Season 33 Pt. 1 is Live! (The Rundown and What You Need to Know)

Update from Alissa: If you’re having an issue with the characters not completing their 1hr tasks, try sending them to collect the stars first.  Once they’ve collected the stars, you should be able to do the 1hr tasks without an issue.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Who’s excited about the Season 33 premiere?!  In the mood for some episode tie-in?! Well this is the prize track for you!

The latest season tie-in event in our pocket-sized towns, Season 33 Pt. 1, is now live!

You’ll need to click on the Season 33 logo in the top right corner.

Details below the fold…


Here’s the quick rundown of the Season 33 first prize details:

The first prize of season 33 is the character Sasha Reed, who was a central character in tonight’s season premiere.

In order to unlock Sasha, you need to collect 40 TV stars.

Characters who earn TV stars include:

  • Marge
  • Homer
  • Kirk Van Houten
  • Dr. Hibbert
  • Waylon Smithers
  • Helen Lovejoy
  • Barney Gumble
  • Lenny Leonard

These 8 characters were actually on the season premiere poster and central to the episode tonight.

All 8 characters earn 5 stars (and 45 XP) for the 60 minute (1 hour) task to “Collect TV Stars“.


In addition to earning 40 TV stars. you also need to send these same 8 characters on the following 60 minute (1 hour) tasks that came from the tonight’s episode:

  • Make Marge Investigate Sasha Reed’s Past
  • Make Homer Take in an Improv Class
  • Make Kirk Try Out His Old Guitar Pick
  • Make Hibbert Lie in His Playbill Bio
  • Make Smithers Faint With Joy
  • Make Helen Lovejoy Eat Cheese Fries
  • Make Barney Eat One of “Margie’s Brownies”
  • Make Lenny Fall Off the Roof


Upon completing all 8 aforementioned tasks and collecting all 40 TV Stars, you’ll unlock Sasha Reed:


And that’s it my friends, the details of the first Season 33 prize! The second prize will be available October 10th.


Thoughts on the first prize?  Premiere episode?  Upcoming prizes? Sound off  in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

37 responses to “Season 33 Pt. 1 is Live! (The Rundown and What You Need to Know)

  1. My characters can still earn TV stars (long after the end of the event and getting Sasha). Are they good for anything? How can I find out how many I have?

  2. Got all the stars needed but Marge is the only one to finish her task. Tapped homer 3 times over the past 2 days to do his and nothing has happened. What the heck is going on with it!?!?

  3. I unlocked Sasha Reed but stored her when she was out of sync with other characters tasks. Now she’s disappeared! Not in my character inventory, not in my inventory at all. I can’t find any information apart from a Reddit post about not storing her! Anybody else had this problem and got her back?

    • She’s not categorized at the moment, for some reason, for inventory. BUT she should be there, you just have to search your entire inventory (not via category) and I believe she’ll be at the very end.

  4. It see.s one has to let the game keep running both for the individual jobs and the new character.

  5. Is this going to be the only event running through the season?

    • Honestly, only EA knows if they’ll release more tie-in content beyond this. But based on how this is done, my guess is this will be the only track directly related to season 33 episode tieins.

  6. Wow! I figured out how to get all the characters to do the task. I had tried all day doing what everyone else was doing. After having them get the TVs put only one character on the other job one at a time. It will take you a while (one hour each ) but it works!!

  7. For the tasks.. I have discovered sending them one at a time works.. Just sent Homer and he completed his task..

  8. Surprised to see that Sasha Reed is a premium character. Once I finished her quest line earlier, I noticed her cash/xp payouts are premium. Nice job EA. Thanks.

    • Yeah, I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed. I hope she stays premium since I remember when the Manager Cletus costume was released as a prize in the Homerpalooza event and all of his jobs were premium, however, his jobs were changed to the freemium rate a few months later. I hope the same thing doesn’t happen to Sasha Reed.

    • Nearly October and I remember character Santa Claus switched between freememium and premium payouts. Keep on tappin’ and you soon won’t care about player rates as you will be earning plenty!
      Thank you for keeping this site beautiful and informative!
      If I may suggest, when purchasing a character having a task for all Springfielders, like Sven Golly, keep him from completing the subsequent task so you can repeatedly have most characters do the same job with just a few clicks.

  9. I have been out of the game for around 3 or 4 years (don’t really remember exactly when I quit) but I decided to give it a chance again. I’m happy to see this blog is still alive and kicking.
    I might have to take a look around to see what I’ve missed and remember some old tricks (I did have a farm of KEM waiting for me to collect their building XP).
    Thank you Alissa, for the non-stop dedication! And I also see some familiar names in the comments section, like sandrashill

  10. I’m getting frustrated as I have been trying every hour since last night to have the characters do their jobs I tried everything this site said to do but still nothing. Marge is the only one who is done with her job. HELP!!!!!

  11. I haven’t understood if this wil be the new “main/multi event” or if it will be an extra way to obtain new characters related to the 33 season.

  12. The characters are still not doing their tasks after getting the star collected. This is only happening in my game on a kindle. Anybody having the problem on other devices?

    • Same thing. I set my characters on their tasks, then I “syncronize” (go to neighbors; return), and they’re no longer doing the task. I’m trying to get them going (not “syncronize”) and see what happens. If it still happens, I may have to get them going, then keep the game active for an hour for them to actually finish. BTW – Marge finished her 1-hour, but no one else.

  13. Is there really no dialog for this? I just collected all of my characters from their overnight tasks, and I see the new tasks for this even ready to be done, but there was no kickoff dialog. Is that as it’s supposed to be?

  14. Couldn’t watch it as Fox channel not available and Disney + only goes up to season 31🤷‍♂️

  15. And now every time my game syncs it kicks Sasha out of her 4 hr job and I have to start over

  16. Didn’t care much for the episode(not a musical fan) but I like the episode tie in quest format. Of course I forgot to log in last night and start it Doh!

  17. My characters keep ‘forgetting’ to do this 60 minutes task. I’m sending them on their tasks, then an hour later tasks are displayed as not started. This already happened twice. Marge is the only one who completed her task.

  18. I love this new quest / format. It looks like EA is making TSTO game fresh. I hope they keep it going. Especially for us hardcore fans of the game. 😎

  19. Overall? I enjoyed the message of Season 33 Episode 1 “The Star of the Backstage” … and I like this new way of obtaining Content in the Game App (hey! New Character!) I see we will have another surprise on October 10 (from this Season’s THOH Episode!) 🎃

    I’m a Happy Tapper with this! ☺️

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