Season 33 Pt. 2 is Live! (The Rundown and What You Need to Know)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Who’s excited about the Season 33 Treehouse of Horror XXXII episode?!  In the mood for some episode tie-in?! Well this is the prize track for you!

The latest season tie-in event in our pocket-sized towns, Season 33 Pt. 2, is now live!

Unlike Pt. 1, where you needed to click on the Season 33 logo in the top right corner, this time the dialogue should open on it’s own.

Details below the fold…


The dialogue should kick off automatically:

Here’s the quick rundown of the Season 33 second prize details:

The second prize of season 33 is the building Parasite House, which was featured in tonight’s THOH episode.

In order to unlock Parasite House, you need to collect 40 TV stars.

Characters who earn TV stars include:

  • Rainier Wolfcastle
  • Kirk Van Houten
  • Homer
  • Marge
  • Lisa
  • Bart
  • Maggie
  • Baby Gerald
  • Luann Van Houten
  • Milhouse Van Houten

You only need to send 8 of the 10 characters above in order to earn the 40 stars.


All 10 characters earn 5 stars (and 45 XP) for the 60 minute (1 hour) task to “Collect TV Stars“.


In addition to earning 40 TV stars. you also need to send these same 10 characters on the following 60 minute (1 hour) tasks that came from the tonight’s episode:

  • Make Wolfcastle Go on Vacation
  • Make Kirk Get Fired
  • Make Homer Fudge his Resume
  • Make Marge Investigate the Secret Door
  • Make Lisa Plan Her Art Class
  • Make Bart Raid the Stink Bomb Armory
  • Make Maggie Mow the Lawn
  • Make Gerald Clean the Pool
  • Make Luann Squat in the Basement
  • Make Milhouse Carve Shivs


Upon completing all 10 aforementioned tasks and collecting all 40 TV Stars, you’ll unlock Parasite House:


And that’s it my friends, the details of the second Season 33 prize! The third prize is still only known to be ‘Coming Soon’.


Thoughts on the second prize?  THOH episode?  Upcoming prizes? Sound off  in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

43 responses to “Season 33 Pt. 2 is Live! (The Rundown and What You Need to Know)

  1. I completed the task and I never got that prize.
    Aby idea how to get it?

  2. So is the third “episode” still unknown or did I miss it?

    • If you’re referring to the Season 33 Prize track, the 3rd prize is still unknown at this time (it’s also unknown as to which episode it will link to). Once we know we’ll be sure to post about it…

  3. Ugh…game says Reward Earned but it never gave me the second tasks or any dialogue. It never showed the Parasite House in the prize track window and it never gave me the building despite saying “Reward Earned”. 😣

    • Me too Reward earned but no sign of the building

    • Now the picture of Parasite House appears in its window on the Prize Track, and it still says Reward Earned, but I still don’t have it in my inventory and have still never been prompted to do each of the characters’ individual 1hr tasks.

  4. Good night, someone was able to fix the problem of the “parasite” building that does not appear?

    • I’m having the same problem. Shows “Reward complete” or whatever (previously just showed blank) but no building anywhere in inventory, etc.

      Usually glitches like this are acknowledged here, so I’m kinda surprised they’ve been silent about it. I guess it may only have affected a small number of people?

    • I ended up creating ticket with EA and six letters later they added “Parasite Building” to my inventory.

      • I submitted a ticket too, and so far the only change has been that the picture of Parasite House now appears in its window in the prize track, but still does not appear in my inventory. 😕

  5. No dialogue showed up, but I was able to collect the 40 stars. Now it says the reward is earned, but the ‘building’ box in the timeline is blank. Also no option for any of the 1 hour tasks.

  6. I collected 40 stars and the prize track says I have unlocked the prize but i didn’t receive any building and was not prompted to do any 1hr tasks. The prize track is blank in the spot where the building should be.

  7. Anything new Is better than nothing….and nothing isn’t all that bad—just a game people. An escape….

  8. I got all the TV stars and the Parasite House shows as being unlocked. I don’t see the house anywhere in my inventory though.
    I never got the second one hour tasks nor did I see any dialogue before getting the stars. Looks like yet another bug is crawling around my Springfield!


      There’s 10 character tasks to do as well as collecting 40 stars, check to see if you have done all 10

    • Same here. The building is listed as unlocked but is not available to place and is not in my inventory. Purgatory perhaps?


    So just a building no character task or interaction

    • It does earn 120 cash and 12 XP every 6 hours!


        Whoopee, my cash is maxed out and I have 10 thousand Donuts so just a building, character would have been better as I only have 520+ characters 😂 or some land but I won’t hold my breath 🤣 LIVE IN HOPE

      • Does it help vanity?

      • David Larangeira

        Can anyone go to parasite house? Like a task? Or it’s basically just for show and earns the 120 cash?

    • There’s permanent 4 hour tasks there for the characters (except for Wolfcastle) that collected the TV stars called “Establish Squatter’s Rights”.


        Thanks, why didn’t ea have all the characters go there, would have made all the difference 🤷‍♂️

        • No problem. Not sure why Wolfcastle didn’t get a task there since he doesn’t really need a place to squat unless he wanted to use the house to do the other kind of squatting.

    • That’s exactly how I felt years ago during a THOH Event when EA offers up Dracula’s Castle , but not one Vampire Character in our Game App has a Character Task at it! (a shiny example of when EA is L-EA-Z-Y!)

      • Unfortunately, there are several buildings named after a character that doesn’t have a permanent task for said character. At least this building can get used by multiple characters.

        * Yo Yo’s Cloud Palace doesn’t have a permanent task for Yo Yo.
        * Temperance’s House doesn’t have a permanent task for Temperance.
        * Ziff Wedding Home, Ziff Hotel, Ziff-Bouvier Mansion and Orfanato De Artie Ziff doesn’t have any permanent tasks for Artie Ziff.
        * Old Scratch’s Gym doesn’t have a permanent task for Old Scratch.
        * Nana Sophie Mussolini’s Vineyard doesn’t have a permanent task for Nana Sophie Mussolini.
        * Like you said, Dracula’s Castle doesn’t have a permanent task for Count Dracula and Countess Dracula.
        * Eski-Moe’s doesn’t have a permanent task for Moe.
        * Count Burns’ Castle doesn’t have a permanent task for Count Burns.
        * Virgil’s Cabin doesn’t have a permanent task for Virgil Simpson, Mabel Simpson and Abraham Simpson II.
        * Re-Neducation Center doesn’t have a permanent task for Ned.
        * Little Lisa’s Recycling Plant doesn’t have a permanent task for Lisa (or Mr. Burns).
        * Sanjay’s House doesn’t have a permanent task for Sanjay.

  10. I really like the look of this building. It would look nice with the Ziff-Bouvier Mansion and any other modern looking buildings. I didn’t understand the dialogue and tasks that much unless it references to the episode.

    What’s everyone guess when prize 3 will be released?

  11. You get a Building
    And you get a Building
    And you get a Building
    And you get a Building

    (Hey at least it’s not worthless Decor, and like Safi said you will only need to Task for this Season 33 Surprise in 2 Hours!) 😉👍🏻

  12. Bobothy Gerfy Jr.

    How would I do this a and thoh act 1? I’m only half way through

  13. Nice building.

  14. Thank you for everything that you do

    Tomorrow is another day – my characters are still 3 hours ‘out’ on previously assigned tasks

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