Springfield nicely, so we’ll see.

    • SB GIBBS

      This Multi-Act Event is basically four separate Mini Events on top of each other 😂 – just choose which Act is of interest (for me it is Act 1) as well as Premium Content (wow! it’s the first time I’m going to avoid the Gil Deal in years!) – but we’re probably all running out of Land (lots of Content this year was too big!) I’m just glad that Alissa and Safi will take their summer vacations (I think I did the right thing by squeezing in one during July!)

  16. Glad there is a new event even if it is meh. I always viewed August as time to not spend a lot of capital on events as it is vacation/holiday season in so much of the world. I wonder if EA has internal data showing that playing is lower in August.

    I would love to see another blog post on what Tappers want for Xmas in the game. Not necessarily in the event, but more additions and changes. I propose the end of year due to programming lead-times. I for one would love to see some new stupid expensive aspirational things to use some of my giant pile of cash on.

  17. BUMMER!!!

    After so many great events this year we get this feels like a major let down especially so close to Halloween (what’s this a warm up to Halloween?) 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

    • August events usually feel like a disappointment. Best August events I remember are Monorail and Van Houtens. Beyond that August saw events such as: Clash of Clones, Sci-Fi, Homerpalooza, Moe’s Ark and Simpsons Babies. Not exactly EA’s best effort events.

      • Agreed – but that’s also what i meant, this year was shaping up to be so great (at least content wise) that this feels like a much bigger disappoinment than it would have been otherwise.

        But in general, it’s easy to agree with you as you’re our guide through this beautiful game! 🙂

        • Remember…Clash of Clones (arguably the worst update ever in this game) was preceded by Stonecutters (the best update ever for this game). So I still think it’ll be a good year…we’ll see what THOH and Christmas have in store 🙂

          • One thing that both of those events had (if memory serves me correctly) were actions with Neighbouring Springfields.

            I wonder if such a thing will ever come back?

          • I always thought that Easter with the wheel was the worst event ever…clash of.clones was annoying, but parts of it are used around town…barbarian castle became my own version of a ‘medieval times’ restaurant, and castle recycle and some of the walls for it became a large garbage dump for ice bishop and the refrigeratorium.

            • Easter had baskets and boxes, not the wheel. (Christmas 2013 had the Wheel) It was rough but the content was really good…that’s why everyone was so mad, they wanted shary bobbins and she was hard to get!
              Clash of Clones had LAME content like Barbarian Homer and Homer Barbarian. Stuff people didn’t really care about getting.

              It terms of frustrating and screaming and yelling, Easter was bad. In terms of content, Clash of Clones was bad.

              This can be debated forever. It’s why i said arguably the worst event ever for Clash of Clones, but didn’t have arguably in front of Stonecutters being the best event ever (because it was).

  18. I’d expect that most (if not all) of the returning Halloween items in the Mystery Box, will still come back in the subsequent TSTO Event.
    I’ve become used to seeing old decorations and characters being offered over and over again in concurrent full and mini events.
    C’mon EA! Why not just update the Year Book?!

  19. Which was your least favorite splash screen, Alissa?

    • Probably Simpsons Babies…only because there’s no real creativity to it.

      They started out with pretty simple splash screens, mostly Homer running with a different outfit, or different skyfinger. But then they started to get really creative with them. Simpsons Babies (2019) feels so lackluster in a time when they had some really creative Splash Screens. Here are all the splash screens from TSTO (not including the spoiler event)

  20. Wow! Kinda a let down by EA! 🙄

    I guess this will be the 1st time I just Tap thru Act 1 only , maybe 2 Premium Combos , skip the Gil Deal , and just bail on this Multi Act Event! 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Remember when we asked if there was another Game App to replace The Simpsons Tapped Out? Well, to heck with that – there’s a Simpsons Arcade Game (cabinet n’ all!) and that could 💯 get me to stop Tapping, EA!

    • It’s an August event in TSTO…I feel like they’re always a let down to be honest lol

      • August is Disney Theme Parks (squeeze in a visit before they do the Halloween 🎃 themes a month early). It’s alright, I think the Mrs and I are going to ❤️ that Simpsons Arcade in the Condo. 😀👍🏻

    • Wow! That is some awesome stuff coming. I had thought that we would see these characters and skins for this year’s Halloween, but they found a very clever event to give them out early. I’ll be curious to see the dialogue. It seems like this will be a fun quest line.

    • I might get the premiums just for the questlines and then put them inventory. My magic and Halloween areas are already pretty full, without EA giving us another strip of land – I can’t add much more content, but maybe I’ll find some other area to add the more fantastical elements to.

  21. José González

    Thanks for the news!

    Not that excited for this event. I will probably go for the Burns Castle and, depending on the building size, maybe the Gil’s Deal. At 400 donuts for those two, I will certainly make review every detail before purchasing.

    Looking forward for the SYB articles.


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